Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Drugstore Lipsticks. Nudes & Plums & Berries...oh my!

On Thursday I instagramed a picture saying that this post was going up then. Total fail on my part, I also filmed a video for youtube that is a companion to this post. I had no idea that it was going to take 11 hours to export & upload! Our internet has been really slow lately, I just didn't anticipate 11 hours! So here we are, 11PM on Friday night & I'm putting this post up, hoping that by the time anyone reads it, the video has finished & is available for viewing on my alaskalove12 youtube channel! Technology really puts us in our place sometimes, doesn't it?

Technological woes aside...

Fall is my favorite season when it comes to lipsticks, glosses, stains, balms...I feel like my skin tone is suited much more towards the plum & berry shades of fall over the bright pinks & corals of summer. I do try to wear a little variety though & have found perfect lipsticks for each season. This time I thought I would share my drugstore-lipstick-picks for fall.  I've broken them down into shade categories & up first are the...


I do wear nude lipstick year round, but this is a shade that I don't reach for until fall for some reason. It appears relatively dark for a nude when swatched & in the tube, once it is on my lips it is a pretty ballet slipper pink-nude with some shine. I really like the Kate Moss lipsticks by Rimmel, I just wish they were available in more stores here & better stocked. In my video I call them the Kate Spade lipsticks about 100 times! That's what I get for looking at handbags right before filming. 

The Wet N Wild MegaLast lipsticks are among my favorite at the drugstore. They are always extremely pigmented, long lasting & are available in so many shades. The one downfall to these is that they are very drying to the lips, & if your lips are dry at all, every single flaw will peek through. So prepare your lips before wearing any of the MegaLast lipsticks & give them some TLC afterwards. This particular shade is a dusty-rose color that is the perfect dark-pinky-nude for fall. I like some pink in my nude shades, especially during the interim between seasons.


I promise you this is not a red lipstick! Its a very dark matte orange-coral color that I really like wearing in fall. I actually purchased this sometime last year & didn't bust it out until recently. Last fall my hair was a dark auburn shade & then a bright blue-toned red, so orange shades really didn't suit me. Now that my hair is a neutral color (black) it actually looks quite swell on. The matte finish of the Kate Moss collection are very drying, much like the Wet n Wild ones, so again prepare your lips before & plan for TLC later. :) 

I will admit that this is probably my least favorite out of the bunch, while I adore the red-orange shade, it just doesn't wear very well. In my video I recommended using liner & preparing to have to make a lot of touch-ups. I actually worse this yesterday to see how it would do without liner (something I've never done), & it was a hot mess! It bled off of my lips almost instantly. So, while this shade is super hot for fall, the maintenance required when it's worn might not be worth it. I might be on the hunt to find a shade with more wearable-function. This is a great red-orange hued lipstick  for fall, but it's not the most universally flattering shade & it's a bit of a diva. You've been warned. 


This was my #1 lipstick for fall/winter 2012. I discovered this pretty little gem sometime in November last year & I wore it almost everyday.  I think I became so obsessed because it was the darkest shade I had ever worn & it pushed me to branch away from pinks/nudes/reds into the world of plums/berries/purples. This is certainly a statement lipstick with a matte finish. I really love the packaging & although it appears a little fushia in the swatch it is actually more of a dark plum like it appears in the tube.

The Sangria Shade by Milani is a true plum shade with a bit of a fuschia under tone, this Ravin' Raisin shade is a plum shade as well, only it has brown undertones. I feel sort of crazy saying a purple lipstick has brown to it, but it really just does! While I love this shade, I don't think it loves me as much. My skin has always had a bit of yellow to it, so the brown undertone doesn't really work all too well. I do want to make this lipstick work for fall, so I just have to be selective about the other makeup that I'm wearing along with it.

I know that mark is not a drugstore brand, but this lipstick is just too perfect for fall for me not to share with this collection! I'm a huge fan of the Lipclicks by mark, all of the shades are wonderful & the magnetic packaging is really great. This lipstick has more of a sheer coverage & it wears really well. I wore it in my Fall Lipstick Picks video & I can't wait to wear it more this fall. If you are looking for a very wearable, beautiful, plumy-berry lipstick, this is it!

I purchased this lipstick at the same time I picked up Ravin' Raisin, Wet N Wild products were Buy-1-Get-1-Half Off at the Wasilla Fred Meyer & I just couldn't resist. I honestly thought that this was going to be a super dark matte plum color. I was happily surprised by the make-up magic that occurred when I swatched it! Sugar Plum Fairy is a really gorgeous dark berry shade that I'm absolutely obsessed with. This might replace Milani's Sangria as my #1 pick for fall! 

These two are not exactly lipsticks, they are indeed true tinted-lip-balms. They are two of my favorites from the Color Whispers line & totally among my absolute must haves for fall. Here in Alaska the air tends to be very dry, I have had to completely re-approach my skin care choices over the last few years, while that wasn't exactly fun, the launch of tinted lip-balms really was life changing for me. I know the Revlon Lip Butters came first, but I just didn't love them as much as everyone else. The quilted packaging seems very dated & the shades were not my favorite. Then the Color Whispers arrived & I became OBSESSED! I think I have 12 out of the 20 shades right now... 
A Plum Prospect I have had since last year, it is a true tinted-lip-balm that gives a sheer wash of plum color across the lips. It is perfect for days when you want to give your lips a little mosturization & add some color. Berry Ready is super pigmented & is much more opaque than A Plum Prospect. It is really moisturizing but because of the pigmentation it wears more like a lipstick. I think it is going to be one of my favorites for fall/winter this year.

We have reached the end of the fall lipstick road! I'm going to head over to youtube to make sure the video companion to this post is uploading correctly & I will be back tomorrow with another post. Thoughtful Thursday/Fall in Love Friday all rolled into one for a Saturday? I just like to keep you guys on your toes. ;)

always love from alaska,