Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap-Winter Box!

*Fortune Cookie-Winter Soap Box*

Fortune Cookie Soap has done it again! I really loved the Fall Soap Box & if you missed my review you can read it here or check out my Youtube Video Un-boxing here. I have used up almost everything that was in the Fall Soap Box so it was perfect timing when my Winter Soap Box showed up a couple weeks ago. 

For this box Fortune Cookie Soap used The Nightmare Before Christmas as their theme, each product was carefully selected & not only encompasses the spirit of the holidays, but the wonderful masterpiece of the Tim Burton classic.  

This bath fizzy looks just like Jack Skellington, King of Halloweentown from the movie! From his skeleton smile to the dark black holes for eyes, it is perfectly crafted! Now, I'm not sure how Jack smelled in Tim Burton's world, but in this one he smells fantastic! Iced lemon, airy menthol, woodland moss, & smashed cranberries are all components of this little fizziers scent profile. My only sort-of-complaint is how small it is, you guys know that I'm a huge Lushie & part of the reason I love their products so much is because their bath-bombs are large enough to be effective in our over sized-jet-tub. I hope that this bath fizzy is more potent than the one from the Fall Box. :) 

I always really liked Sally-the-ragdoll when I watched the movie & I think this little Fortune Cookie soap is totally Sally. For the scent inspiration they did exactly what they set out to do, by capturing her spirit. I can't stop smelling this soap! It is a blend of fresh cotton & dry crackling leaves. It smells so fresh & clean, now I just have to convince myself that it is okay to use it & ruin the beauty of Sally. 

Oh do we love hand sanitizer in this house! I do know that it isn't as effective as the 99.9% germ killing claims state, but I figure that anything extra we can use to reduce the amount of germs & sickness in our home is worth it! I can't say that I am completely in love with how this version smells, it is just a little too woah, cinnamon & berries to me.  I will give this to one of the kids to use when their current hand sanitizers run out, I know they will really like the scent & the little spider at the bottom of the bottle. 

I can never have enough bath products for the wintertime. Alaskan winters are tough on my skin & I have to really amp up my overall skin care, otherwise I will end up with desert-dry skin. I wish there was more than one of these in my box! The frosted pine & spice scent is my favorite out of everything & if I do end up ordering anything from the This Year, Christmas Will Be Ours collection it will be a few of these bath melts. If you are looking for a must have, bath product for the winter check out bath melts, they are usually made with some super powerful moisturizing ingredients & will leave your skin feeling healthy & hydrated.***I would really love for the kids to dress up as this trick-or-treating trio someday for Halloween!***

This small cube smells very similar to a favorite bath melt from a certain luxury cosmetics brand & I can not get enough of it no matter whose creation it is! Chocolate & chai are the main scent components & I can not wait to use this! I did a quick search on Fortune Cookie's site & there are 12 items in the Nightmare Before Christmas themed collection that are scented with the Sandy Claws scent! I will be placing an order before it all sells out! 

I use dry shampoo more than I use regular shampoo (shh! don't tell anyone I rock 3 or 4 day hair!), so I was totally pleased & surprised to see this Zero Dry Shampoo in my Winter Soap Box. It is in a powder form & it is white, white, white. The shade makes me a little nervous with my hair being so dark, but hopefully the powder will brush out nice & absorb the excess oily in my hair nicely. I have to say that this is the best smelling dry shampoo I have ever come across! Peppermint with a hint of pumpkin, two things I never expected to like together, but it smells great! 

This is another item I will be giving to one of the kids, as it is just a tad too sweet for my liking. Usually I'm all about the super-sickly-sweet scents in body care products, but this one smells like something from my past that I don't exactly like. I can not figure out what it is, but every time I smell it I like it a little less. Fortune Cookie Soaps Body Butters are one of my favorite products that they have created, so I'm quite bummed this scent didn't work for me. There were 3 other options Christmas, Thanksgiving & Easter. I'm tempted to order one of those because I have wanted a full size body butter for a while, I suppose I could check out Fortune Cookie's regular line too. :) 

Since I just discovered Fortune Cookie Soap this year, I had no idea that is perfume was part of their second annual mystery fragrance contest. I'm still trying to come up with some ideas of what this perfume is scented with! I can tell you that it is a sweet scent but there is some depth to it. Now, if only I could take that description & figure out what the actual scents are! If you are interested in participating you can email your guesses to, they will announce the winner of the $50 Gift Card on their Facebook Page on December 19th!

All of the Nightmare Before Christmas themed products from my Winter Fortune Cookie Soap Box for 2013! I really love how these pictures turned out, considering I took them on our mantel around midnight last night with absolutely ZERO natural light.
The kids & I are actually watching the Nightmare Before Christmas movie on Netflix right now! I have never watched it with them before because I thought it might be a little scary for them. In the last few months they have gotten really into ghosts, goblins, witches, know all of the spooky & scary things of childhood! It is so fun watching them grow & change. They have been glued to their seats since the movie started, I think they are just as captivated with Tim Burton's film as I was when I saw it the very first time. :) 

Enough about my random Wednesday night....if you are interested in subscribing to Fortune Cookie Soaps-Seasonal Soap Boxes, you can check them out here! Boxes arrive 4 times a year, once for each season & each box contains 8 mini-versions of products that Fortune Cookie will have in their annual collections. There is also a $10 Gift Code that is included in each box & can be used towards a future purchase (excluding subscription boxes). 

The Winter Box is SOLD OUT. :( But subscriptions are now open for the Spring Box that will be sent out in February. If you saw a total MUST-HAVE item from my Winter Box, you can check out the full sizes & the entire This Year, Christmas Will Be Ours Collection here.

as always, love from alaska

PS. If you didn't see anything from this collection that you just loved, go check out Fortune Cookie Soap anyway! With all of their limited edition exclusive collections & regular items there is really something for everyone!