Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fall in Love Friday...Life, Failure, Loving Yourself at Your Worst

Hey guys! I know it would make sense for Fall in Love Friday(FILF) to happen on an actual Friday, but the power cord for my laptop just stopped working on Thursday night & of course it happened when I went to plug in my laptop after the...Reserve Battery Power, plug in or I'll throw a fit. Well, that's not exactly what the pop-up screen says, but you get the idea. I didn't end up going to get a new power cord until later Friday afternoon. Now I'm working on this post at midnight.Forgive me once, twice & probably a few more times because life is just going to keep happening, there will be wrenches thrown into my daily schedule & power cords will stop functioning because I fell asleep with a puppy in my room 6 months ago & he chewed it up terribly & I waited until it died to replace it.  

For this FILF post I wanted to spend some time focusing on facing up to hard life is & admitting that failure is a true possibility. If you can find a way to love yourself amongst the struggles & sadness, you'll come out stronger & better than ever.

I'm a huge fan of all of the super hero movies that have been released over the last few years. When I was in high school X-Men was my favorite series, & now I'm a total fan of the Iron Man & Avengers franchise. My absolute-favorite super hero is Iron Man, it could be partially because in the current films he is played by Robert Downey Jr, & well...I love me some Robert Downey Jr. ;) When it comes to the Iron Man/Tony Stark character, we can see his flaws, his weaknesses, they are what allows him to seem human. In the most recent film we see that his ego, while totally bad ass, actually limits him from being the man/super hero the world needed him to be. He finds a way to push beyond his fears, limits & flaws to....(this is about a fictional super hero after-all), save the world. 
One of the best parts about being YOU, is that you get to be the super hero of your own story. Every difficult thing that you survive (and you will!), is another strength that can become part of your super power. Be your own Tony Stark & when that doesn't work, try being Iron Man. ;) 

The truth is, comparing our lives to a Marvel Superhero is awesome & fun. Life isn't always going to be so simple & super charged. Sometimes it's going to be draining, exhausting, awful & ugly. On those days, give yourself a personal hug. Find something that can give you hope & some inspiration to make it to tomorrow. Whether it's a long bath, dancing in your underwear, or watching Steel Magnolias, allow yourself to unwind & let go of the bad that so easily can take over. Turn your phone off, laugh at yourself & get some rest, tomorrow will come & it might just be a little better. 

One of the most challenging things I have ever faced in my life is finding my true purpose, the path that I'm meant to walk, the thing that makes Life can seem extremely overwhelming & stressful when you are trying to make hard choices that will not only impact the person that you are in that moment, but the person you are meant to be. It is okay to have failures, it is okay to struggle, after all Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he got it right with the invention of the light-bulb. Just don't be afraid to reach out & try for something that you believe is your life's most meaningful component. You have a voice, a purpose & it is AMAZING! Don't be so afraid of being yourself that you give up before you can even begin.

I need to frame this & put it up on a wall! 
Everything about this quote is so very, very, true. No matter what happens in life you can either choose to react in a way that is going to make things worse or you can find a way to make them better. You were designed to survive, to endure all kinds of things that you never imagined & you are stronger than you know. The next time something bad happens in your life, just remember that it is one bad moment in a lifetime filled with hours, days, weeks, years of astounding & brilliant things for you. 
You are a damn Queen & there is never a wrong time to wear your crown & be your own inspiration. 

as always, love from alaska