Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall in Love Friday #4

Fall in Love Friday

This weeks Fall in Love Friday is not going to be about anything super profound & meaningful. I'm going to share a place that we have truly fallen in love with over the last couple of weeks. I can't believe that this little gem has been tucked away, less than half of a mile from our home.

I randomly decided to bike over to North Star Bakery a couple of weeks ago with Danielle for lunch & I was so pleasantly surprised by what a wonderful little bakery it was. It is a great spot for Danielle & I to go during the week for lunch without too much fuss. They also have free wi-fi available, which makes blogging really easy! There is something truly special about being able to blog somewhere that delicious pastries & breads are being baked & people are enjoying warm bowls of soup & steaming cups of coffee & tea.

Last weekend I wrote the Fall in Love Friday post while the kids & I were waiting for our lunch, grilled cheese sandwiches for the girls, a Greek-Chicken-Panini for Nikoli & I sipped a Vanilla-Coconut Breve & enjoyed a Ruben Panini. The kids played with some Thanksgiving themed felt mats that I purchased from Michael's while we waited & I was able to snap some pictures...

The kids had so much fun playing with these felt scenes, eating their lunches & enjoying the bakery. All of the tables are unique & different in sizes & shapes, we prefer this black topped farmhouse style one because it has a bench on one side & chairs on the other with an extra chair on the end. The kids always pick that table if its open because it's pretty much identical to the set up in our dining room. 

When Danielle & I go during the week she likes to sit at the round table, which just melts my heart. Growing up my Dayma & Papa had (& still have), a large, wooden, round table. So many of my childhood memories are from moments spent gathered at that table. North Star Bakery has an atmosphere that reminds me so much of being in the kitchen with my mom, Dayma, aunts, cousins, it's just such a perfect little place! Danielle actually says that North Star Bakery is her favorite place in the world, & then she promptly says, well so is our house & Grandma Amy's.

It is just so wonderful to have such an amazing little lunch spot literally right around the corner from our house. I actually had to resist the urge to go & grab a breve & Morning Bun every day this week! 

One last picture of Danielle enjoying a grilled cheese during one of our Mommy-Daughter lunches at North Star Bakery. I would of loved to get some more pictures of the bakery for you guys, but it just would of been really weird to pull out my camera & start taking lots of pictures. Not to mention that would ruin the atmosphere for everyone else entirely. If you live in the Mat-su Valley (especially Palmer or Wasilla) or you will be passing through someday, go check out this little sweet shop! You won't be disappointed! :) 

Okay guys, that is going to be it for tonight. Nikoli has been asking me every 10 minutes to go cuddle & watch a movie with him, I just can't keep that little guy waiting any longer! His moments of wanting mommy to cuddle are becoming fewer & far between so I have to make the most of each & everyone of them.

as always love from alaska,