Friday, December 20, 2013

Fall in Love Friday. Acceptance. Kindness. Love. & Hope.

Acceptance. Kindness. Love.

Well you guys, it has been a while since I have posted anything for my Fall in Love Fridays series. When I initially started posting these thoughts I wasn't quite sure how long they would last or how many of them I would be doing. It has been nice to take a bit of a break from them & focus on my holiday posts & Gift Guides, but this week I really feel the need to get back into love on Fridays & share this post with all of you. 

 When it comes to people in my life there are few that have been around forever. I used to fret & wonder if perhaps it was me, if maybe I was just too flawed & I wasn't meant to have people who would walk through all of life with me. Since moving to Alaska & building a family with Justin I have come to the realization that it is far from being about quantity, it is certainly about quality. Now I keep my circle of friends small & embrace the amazing family I was gifted with. Over the years I have fallen out of touch with people I thought would of been in my wedding, I've become close with others that I never would of imagined sharing life with & I've accepted myself. 
I've accepted that I am irrational, impulsive, blunt, a bit of a pain, slightly OCD, creative, ridiculous when it comes to organization, an over-thinker, a worrier, & most of all I'm a person who deserves to have people in her life that INSPIRE her instead of DRAIN her.
I have let go of friendships that were toxic & held onto those that have given me room to explore & grow. I've stumbled & made more mistakes than most, but I'm no longer afraid to hide them or to shelter those I love from my weaknesses.

 I'm layered with imperfections. 
I am beautiful.
I will not apologize for who I am, I will apologize when I have been wrong.
Often I feel like we are not kind enough to ourselves. We do not give ourselves enough love when we succeed & are quick to judge our souls when we struggle or fail. 
Give the essence of your beauty enough kindness to flourish & pass it onto others...

 Be kind. Unconditionally. 
Find a way to be kind to everyone you meet. Whether your religion is the same. Regardless of their morals. Be kind.  When it is hard to see eye to eye with another person. When you feel frustrated by someones actions. When the words to fight come easier than the act of kindness.

In a world where it is so much easier to be mean & cruel. In a world where hatred flows from every possible social media outlet...let yourself be loved. Love yourself & give that love to others. When someone close to you struggles, reach out & give them the love you needed when you were hurt. If you see someone taking a lot of awful comments on social media, leave a positive note. As women, we especially need to stop cutting each other down & pulling each other down by the roots of our hair. Our journey as women is hard enough...we need to be united in love & grace as sisters, not ripping each other apart with hate & negativity.

If you are fighting a hard battle right now, no matter what it is. I want you to know that tomorrow is on it's way. There is light beyond your darkness. You have survived the eye of the storm & your sunshine is about to arrive. When the world seems to be against you & the worst of yourself seems to have taken control...there is hope. 

Accept that you are different. 
Be kind to your soul.
Love when it seems impossible. 
Have hope for your future.
Be accepting of others.
Share your kindness, always.
Love yourself at your weakest. 
Hope when you are afraid...

as always, love from alaska