Tuesday, December 17, 2013

25 Random Things About Me!

25 Random Things About Your AlaskaLove12 Blogger

In honor of my birthday coming & going yesterday, I thought it would be fun if I share some things about me with all of you. Since I turned 25 I thought that would be the appropriate number of things to share. I know not every one loves these types of posts, but whenever other bloggers post them I find them totally interesting. So here we go...25...

1.) I use the words obsessed, literally, whatever, ridiculous & obnoxious way too much. Also, the phrases; "I totally love it!" "That's sketchy" & "Are you freaking kidding me?!" are over used in my language of crazy. 

2.) One of my dreams is to own a huge house somewhere so that all of my family, friends & all of Justin's family can stay together. Along with this dream I would also like to have the funds to bring everyone to the giant-family house so that no one has to stress out about traveling or plane tickets. 

3.) Teal is the color of my lifeblood, every single shade.

4.) I create insane scenarios in my head that leave me upset, terrified & sad.

5.) I'm a mild gamer. I stayed up for 48 hours straight to beat Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell & it took me 4 months to complete Super Mario Galaxy. Probably if I had more time in each day & didn't love reading to my kids so much, I'd be a full on gamer.

6.) Sci-Fi is my favorite genre of TV & movies. Doctor Who to Sherlock, Eureka to Warehouse 13, Lost Girl, Haven & Torchwood.

7.) I fell in love with make-up, hair & all things beauty related when I was in children's theater because I loved how easy it was to transform someone into a character using make-up & by doing their hair. 

8.) I'm not extremely great at DIY projects, but I do want to continue to learn & do more.

9.) I can organize the crap out of anything, but come to my house on any day & there will be baskets of laundry (clean & dirty), dirty dishes, & scrap pieces of paper scribbled on everywhere.

10.) I only eat pudding when I'm feeling homesick & especially when I'm missing my Grandmother.

11.) TGIF, I miss you.

12.) Sparkles. Glitter. Shiny. Sparkle. Glitter. Shine.

13.) While I initially went to college to become an athletic trainer, then switched to an English Major, then dropped out....all I want now is to be an entrepreneur & happy.

14.) Reading is my favorite relaxing activity of choice.

15.) I hope that one day Justin & I are blessed with the opportunity to grow our family. 

16.) Country Music makes my heart a good way.

17.) Our theme for our wedding was When Pigs Fly, & now we have a dozen flying pigs as decor scattered around our home. 

18.) My children & Justin can make me laugh harder than anyone else. Each of them have caused me to snort, & have some form of a liquid beverage come out of my nose.

19.) I participated in competitive sports from childhood until college & I can't wait until my children start play sports & I can be a coach. 

20.) I believe any woman deserves to feel her best & most powerful with or with out the edition of make-up or hair styling products.

21.) While I'm a total beauty girl & a bit high maintenance when it comes to my skin care routine I would take off & live in the back-country for months again in a single heart beat.

22.) I do not like peas. Not even a little. Not even at all.

23.) Coffee has the ability to take me from a raging-bear-woman in the morning to a slightly calmer-more grounded individual with the first sip.

24.) Aside from family & friends of course, one of the things I miss most about WI is being able to go to professional sports teams games. It really bums me out that my kids can only experience the Brewers once each summer & right now I don't think they will ever tailgate at Lambeau.

25.) I'm so grateful about having the last 24 years of my life & I look forward to what the next ones will bring. 

Well guys there are 25 random things about yours truly. ;) 

as always, love from alaska