Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Muses-Early Holiday Cheer Edition

It's Beginning to Feel A lot Like...

Maybe it's due to the arrival of my Mom yesterday or the fact that we have had snow on the ground for almost 3 weeks now, I'm just starting to truly feel the holiday spirit. Today's Monday Muses' post is completely holiday related. So, if you aren't quite ready to feel the gift-giving-mistletoe-reindeer-snow dusting-cookie baking cheer, I totally understand...just avoid this post & come back later for something that isn't holiday related. Although, as we approach the arrival of December 1st I can make no promises that there will be an absence of holiday posts. Onto this weeks' Monday Muses!,en_US,sc.html
I have been a huge LUSHIE for years & their Christmas Collections are one of my favorite things about the holidays. Winter is the perfect time to indulge in luxury, life changing bath products. With LUSH you are guaranteed not only a top-luxe product, but a fantastic, magical, whimsical, soothing, experience as well. I will have a LUSH haul video going up sometime in the next couple of weeks & it is filled with products you can only find in LUSH's Christmas 2013 Collection. If you just can't wait for my video, I recommend clicking the link about & placing your own order ASAP. Make sure you order a Golden Wonder & a Melting Snowman. I just introduced my mom to LUSH last night as she is here visiting for a couple of weeks & she couldn't believe how good everything smelled! LUSH has a ton of items that are made with Vegan ingredients & everything is 101% Cruelty Free. :)||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-
Pottery Barn has some truly gorgeous ornaments & this silver, glittery, globe caught my eye online. After I clicked on it I realized that for every one of these purchased Pottery Barn donates to the Give a Little Hope Campaign Give a Little Hope benefits organizations across the country who are focused on bettering the interior comfort & style of shelters & recovery homes. In a season where the materialistic and consumerism are in full-force it's nice to be able to purchase something that pays a little forward itself. Not only would I love to have this ornament hanging from out tree, I would be delighted to give it as a gift as well. 

His & Hers Advent Calendars
I don't know about all of you, but it seems like a lot of a traditions I grew up with are rather European. From Advent Calendars to St. Nick leaving treats in our shoes during the first week of December, my childhood was filled with tons of seasonal cheer, well before the magical night of Christmas Eve. A few weeks ago I was attempting to explain St. Nick to Justin & he was completely baffled! Upon doing a little research I found that it is a common winter tradition in parts of Europe and....Wisconsin! Haha! I guess the Midwest really is best! I plan to introduce the kids to the fun of St. Nick & Advent Calendars this year so stay tuned...for now I wanted to feature a couple of Advent Calendars in spectacular condition for some early gift giving. 
The Whisky Advent Calendar by Master of Malt- 24 bottles, each with 3cl of top-shelf whisky. from Johnny Walker Platinum to a Glenfarclas 40 year old, this advent calendar is a whisky drinkers dream. It does come with a premium price tag of $241.00. If you are going to purchase this & want it to arrive before December 1st, I would do so ASAP as it has to clear customs.
The Yankee Candle Advent Calendar- If you are a lover of candles & holiday scents filling your home this is a fantastic option! Each day you will open up the little windows to find a tea-light in one of Yankee Candle's 6 holiday scents. As far as I know this one is only available online through the UK Yankee Candle site, if anyone in the US knows if it is available inside stores please leave a comment & let me know! :) 

 What would a Monday Muses be on AlaskaLove12 without a little something from Pinterest?! 

Enjoy your Monday friends & start feeling that holiday cheer, the time is here! Too soon? Probably. ;) 

as always, love from alaska