Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello There...Life Lately.

Hey guys! I know posts on Alaska-Love12 have been a little out of sorts lately, we have just been super busy! My mom was here to visit for 2 weeks from Wisconsin & it was amazing to be able to spend the holiday with her. While she was here we painted, decorated & styled our living room (full post on that sooon!), planned, prepared & enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner, as well as went shopping at Anchorage's 5th Avenue Mall & to some local small business here in the Mat-Su Valley. :) 

Unfortunately, I was pretty terrible about taking pictures of everything we did while my mom was here. I still get embarrassed when I pull my phone or camera out to take pictures of random things. Living in Alaska I should just do it all the time, people will probably think I'm a tourist which is quite normal in most places! I'm going to share the few moments I did capture with you...

Danielle reading Calvin & Hobbs with Justin at North Star Bakery. She was so excited to be able to take my mom there! 

This guy celebrated his birthday & also worked on the rear brakes on his truck. We also took my car to Alyeska Tire & had winter tires put on. The truck & Jetta are officially Alaskan-winter ready!

My DIY Mani. Painting the living room was such an inspiring process. Justin & I both feel ready to take on updating the rest of our home now. I have already purchased the paint for the next room I plan to do while Justin is away on his next hitch. This winter is the season of the painting! 

All 3 kids snuggled up on the couch watching Despicable Me 2 & enjoying the first fire we have ever had in our freshly DIY-ed living-room. We have lived in our house since 2009 & never utilized our fireplace. That has changed now! In the coming weeks we will have a professional service come out to inspect/sweep out the chimney & then we will be enjoying fires all winter long!

Playing cribbage &...losing to my bearded husband. We have so much fun playing card games together, but somehow I always lose! 

The Elf on the Shelf! While my mom was here she asked Justin & I if we had ever done anything with Elf on the Shelf for the kids. Both of us had heard of the concept but had never really looked into doing it ourselves. We talked it over & realized that a little elf-scout would be perfect for helping me keep the kids behavior on track while Justin is away at work. The kids already believe that Justin knows Santa personally because he works so close to the North Pole. :) A couple days before Thanksgiving we told the kids Santa was sending a scout-elf to keep an eye on them until Christmas. They were so excited & began keeping an eye out for the elf's arrival immediately! 
We thought they would find him right away, sitting on top of the mantle. It actually took them quite a while to find him! We read the Elf on the Shelf book & named our elf Luca. Last night he took the kids bears to keep him company & brought an adoption certificate & letter from Santa all from the North Pole. The kids have loved finding him each morning & they are 100% convinced that he is real & magical! Justin & I are having way more fun than we probably should be with moving him around & causing mischief. 

Well guys, that is what we have been up to lately in our frozen corner of the world! Are any of you doing Elf on the Shelf with your families? Any exciting shopping deals from Black Friday or Small Business Saturday? 

I will be back with another post very soooooon! :)

as always, love from alaska