Friday, December 13, 2013

Lilliana's Gift Guide. (Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls)

Gifts for a Creative, Quirky, Fun Loving 6 Year Old Girl

With Christmas rapidly approaching Justin & I are making the final lists of gift ideas for the kids. Admittedly, we always seem to wait until the last moment to finish our shopping & this year is no exception. I did post a mini-gift guide back in October that you can check out here. We are still considering everything that is on that list, & have found some other great options as well. I will be doing a gift guide for each one of the kids & since Miss Lilliana is technically the oldest her Gift Guide is up first! 

Justin & I both love our subscription boxes & the kids are always so excited when they arrived we decided that it was time for each of the kids to have their own box of fun each month. The Happy Trunk offers 2 types of subscriptions, one for children aged 3-7 & one for children aged 8-11. For the first grouping each month the box is filled with 2-3 projects that are art, craft or science related. If you are planning to subscribe to the second age grouping, each box will have 2 projects, one that is science based & one that is arts & crafts related. The 3-7 age groups box has a theme each month & the 8-11 grouping does not. 
I love that this box has a combination of science, arts, & crafts activities for both age groups. Lilliana will have so much fun doing each activity & I know we will both learn something new each month from her Happy Trunk. I've mentioned it before, but the Alaskan Winters are long & while we try to get outside for at least an hour or two daily there are some days where the weather just doesn't allow for it. On those days we will now have the kids subscription boxes to keep us busy! If you are interested in getting or gifting a Happy Trunk subscription you can do so in 1, 3, 6, or 12 month increments. Check out past boxes & pricing here.

This set made some serious waves when it hit the market, as it is geared towards inspiring young girls to pursue a future as engineers & scientists. While there are many arguments about allowing young girls to play with toys such as Barbies versus something more educational based like GoldieBlox, I believe that much like most things in life there needs to be balance. Lilliana's favorite colors are pink & teal & she loves playing with Legos as much as she does dolls & Hello Kitty. :) She would love playing with this & I know we would have many wonderful hours together learning & exploring. Unfortunately, this is sold out on the GoldieBlox set is retailing on amazon for almost $85! Luckily there are a couple stores in Alaska that are supposed to have it in stock so I will be reaching out to them tomorrow. If this is a must have on your list this year, I suggest checking out local toy & educational stores in your area.

Sometime this year both of our girls fell in love with Monster High & these characters have been on top of their lists to Santa. This set of 5 is only available at Target & there is another version with 5 of the other characters that you can check out here. I will be keeping an eye out while I'm shopping for anything that is Monster High related, from bedding to Wii games these stylish, friendly monsters are everywhere! 

When it comes to all things beauty, my girls adore the world of make-up, skin-care & nail-products as much as their momma does! Of course neither one of them are allowed any actual make-up at their ages, but they love lip glosses, balms & nail polishes. I always wanted one of these toy vanities when I was little & I know this will make Lilliana dance & jump & squeal on Christmas morning when she sees it under the tree. My only hesitation with this particular version is that there are not any customer reviews of it on amazon at this time. I usually do not purchase a thing without reading dozens of reviews! I will probably take the risk on this one though. :) 


Each year we get the kids a couple of new pairs of pajamas & long-underwear at Christmastime. We give each of them a pair to wear to bed on Christmas Eve & then the rest of them magically arrive from Santa. This adorable nightgown is from Oshkosh B'Gosh & you can see it here. I also really like this 2 piece fleece snowman print set from the Children's Place.  

How cute is that adorable little puppy?! We have officially reached our doggie max here in the Leader house with 3 full grown pups, but that doesn't mean the kids have stopped asking for a new puppy. I think Lilliana would just love everything about Bell, from her bright blue eyes all the way to her little bell on her collar. Bell's story is about a pampered puppy who finds herself in a snowy new world. If you are interested in other Interactive Story Buddies from Hallmark, you can check them all out on their site. :) 

Have you found a more adorable sleeping bag?! When I saw this I checked to see if there was one for grown ups! Lilliana does have a sleeping bag that we use for camping & traveling. But this one would be perfect for sleepovers & weekends when all of us camp out in the living room together. You can opt to have it personalized or to go without the name on the bottom white stripe. 

There are a few other items that I will be keeping my eye out for while shopping locally. I would like to find a good sled for Lilliana as well as an assortment of books, warm winter clothes & some art supplies. :) 

as always, love from alaska