Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Muses-Winter, Sparkles & Beyonce

This weekend was extremely laid back & relaxing. The kids & I spent the weekend at home, lounging around, watching movies & totally unwinding from the chaos of the last few weeks. On Sunday evening we were greeted with a beautiful snowfall & all of us were happy to see one of our favorite seasons had arrived. I actually got the kids out of bed(they weren't asleep yet) to put on their gear & play in the snow. After a couple of hours of having a total blast out under the moonlight we all came back inside & the kids were asleep before their heads even rested on their pillows. Wintertime is truly magical. Now here we are with another Monday & of course more Monday Muses. 

Hot Cocoa
Hot cocoa is, by far, my favorite drink in the winter time. I grew up drinking my Dayma's & mom's homemade version. The same hot cocoa that I now make for my kids, complete with slices of buttered whole wheat toast of course. It is a rich, decadent, indulgence that I love to top with fresh whipped cream, the kids are all just as happy to have theirs with heaps of marshmallows. If you are looking for a couple of different ways to have hot cocoa this winter, check out these Parisian & Mexican versions from David Lebowitz. 

 Winter Manicures:Red, White & Sparkly
While I totally adore a dark nail for fall, there is something truly refreshing & wonderful about a white nail for winter. The manicure in the first picture features ORLY's Winter Wonderland, which is a super fine textured sparkly white. I would recreate the manicure, without the silver detail on the ring finger & be sure to stock up on a great nail polish remover for taking all that glitter polish off. The second picture has what I believe is Essie's Tea & Crumpets, which is from a 2006 spring collection. While it make be a little harder to find locally, there is amazon & it is available from various retailers. Around Christmas time I really love wearing a true, classic, shiny red. There is something so glam & chic about rocking red nails during the holiday season & it is really the only time I do wear red polish. If you are looking for an awesome shiny true red like the one in the photo above check out OPI's Classic Nail Lacquer in Red, here.

Bitters:A Spirited History of a Classic Cure All by Brad Thomas Parsons
Over the last couple of months Justin & I have been enjoying making our own mixed drinks at home. It has been a lot of fun dabbling in mixology & I think this book would be great for taking our home-styled cocktails to the next level. Included within this book are recipes, project guides & some history about bitters & why you should never drink a Manhattan that is served without them. With winter on our doorstep it is the perfect time to take on a new hobby & making our own flavored bitters might just fit the bill for us. I may have to order this book for Justin's birthday so we can get started right away. 

 ASOS Curve Fur Hooded Detachable Lined Parka
I have been on the hunt for the perfect, khaki colored, fur hooded, parka for what seems like forever now. This one from ASOS is exactly what I was looking for & if it were up to me I would have about 6 of them by now, including this one. I'm not sure if it is worth it to order a parka without being able to try it on first. So I'm going to try & find a similar one locally & go from there. But, ASOS, I'm probably coming back for you, so don't go anywhere. Okay. 

I realized that I have gone through way to Monday Muses posts without including anything from the Queen B herself. So, this Monday ladies, be your own damn muse & always remember you are who you believe you are. 

as always, love from alaska

***PS. Props to you if you read the original version of this post that was published about 24 hours before I accidentally deleted it while trying to correct a typo from the Blogger app on my iPhone. I cranked this post back out before midnight so that it would still show up as being posted on a Monday. Some may call that dedication...I call it insanity. BTW Blogger/Google...quit trying to make Google+ happen & create a function for bloggers to be able to recovered deleted posts from your servers. Thanks.***