Sunday, December 8, 2013

Etsy Gift Guide. Handmade. Homemade. Vintage.

My etsy addiction grows more & more all of the time. I love searching for handmade, homemade or vintage items. I'm a bit of a collector when it comes to etsy pieces & 99% of the decor from our wedding was purchased on etsy. Now whenever the holiday season approaches I turn to etsy to find gifts that are personal, well made & unique. 
Each of the items in this gift guide are available in various shades, prints, colors, flavors or shapes. Making them the perfect gifts for you to customize, personalize & give to all of the most special people on your shopping list this holiday season. 

For the Beauty Guru
Magnetic Makeup Palette Eye Shadow Storage Organizer-Water Resistant by another soul
I loved my Z-Pallete & had gotten months of use out of it, until I made the mistake of leaving it out on my bathroom counter & one of the kids decided to play the Perfect Storm while I was taking a shower downstairs. Luckily, the only casualty was my Z-Palette. Due to it not being water-resistant at all the bottom was completely soaked & is now all wrinkly & soft. None of my shadows were damaged, but I have been looking for a water-resistant version ever since. A few weeks ago I stumbled across the anothersoul shop & then I saw that there were gorgeous, water-resistant palettes available! One of these would make the perfect gift for the make-up loving person in your life. You could also purchase one & then order some single shadows from mark or MAC to jump start someone's collection. If these two prints aren't what you're looking for, just head over to the anothersoul shop to see all of the beautiful, unique, & chic designs.

For the Handbag Lover
Leather Laptop Briefcase in Cranberry Red Leather from JennyNDesign
Do you have a true handbag lover on your gift list? Perhaps a working mom, student, or entrepreneur powerhouse? This leather bag from JennyNDesign is a work of something wonderful. I'm on the hunt for the perfect leather bag myself & I think I have found just the one. This bag is large enough to carry a 17' laptop & all of your daily essentials. I think this would also be great as a chic-not-so-baby-styles-diaper bag. Plus leather is an investment & this bag would last forever! 

For the Fitness Fan
Yoga Bag in Asian Snake Tattoo with Zipper Pocket by shantidesigns
If you have a fitness fanatic or health conscious nut that you're shopping for this holiday season, a unique bag like this would be loved & appreciated. I'm not usually a fan of skulls, but this print is just so cool that I would love to have it myself! I know a few friends who would like a yoga bag with a personal touch like this one, if the print doesn't suit your gift recipient check out shantidesigns for more options. :) 

For Your Favorite Little Kidster

Red Elf Pointed Wool Hat Bulky Chunky Wool Kid Knit Hat by Solandia
Giving gifts to the kids in my life is one of my favorite things about the holidays & I just can't get over how adorable this hat is! Kids are only little & young for such a fleeting period of time. Right now if you have little ones in your life who love wearing what you pick out for them or have a one-of-a-kind sense of style, this elf-pointed creation is for them! It's just so adorable! It also would serve a functional purpose & be quite warm on the chilliest of winter days. 

For the Hostess
Assortment of French Macarons from Sparkles Macaron
French Macarons have been having a moment for a while now. Sparkles Macaron is based in California but they will ship an assortment of the little delights to the pastry lover on your gift list. You can select from a 12, 24, 48, 60 or more assortment & there are a variety of flavors to pick & chose from. These would make a great hostess gift! 

For the Glamourous Lippie Lover
Wooden Lipstick Holder/Organizer
If you have a lipstick lover on your list, you've just found the perfect gift! While I'm a huge fan myself of acrylic style organizers, there is something so grown-up & modern about this wooden lipstick holder. It will hold 8 lipsticks & 8 liners, from the looks of it you could also store roll on perfumes, eyeliners, mascara & other small beauty items. This would be great for pulling your current favorites out of your collection & showing them off, after all there are some gorgeously packaged beauty products! 

For the Newlyweds or New Home Owners
Alaska Shaped Wooden Cutting Board by AHeirLoom
AHeirLoom creates wooden cutting boards shaped like all 50 states! I think this would make a great gift for any newlyweds or new-home-owners. It does take about 2-3 weeks for your order to be completed, so if this is a must have for someone on your list...I suggest making a "gift certificate" for the board you purchased & then have it mailed directly to your recipient. Of course with etsy, you can directly message the seller before you purchase to find out the exact time it will take for your product to be made & shipped. 
For the Interior-Decorating-Goddess
Moroccan Vintage Handira Wedding Blanket from BoutiqueMaroc
Out of all of the things in this Gift Guide, this is the one that I WANT. I became obsessed with Moroccan Wedding Blankets when I was planning our wedding & I still haven't stopped dreaming about having one of my very own. Each blanket is handmade & is meant to bring good blessings to the bride on her wedding day. If you have a true interior-decorating-goddess to shop for, a Moroccan Wedding Blanket is just the right gift! They do come with a rather steep price tag so you can always check out the rug, pillow & other options that are inspired by this traditional piece. 

For Your Far Away-Loved Ones
Holiday Crochet Snowflake & Wood Ornament by Woodstorming
This is such a beautifully simple piece. I can not believe those snowflakes are crocheted! The detail is just breathtaking & so so winter-wonderful. I would love to have this hanging in my own home right now. I think this would make a great gift for a family member or loved one who lives far away & isn't always able to make it home for the holidays. That way, each winter when they take this piece out to decorate they will be fondly reminded of home & the ones that love & miss them. I really like to try to give gifts with a bit of sentimental meaning & I think this one would help create a special moment between the giver & recipient. (This piece is also available with black snowflakes!)

For the Bacon LOVER
Kitchen Bacon Home Print by KITCHENBATHPRINTS
If you are wondering where all of the manly-men gifts are in this guide, I have already posted one that you can check out here. I just recently discovered this print from KITCHENBATHPRINTS & I think Justin would love it! Bacon, much like French Macarons is having a serious moment among foodies & breakfast lovers alike. Give this print along with some bacon from Broadbent's & you will have one happy bacon lover on your hands. 

For Your Niece, Little Sister or Group of Besties
Snow Globe Style Glitter Mix Filigree Cocktail Ring from DollVicious
These rings are so festive & glam, I would love to wear all 4! These would be great for the super-stylish-you-wish-you-could-raid-her-wardrobe-niece or sister on your list. Or if you have a super close group of girl friends, your Carrie-Samantha-Miranda-Charlotte close group, these are a refreshing option to the friendship-bracelet trend. 

For Your Mini-Artist
Large Crayon Case with Pad of Paper by Mama Made
This is a must-give-gift for my 3 kids! They are all little artists & this would be perfect to have for on the go days & to take to restaurants, waiting rooms or other places where I need to keep them polietly occupied for more than 3 minutes. Each case comes with spaces for 16 crayons (Crayola crayons are included!), a pocket for finished artwork, a slot that can hold a 50-sheet 5"x8" notebook (also included!) & a secret pocket, perfect for holding stickers or other little things. :) Mama Made also has a great line of cloth-towels, reusable snack bags & on the go-functional must-haves for kids & mommy's alike. 

For Your Mother-in-Law or Aunt
Cranberry Fig Handmade in Alaska Cold Process Soap by Meadow Creek Boutique
Meadow Creek Boutique is one of my favorite Alaskan-Made companies. I have purchased numerous bars of soap & each one is just as amazing as the next! Cranberry-Fig is the perfect festive soap bar & I think it would make a great stocking stuffer or gift to an Aunt or Mother-in-Law. You can also choose a 3 bar of any kind set in the Meadow Creek Boutique Etsy shop & I would recommend the Blue Energy (My favorite!) & Indian Summer soaps as well. Both of those aren't as festive as the Cranberry Fig, but there are lots of options for you to choose from! 

There is my 2013 Etsy Gift Guide! Do any of you shop on Etsy frequently? Which shops are your favorite? :) 

as always, love from alaska

*None of these images are my own. All of them were taking via screenshot from the shop they are from on etsy. This post was not sponsored in anyway & all of the views/opinions expressed are solely my own.*