Friday, December 6, 2013

Fall in Love Friday...December Loves.

One of my favorite months of the whole year has arrived! Well, technically it arrived a few days ago & I have been enjoying each & every day. Now, you might say I'm a little biased due to my birthday & Christmas being in December, really I just love waking up to freshly fallen snow, drinking hot cocoa with our kids, & decorating for the holidays. 
For this Fall in Love Friday I'm going to share with you a few of the things I absolutely love this December. 

1.) Taking long, luxurious baths. It is no secret that I'm as in love with our bathtub as I am my husband. Haha! I take baths year round, but there is something magical about sinking into a hot pool of water in the heart of winter. To make it even more magical, add in a LUSH Holiday-Collection bath product & let your stresses, pains & woes fade away. If you missed my festive LUSH Haul you can see it here.

2.) *Snow* *Snow* *Snow*
I adore the feeling of sunshine on my skin, but the beauty of freshly fallen snow is so breathtaking.  

3.) This photo challenge. I've never done a photo challenge as a part of December or holiday preparation, but this one just looked to fun to pass up! I have been posting an image daily on my personal instagram account, if you would like to follow along you can find me @ alaskalove12

4.) Our winter/holiday book collection. These are the books that I have on a shelf for the kids for the month of December. I want to try to pick out an assortment of books for them each month so that we are reading new & different books more often. Llama, Llama Holiday Drama is our favorite so far & the kids really like Owl Moon as well. 

5. Tiny Prints. I absolutely loved how our Thanksgiving cards turned out & I will be taking the rest of the pictures for our Christmas cards tomorrow. I did initially plan on taking all of our pictures outside, but the Alaskan winter weather hasn't cooperated. So I will be using our Christmas tree & inside decorations as the background for our pictures instead. 
(This isn't our actual Christmas card this year. It's just a little sneak peak at the kids outfits & styling. We tried to take photos last weekend outside but it was literally -2* at our house! They were such troopers!) I used the Brilliant Stripes-Christmas Card in Cabernet to create that sneak peak, you can see the card here!

6. The Elf on the Shelf. This year our family adopted Luca, a scout elf from Santa's workshop on the North Pole. While he has mostly been up to lots of mischief, last night he brought all of us a mug, with special hot cocoa & of course lots of marshmallows. He also managed to score a copy of his real life biography in film version! I will tell you that I thought the whole Elf on the Shelf thing was really quite silly, until we got one for our kids. We are having so much fun setting Luca up & the kids are just adoring finding him first thing in the morning to see what he has done or gotten into. It really is a great way to add some extra holiday spirit through out the month!

7. Last, but certainly not least. I'm truly looking forward to the holidays. Since the twins have gone off to kindergarten, I miss them...I mean miss them during the day when they are away at school. I'm counting down the days until they are on winter break running wildly through the house & spending their days making cookies, hot cocoa, & doing holiday themed crafts with me. I know Danielle misses her twins (she claims them all the time. haha!), & that she will enjoy having them home to play with for more than a weekend. 

There are 7 of the things I'm loving already this December. Do you have anything that you are just love, love, loving?! :) 

as always, love from alaska