Thursday, November 7, 2013

October Favorites

I know I didn't do my September Favorites. To be honest, I just totally spaced it & by the time I realized it was like the middle of October. To make up for my failure for September Favorites, I've made sure to make sure that this post is jam packed with some awesome favorites that I have been loving & loving... so I'm not going to keep you here any longer. Time for my faves!

I know this perfume has been around forever now, but I have just recently fallen in love with it. In my Monday Muses, Late Night Edition Post, I mentioned having a personal-fall-in-love experience with his perfume at Target a few weeks ago. I really did try to resit purchasing it for a while, a whole 2 weeks I think. Haha! Then our local Fred Meyer had a 10% off fragrances & I grabbed this little bottle, the last one on the shelf! How adorable is this tiny bottle?! I just love it! It is the perfect size to go in my purse & I'm still obsessing over how good it smells. It is completely different from all of my other perfumes & it's been perfect for the fall. My only complaint...that this little miniature version didn't come with tiny versions of the charms that are on the full size bottle. ;)

This brush came to me via my October Popsugar Monthly Must Haves Box & it is easily my most reached for hair taming tool! While I loved my Tangle Teaser for the last couple of years, this Wet Brush just works so much better on my hair. I can brush through my wet hair without hearing that dreaded tangle-snarl-hair-breaking-sound & with the reassurance that I'm not damaging my hair when I brush it while it's still wet. I'm considering getting the girls the Lil' Wet Brush for stocking stuffers/St. Nick presents this year. (My Wet Brush is looking a bit rough for pictures, so I borrowed this one from the Wet Brush site. I have the pink one, as Popsugar/Wet Brush collabed for each Wet Brush in last months box contributed funds to Breast Cancer Awareness organizations.)

Holy cow did my lips get dry in October! I think I was exfoliating them & applying multiple layers of balm every day. I was doing everything I could to keep them from drying out, drinking tons of water, avoiding matte-lipsticks (well, I tried anyway), & using my Hemp Shine Balm. Nothing seemed to be working & then while I was in the process of re-organizing my make-up/beauty stuff, I saw this little tin of Nivea's Carmel Kiss balm & I thought it sounded like the perfect balm flavor for fall. Not only is it's flavor totally perfect for the season, my lips have totally recovered from being all dry & cracked. I still need to exfoliate them regularly & drink tons of water. When I put on this balm I feel it literally soaking into my lips & moisturizing them, making it one of my favorite lip products of October! 

This was another item that I received in one of my Popsugar Monthly Must Have Boxes. I was so excited when I saw it, then I did a little clicking around on the Juice Beauty site & saw the $65 price tag. I told my skin we weren't going to be using it because we believed in $10-$35 dollar skin care. Obviously we didn't stick with that plan. :) I have loved all of my Michael Todd True Organics skin care products for months now & this just fit right in. I have not had any excess of breakouts at all for about 6 weeks now. The only ones that have shown up are hormonal or from me being lazy & not taking my make-up off at night or following my skincare routine. I do not know that I will repurchase this, but I'm glad Popsugar sent it my way. 

So I have been to Wal-Mart once in the last two years & on that one random trip I spent about $50 on random face masks. I have liked trying all of them & none caused my skin to act up, they all actually improved something different, from brightness to pore size. I was pleasantly pleased by each one. This Glacial Clay Spa Sheet Mask was the total stand out for me. I had a really rough day, from kids to marriage to people...I decided to try this mask out & WOW! It was the most relaxing, calming, soothing thing I have ever put on my face. It totally felt like arctic fairies were cooling my skin & sugar plums were taking away all of my stress. Basically, if you are looking for an amazing, refreshing mask for the days when life has beat you down, look no further. All of Montagne Jeunesse masks are Cruelty Free & made with natural ingredients. Right now, through their newly launched USA site shipping is from with a $15 order.

Maybelline Color Whisper Berry Ready #85
I shared this lip-balm in my Fall Lipsticks post, if you missed it you can check it out, here. I'm still reaching for this shade almost daily. It is very versatility as a lip product, some day I like to just apply one layer for a sheer wash of berry color, other days I like to add a bit more for a mild-statement lip look. If you are looking for an on-trend berry shade for fall but you don't want to go all the way into the matte-extremely-pigmented arena, this is a perfect jumping off point. Plus it is moisturizing as a balm, which is always needed in the fall/winter.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation & Pro Longwear Concealer(Both-NC15)
I have had both of these since shortly after our wedding in 2012. I had been on a MAC-breakup since 2011. Almost an entire year without a single purchase or use of a MAC product, I was a MAC junkie before then, so I felt that I should branch out & try a lot of new brands/products. While I'm totally pleased with every new product I found, there really is nothing like MAC. My break-up ended when I wore all MAC products for our wedding & had my make-up professionally done by a MAC-make-up artist. I loved how my makeup looked & how well it wore for our wedding. I literally had to do minimal touch-ups, on a day where it went from 93* with humidity to a thunderstorm to a cool Wisconsin evening with a breeze. I ended up purchasing these both right away, & the Studio Fix Fluid was a happy mistake, I meant to get the Pro-Longwear Foundation. Luckily I really like the Studio Fluid as a day-to-day foundation, it gives light to medium coverage & has a matte finish. The Pro-Longwear concealer is a total powerhouse concealer, it covers everything from the smallest blemish to hormonal breakouts. It is not meant to be used as a highlighting concealer & I do not use it under my eyes, as it is too thick. I plan to go to the MAC counter while my mom is here & I know I will be purchasing another foundation & concealer!(I can not find my pro longwear concealer right now, so it didn't make it into the photo.)

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub Amazon Pequi
I'm a huge fan of body scrubs in general, but lately it seems like you need to spend a lot of $$$ to get a little bit of an exfoliating scrub. I found the Tree Hut line at my local Fred Meyer & the Shea Sugar Scrubs are the only ones I have used for almost 2 years. Not only is it really convenient to pick up a body-scrub while grocery shopping, they are totally affordable (often on sale too!), & smell amazing! I picked this Amazon Pequi over the summer, I really didn't use it a whole lot until last month. Now, I'm addicted! haha. It smells amazing & it has a good-fine-grit texture that is wonderful for exfoliating all of the dead skin & impurities away, but not so rough that it damages your skin. This one is a total summer scent & once it is empty I will be picking up my all time favorite, Brazilian Nut. 

Bow Stud Earrings from Target 
These were another summer purchase, I think they were around $9 & I found them at Target. I wore them all summer long & they have been a perfect transition accessory into fall. I can wear them with anything! I get asked where they are from almost every time I wear them. I'm always in search of great bow accessories, but I especially love these because their shape is almost an identical-match to my wedding tattoo on my ring finger.

Hart of Dixie
This show is in it's 3rd season right now & I watched seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix in October. I think I watched season 1 in under a week! Rachel Bilson plays Dr. Zoey Hart, a NY City girl who finds herself taking over half of a small-family practice in Blue Bell, Alabama. The first season is full of Rachel's character's mishaps as she transforms herself from being totally city-chic to county strong.
It's a total girly-girl show & the fashion that each character wears is totally impressive. Try & count how many amazing, designer handbags Dr. Zoey Hart watches per episode & season! Plus there are love-triangles, gossip, Southern Belles, well mannered gentlemen, & Wade. ;) Watch it if you are looking for something that is light-hearted, zombie-apocalypse free & sweet. 

Those are my favorites for October! Now it's November & my focus is all about Thanksgiving, my mom coming to visit & Justin's birthday. I'm sure I will have a few more favorites to share though! I will be back with another post soon..

as always, love from alaska