Monday, November 18, 2013

*Shop My Stash: Spotlight Product of the Week*

This is brand new weekly feature here on AlaskaLove12. I have so many beauty products that it is practically impossible for me to blog about all of them. This series is going to help me share more products that I think are fantastic with all of you. Once a week I'm going to Shop My Stash & give you guys a short/quick review on something that has been hiding out within my collection.

This weeks' spotlight product is...

I have had this mask hiding out in my skincare collection for months & it is truly a gem! All it takes is 15-20 minutes of this eye-mask & I feel totally refreshed & relaxed. The mask itself is infused with HydroSenn™which is a natural ultra-moisturizing ingredient & the ulta-refreshing hydrogel instantly eliminates signs of fatigue. 

The best part about this mask?! It doesn't require any water before or after application, no rinsing or washing off is necessary. The top of the mask as a really soft-cotton like texture & the bottom side that you apply to your face feels like a really, really, luxurious gel mask. Once I placed it on my eyes it just sort of "gelled" into place & then it felt instantly cooling & amazing. 

While I do believe that this eye-depuffing-mask is designed to be a single use application, I have actually used mine 3 or 4 times within the last week. The amount that it de-puffs my eyes has decreased slightly each time, but the cooling, relaxing effect has remained. 

I think this mask would be perfect for traveling! I usually apply some sort of a hydrating, refreshing, or soothing mask in-flight, but this targets the one area of my face that is always affected the most during long flights. From the lack of sleep to the dryness of the air, I always have red-puffy eyes when I step off the plane. Sephora has made a really effective mask that I can apply without needing any water to remove, making it the perfect flying-skincare-must-have! 

Oh, did I mention that it retails for $6.00?! I cannot believe this price point, as it seems like such a luxury, high-end product! 

Well you guys, that was this weeks Shop My Stash:Spotlight Product of the Week. What did you think? Do you have products tucked away in your stash that you've put off trying? Anything new in your collection that you've wanted to try out, but just haven't made the time for? Leave a comment below!

as always, love from alaska