Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Muses. DIY Room Make-Over Weekend.

Hey guys! 

I promise that I have not abandoned you! While my mom has been here visiting we took on the task of painting our livingroom. I'm so excited to share the before & after photos with all of you!
For today's Monday Muses I'm going to share a couple of pictures from our DIy adventure & just offer a little inside advice. 
If you, like Justin & myself have purchased an older home that is in need of some TLC,do not be afraid to get started & make that house your own! I was totally overwhelmed & didn't know where to start with our house. Now that one room is almost finished I feel like I can paint our entire home this winter! Of course I will share more with all of you in my full post about the room! 

For now here are some pictures! Go be your own home DIY muse/goddess this week! You can do it! 

Our painting center! 

My weekend mani. Quite chic right? ;) 

Little DIY apprentice. 

Here are a couple weekend snap shots too! 

Our little shopper at the 5th Avenue Mall in Anchorage on Friday. Some haul/review posts coming soon! 

Mini haul! MAC GLOSS Gift Set for my birthday from my mom & I finally tracked down the Alice & Olivia collab mug at Starbucks! 

as always, love from Alaska