Wednesday, November 20, 2013

LUSH Haul. Festive Christmas 2013 Collection!


It is no secret that I LOVE LUSH, one of the very first things I ever posted on this blog was a review of some LUSH bath products. In case you missed it, you can check it out here. LUSH launched their Christmas 2013 Collection online earlier this month & I did not hesitate to place my order. Their holiday collections are among my all time favorite luxury bath products & everything I have been able to try from this years collection has been super festive & fantastic! 


When I start to thinking of classic Christmas Lifetime movie-worthy moments, I can see fireplaces alive & crackling with wonder. Hot cocoa being drank out of over-sized mugs & of course cinnamon & cloves lingering in the air. Somehow, LUSH has captured all of those details into this small bath bomb. Cinders is scented with cinnamon leaf oil & filled with hydrating almond oil. The crackling candies that add to the theatrics this bath bomb is sure to perform, are vegan, making this a perfect stocking stuffer or small gift for your animal adoring, veggie eating BFF. I haven't had a chance to try this one out yet myself, but I do keep obsessively smelling it!

I had filmed & intended on uploading a Youtube video for this LUSH haul, then I realized that I just wasn't going to have enough time to edit this week, so I decided to write this post. :) Before I took pictures I had my mom try out this bath bomb, & we were both so amazed & impressed with it! It was my moms first official LUSH experience & this bath bomb is truly magical. As it fizzes in the bath water it dissolves from this gorgeous green shade into a beautiful wine color & oh my goodness does it smell good! I was not expecting to love the smell of patchouli & black pepper oil as much as I did, but this is on my list of LUSH Christmas products to stock up on before it's sold out. Our entire bathroom smelled amazing for almost 2 days after my mom used this. This is a total must have from the 2013 Christmas LUSH Collection! 

This is my all time favorite, LUSH love of my life bath product! I actually can't believe that I didn't order at least 4 of them. :) Remind me of that the next time someone accuses me of not having any self-control, okay. From the golden shimmer & the beautiful teal hue that is revealed as it dissolves into the water, the citrus, lime & cognac scent, this is a total LUSH holiday classic. Plus it looks like a glamorous present, complete with a bow on top. 

The photo on LUSH's website gave me such high expectations for this bath bomb! If you look closely at their photo, it has snowflakes pressed into the roof of the little chateau design. My bath bomb did not have any snowflakes, but that didn't prevent it from being an absolutely amazing LUSH bath product. LUSH scented this limited edition holiday bath bomb with their exclusive new perfume called 29 High St. Making this one of the most luxurious products I ordered in this haul. LUSH says that you can use this for two baths, as it is HUGE, but I just dropped the whole thing in my bath last night & I have no complaints. The water was a bright citrus orange & smelled of jasmine, lime, tonka & Sicilian Lemon, perfection shaped like a Christmas chateau. 

If you do not like Carmel-toffe-scented-sweetness this bath bomb may not be for you, but if you are a fan of LUSH's Honey I Washed the Kids Soap, you are going to love this brand new bath bomb! LUSH pays a great amount of attention to what their loyal Lushies are wanting & then they deliver! I'm actually saving this bath bomb for a night where I can take a super long bath & just relax, unwind & de-stress from day-to-day life. 


I do not know how, but I have never ordered this bubble bar before! It could be because I'm only able to shop LUSH online (OPEN AN ALASKA STORE, PLEASE!) or it could be because before this year this little gem was not the shimmery coated, pink & white mountain it is now. I don't even know what it looked like before, I just know that I love it now! It has a very sweet vanilla scent & is going to make for one spectacular bubble bath sometime this winter. 

How adorable is this little penguin?! Each one of these bubble-birds is handmade, so you will never see the same penguin twice. This bubble bar has the most fresh-smelling scent out of the bunch I ordered. It is scented with orange flower & bergamont, complete with a tiny-reusable orange carrot nose. I think that one of these would be adorable in each of the kids stockings & I know they would love taking a penguin bubble bath. 

Snow Fairy lovers this bath bar is for you! LUSH created this fantastically, fun pink wand just for those of us who love the super-sweet-candy scent. I'm such a chameleon when it comes to scents, one day I'll be longing for something deep & earthy like the Lord of Misrule bath bomb & others I will dream of soaking in sugary-scented mounds of bubbles.LUSH recommends that you can use this bubble bar more than once as long as you swirl it into your water & then set is somewhere to dry. This is on my list of things to get the girls for Christmas this year as they are both bubble bath lovers & huge fans of the Snow Fairy scent. :) If you are looking for something, sweet, fun & pink to add to your next bath, LUSH has you covered. 


This Melting Snowman is always on the top of my Must-Haves from LUSH's Christmas Collection. A true luxury bath product, this little guy will leave your skin feeling hydrated, moisturized & wonderful. No need to apply lotion after a long, hot, soak! I love to save this melt for nights after we have been out snow-machining, shoveling the driveway or doing other outdoor winter activities. LUSH has taken the scent of a hot-toddy & combined it with cocoa & shea butter, making this melting snowman a very wonderful bath product. 

2 things caused me to order this bath melt. The first was the intense amount of silver shimmer that coats the exterior & the second was reading that it turns your bath water into a deep turquoise. Turquoise & teal are my life long favorite colors & stars are just so magical, put them together & you've got me, hook, line & sinker! I didn't even read what this bath melt smelled like before I ordered it! Luckily for me it smells like a citrus day dream with zesty ginger & lime oil. Much like the Melting Snowman, this is a luxurious edition to anyone's bath, as it is made with Shea Butter & extra virgin coconut oil. I'm just going to assume that this little star is going to make quite a mess in the bath with all of that silver shimmer, so be prepared to have to give your tub an extra rinse. :) 

This stuff is Christmas Cheer in soap form! It is the creamiest soap I have ever used & my skin loves it even more than it does the classic, DOVE's Winter Bar. It's probably due to LUSH using benzoin resinoid which is known for it's sweet vanilla ice-cream essence. When I feel like my skin has gotten really dry & needs a moisture pick-me-up I will use this stuff. It is made with an almond icing & marzipan fragrance & is just what you need to survive a long, frozen Alaskan winter. LUSH sells this soap in a small-square bar, I just prefer to cut mine down into smaller pieces that are easier to handle. I know that you can get your soap cut at a LUSH store, but during the holidays please be aware of how busy your LUSH shop is before you ask them to cut your soap. Because of the fantastic ingredients LUSH uses it is really easy to cut your own soap at home, just take a sharp-large kitchen knife & slowly press the sharp-blade side of your knife into the bar of soap. BAM! Perfectly cut soap at home. :) I think it would be totally fun to order 1 of each of LUSH's holiday soap bars & cut them into small cubes & give people a mini-soap bar collection. Who wouldn't want to receive more than 1 type of LUSH soap?! 

Whenever I have an order that is a few dollars away from the amount I budgeted for, I order a small LUSH Charity Pot of body lotion. 100% of the profits from this particular purchase went to Operation Blankets of Love, an organization who is helping to end animal abuse and abandonment by teaching respect, knowledge, kindness & responsibility towards animals. LUSH supports numerous grassroots charities throughout the world & while you never know which one your Charity Pot purchase will support, you can be assured that it is a charity who is doing some major good & your donation is always appreciated. Plus, you're getting an amazing, creamy, moisturizing LUSH body lotion. I don't know what it is, but my skin just absorbs LUSH's lotions instantly & then stays so smooth & hydrated for days! When it comes to the harsh-Alaskan winters my skin gets so dry & LUSH's lotion is the perfect remedy. 

That was my 1st LUSH Haul of the season! I plan to place another order sometime in December & I will be sure to share it with all of you. :) Are any of you loyal Lushies? What are your favorites from the 2013 Christmas Collection? I already have my eyes on about 7 more bath products that I want to try & a few gift sets to give to friends & family. 
I hope you are all having an amazing week & I will be back with another post soon! 

as always, love from alaska

****LUSH is currently hosting a $10 Gift Certificate promotion when you spend $100 online. The gift certificate will be emailed to you, to the email you use when your order is placed in February 2014. Check out for all of the details!****