Saturday, November 30, 2013

Flavors of Fall with Chef Ryan Scott-Love with Food for November

Flavors of Fall

Hey guys! I'm so sorry that I never posted a review of my October Love with Food Box. For some reason my box didn't end up arriving until November & by then I was already pretty busy with some pre-planned posts & I just wasn't able to get my October review up. I will mention my favorites from that box at the end of this post & you can of course head over to the Love with Food site to see everything from October's tasty box. 
My November box did arrive on time so I'm going to share the contents with all of you now! 

This flight bag size of gourmet popcorn was consumed upon my November Love with Food box arrival. I can tell you that it is sweet, crunchy, & delicious! Classic caramel popcorn with drizzles of premium white & milk chocolate. This is actually a product that I would consider ordering online if I can't find it near me. Since it is a Seattle, WA based company the odds might be pretty decent for finding a local vendor. If you are interested in checking out KuKuRuZa's other gourmet popcorn flavors they have a Facebook that you can check out here.

This cute little chocolate bar actually came paired together with another mini-chocolate bar inside of an adorable dark brown pouch. Now I'm not the biggest dark chocolate fan, so I let my mom have both of these mini-chocolate bars & she loved them! I checkout Green & Black's site & they have some other flavors that I would really like to try. 

My favorite item from the November Love with Food Box was this little square of maple fudge. I know for some people maple might be too sweet, but I just love all things maple! If I could find this version at a local store, I would be purchasing it much more than I should be. ;) Laura Second is a Canadian company with a pretty neat background story, so they next time you are traveling through Canada keep an eye out for one of the many Laura Second locations. Until what I'm going to do & order online. 

The subscription box world really loves some Mighty Leaf Tea! I have gotten so many different kinds of Mighty Leaf Tea in all of my subscription boxes, from Birchbox & Popsugar & now...Love with Food! :) The kids & I really enjoyed the Calypso Mango iced tea throughout the summer & I know we will enjoy this Ginger Leaf hot tea version as well. 

Apricot, Almond & Yogurt Bar from Eat Natural
I tried a bit of this bar & I didn't like it at all. Danielle loved it though & if the Eat Natural line was sold anywhere locally I would purchase them for the kids to eat with breakfast, lunch or just as snacks. We try not to let the kids eat a whole bunch in between meals, but sometimes they just need a snack during busy days or after playing outside in the fresh Alaskan winter air. 

Rosemary Sea Salt Shortbread from Dancing Deer Baking Co.
I wasn't the biggest fan of this particular short bread cookie, while I totally appreciate the idea of something that is both savory & sweet, I just wasn't getting the right balance out of this little treat. It was a little too salty for my liking, but my mom really enjoyed it! Dancing Deer has an amazing assortment of gourmet, & all natural brownies, cookies & cakes. I think some of their holiday tins would make great gifts to send to a college student, a family with young children or anyone you know who has a sweet tooth! If you are low on time or baking knowledge consider sending a Dancing Deer holiday package. I don't think anyone would frown upon opening a delicious package! I would even love to get some more shortbread, minus the salt. 
Sweet Corn Crunch from Sensible Foods 
Okay, so...I didn't like this snack either! I promise you guys that I'm not a total picky-Polly, I just didn't love everything in the November Love with Food box. I did give everything a try & nothing was wasted, as there are plenty of other people around with different palettes than mine. :) This Sweet Corn Crunch tasted just like the sweet corn I grew up eating in Central Wisconsin, it was just dehydrated & crunchy, which is apparently something I do not like...I really had no idea what to expect when I tried these little kernels! Danielle LOVED them & immediately asked from more after finishing the little bag. If I ever see them in one of our stores I will be sure to pick some up for her.

Authentic Indian Spice Blend from Arora Creations
I was absolutely thrilled to see an Indian Spice Blend in the November Love with Food box! We loved everything that was in our Indian Summer MANTRY Crate back in July. In our Love with Food we received the Organic Tikka Masala spice packet & I know we will be using it very soon. If you love Indian food as much as we do, be sure to check out Arora Creations as they are the 1st & only certified, fully organic Indian Spice Company in the USA.

Sweet Potato Popchips! 
Ahh! Another snack from this months box that I didn't like! I'm not the biggest fan of PopChips in general, but these were not even slightly tasty to me. I really expected to love them because I really LOVE sweet potatoes. I just split the bag in half & gave equal portions to the twins for their lunches at school. Since the snack bags came back empty, I think it is safe to assume they liked them! 

That was our entire Love with Food Box for November! While I wasn't the biggest fan of everything in the box, there was certainly something for everyone in our family to enjoy! Hopefully I can find some of these products locally so we can continue to love them. If you are interested in your own Love with Food Box you can sign up here. Don't forget that for each month that you are subscribed Love with Food donates a meal to a child in need in the USA! If you click here & subscribe to the deluxe box, 2 meals monthly are donated with your subscription! 


These might by my #1 favorite from Love with Food so far. I was so surprised and delighted when I ate one! It literally tasted just like a molasses-ginger cookie. I was shocked that it was all natural, gluten & dairy free. They are already sold out on Love with Food's site but you can find them here. :)  Check out that super healthy & amazing ingredient list for the New World flavor...I'm telling you even with all of that goodness these things taste just like a soft-chewy delicious molasses-ginger cookie!!!!

My liking of coconut flavored products is admittedly a little ridiculous at this point. If I see something at the store that has coconut, I just have to have it. Sometimes it is wonderful & 100% worth it & other times it's a total let down. Coconut water, for example is something I just can't appreciate, it tastes horrible to me. These dang toasted coconut chips on the other hand are just perfect! Crunchy, sweet & coconutty! Again, another product that I would purchase a bag of locally. My mom & I devoured these in a day & we both were wishing we had more! 

Those were my 2 favorites from the October Love with Food box & now it is time to end this post. :) I'm off to bed but I will be back with another post tomorrow & some really fun & exciting things throughout the rest of the week! 

as always, love from alaska