Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Haul for Our Elf on the Shelf & St. Nick

Watching the kids become excited & delight in the holidays is one of my favorite things about this season. This year we adopted an Elf on the Shelf named Luca & we also decided to introduce the kids to St. Nick. We didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on the gifts that would be left by Luca & St. Nick, so while my mom was here I found some affordable-stocking-stuffer sized gifts for each of the kids. 
If you are welcoming a Scout Elf into your life or St. Nick is dropping by for visit, hopefully this post will give you some ideas & inspiration for adding some fun to your holiday season. All of these gifts would also be perfect for stocking stuffers from Santa Clause too. 

All of the kids are getting the same items, I just picked different shades & flavors to suit their personalities. I found the little bracelets & mint tins (Elf Poop, Husky Poop & Reindeer Poop!) at Alaska Wild Berry Products, the mints I purchased from their 5th Avenue Mall location & the bracelets I found at the Wasilla store. I was really excited when I found the bracelets because they all have snaps on them, which will allow for their size to be adjusted. They are all Alaskan themed in some way, Danielle's with polar bears, Nikoli's with husky-pups, & Lilliana's has tiny forget-me-knots. 

 The chocolate make-up & tool kits were from Carrs, when I purchased them they were on sale for about $1.00 each! The gold coins are from the holiday department of Target & were also $1.00 for each little bag. I also found the mason jar style tumblers at Target on sale for 3 for $15 a couple of days ago. I actually had a couple of other things in my cart when I spotted them so I swapped the other stuff out because I knew the kids would love the little holiday symbols & colors of these cups.

My favorite part of this little holiday-spirited is of course the....FLYING PIGS! As I've mentioned before my sister-in-law, Jessica is the owner of Arctic Baby Bottoms & this fall she started carrying wooden toys from Monkey and Bean Designs. The kids love the wooden toys & puzzles they have, so I knew that we would be getting each of them something from Monkey and Bean for Christmas. It took me a couple weeks to decide what exactly to get them, I was really torn between the little faeries & mermaids for the girls & some Alaskan animals (moose, bears & dragons, oh my!) for Nikoli. Then I thought that little wooden flying pigs would be so adorable, so I contacted RaeShaun (the very talented woman behind Monkey and Bean!), & asked her if she would be able to create 3 mini flying pigs. 
Aren't they just the cutest little things?! I know the kids will be thrilled when they see them! It's been sooo hard having them for the last few weeks, there were A LOT of moments when I just wanted to give them to them randomly. 

Somehow I have managed to hold onto all of this stuff & sometime within the next week Luca & St. Nick will be delivering all of these treats & treasures to the kids while they are asleep. St. Nick was technically supposed to arrive on December 6th, but the little Leaders were SOOOOOOOOOO naughty that Luca the Elf took their stockings & left some warning letters about their naughty behavior. Hopefully the kids are back to their charming selves by next week. :)  

I spent about $60 for everything for all 3 kids & that amount also included the packets of gourmet hot cocoa that I also purchased at Alaska Wild Berry Products for $2 a piece or so. I also had a $5.00 Target gift card that I received when I bought our elf last week, so I used that to purchase the Elf on the Shelf Story.

Luca left these treats last night...I tried to hold out based on the kids behavior, but I just couldn't resist. Silly me, I was planning on making the hot cocoa & watching the movie with the kids tonight. Then....a breaking of a ceiling light fixture involving a Hello Kitty ball happened & so did the writing with some crayons on somethings that were not to bed the kids went after dinner & I hope we can all drink hot cocoa tomorrow.

If any of you have adopted an Elf on the Shelf, let me know some ideas! Do any of you celebrate the tradition of St. Nick? 

as always, love from alaska