Saturday, November 30, 2013

Flavors of Fall with Chef Ryan Scott-Love with Food for November

Flavors of Fall

Hey guys! I'm so sorry that I never posted a review of my October Love with Food Box. For some reason my box didn't end up arriving until November & by then I was already pretty busy with some pre-planned posts & I just wasn't able to get my October review up. I will mention my favorites from that box at the end of this post & you can of course head over to the Love with Food site to see everything from October's tasty box. 
My November box did arrive on time so I'm going to share the contents with all of you now! 

This flight bag size of gourmet popcorn was consumed upon my November Love with Food box arrival. I can tell you that it is sweet, crunchy, & delicious! Classic caramel popcorn with drizzles of premium white & milk chocolate. This is actually a product that I would consider ordering online if I can't find it near me. Since it is a Seattle, WA based company the odds might be pretty decent for finding a local vendor. If you are interested in checking out KuKuRuZa's other gourmet popcorn flavors they have a Facebook that you can check out here.

This cute little chocolate bar actually came paired together with another mini-chocolate bar inside of an adorable dark brown pouch. Now I'm not the biggest dark chocolate fan, so I let my mom have both of these mini-chocolate bars & she loved them! I checkout Green & Black's site & they have some other flavors that I would really like to try. 

My favorite item from the November Love with Food Box was this little square of maple fudge. I know for some people maple might be too sweet, but I just love all things maple! If I could find this version at a local store, I would be purchasing it much more than I should be. ;) Laura Second is a Canadian company with a pretty neat background story, so they next time you are traveling through Canada keep an eye out for one of the many Laura Second locations. Until what I'm going to do & order online. 

The subscription box world really loves some Mighty Leaf Tea! I have gotten so many different kinds of Mighty Leaf Tea in all of my subscription boxes, from Birchbox & Popsugar & now...Love with Food! :) The kids & I really enjoyed the Calypso Mango iced tea throughout the summer & I know we will enjoy this Ginger Leaf hot tea version as well. 

Apricot, Almond & Yogurt Bar from Eat Natural
I tried a bit of this bar & I didn't like it at all. Danielle loved it though & if the Eat Natural line was sold anywhere locally I would purchase them for the kids to eat with breakfast, lunch or just as snacks. We try not to let the kids eat a whole bunch in between meals, but sometimes they just need a snack during busy days or after playing outside in the fresh Alaskan winter air. 

Rosemary Sea Salt Shortbread from Dancing Deer Baking Co.
I wasn't the biggest fan of this particular short bread cookie, while I totally appreciate the idea of something that is both savory & sweet, I just wasn't getting the right balance out of this little treat. It was a little too salty for my liking, but my mom really enjoyed it! Dancing Deer has an amazing assortment of gourmet, & all natural brownies, cookies & cakes. I think some of their holiday tins would make great gifts to send to a college student, a family with young children or anyone you know who has a sweet tooth! If you are low on time or baking knowledge consider sending a Dancing Deer holiday package. I don't think anyone would frown upon opening a delicious package! I would even love to get some more shortbread, minus the salt. 
Sweet Corn Crunch from Sensible Foods 
Okay, so...I didn't like this snack either! I promise you guys that I'm not a total picky-Polly, I just didn't love everything in the November Love with Food box. I did give everything a try & nothing was wasted, as there are plenty of other people around with different palettes than mine. :) This Sweet Corn Crunch tasted just like the sweet corn I grew up eating in Central Wisconsin, it was just dehydrated & crunchy, which is apparently something I do not like...I really had no idea what to expect when I tried these little kernels! Danielle LOVED them & immediately asked from more after finishing the little bag. If I ever see them in one of our stores I will be sure to pick some up for her.

Authentic Indian Spice Blend from Arora Creations
I was absolutely thrilled to see an Indian Spice Blend in the November Love with Food box! We loved everything that was in our Indian Summer MANTRY Crate back in July. In our Love with Food we received the Organic Tikka Masala spice packet & I know we will be using it very soon. If you love Indian food as much as we do, be sure to check out Arora Creations as they are the 1st & only certified, fully organic Indian Spice Company in the USA.

Sweet Potato Popchips! 
Ahh! Another snack from this months box that I didn't like! I'm not the biggest fan of PopChips in general, but these were not even slightly tasty to me. I really expected to love them because I really LOVE sweet potatoes. I just split the bag in half & gave equal portions to the twins for their lunches at school. Since the snack bags came back empty, I think it is safe to assume they liked them! 

That was our entire Love with Food Box for November! While I wasn't the biggest fan of everything in the box, there was certainly something for everyone in our family to enjoy! Hopefully I can find some of these products locally so we can continue to love them. If you are interested in your own Love with Food Box you can sign up here. Don't forget that for each month that you are subscribed Love with Food donates a meal to a child in need in the USA! If you click here & subscribe to the deluxe box, 2 meals monthly are donated with your subscription! 


These might by my #1 favorite from Love with Food so far. I was so surprised and delighted when I ate one! It literally tasted just like a molasses-ginger cookie. I was shocked that it was all natural, gluten & dairy free. They are already sold out on Love with Food's site but you can find them here. :)  Check out that super healthy & amazing ingredient list for the New World flavor...I'm telling you even with all of that goodness these things taste just like a soft-chewy delicious molasses-ginger cookie!!!!

My liking of coconut flavored products is admittedly a little ridiculous at this point. If I see something at the store that has coconut, I just have to have it. Sometimes it is wonderful & 100% worth it & other times it's a total let down. Coconut water, for example is something I just can't appreciate, it tastes horrible to me. These dang toasted coconut chips on the other hand are just perfect! Crunchy, sweet & coconutty! Again, another product that I would purchase a bag of locally. My mom & I devoured these in a day & we both were wishing we had more! 

Those were my 2 favorites from the October Love with Food box & now it is time to end this post. :) I'm off to bed but I will be back with another post tomorrow & some really fun & exciting things throughout the rest of the week! 

as always, love from alaska

Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Muses. DIY Room Make-Over Weekend.

Hey guys! 

I promise that I have not abandoned you! While my mom has been here visiting we took on the task of painting our livingroom. I'm so excited to share the before & after photos with all of you!
For today's Monday Muses I'm going to share a couple of pictures from our DIy adventure & just offer a little inside advice. 
If you, like Justin & myself have purchased an older home that is in need of some TLC,do not be afraid to get started & make that house your own! I was totally overwhelmed & didn't know where to start with our house. Now that one room is almost finished I feel like I can paint our entire home this winter! Of course I will share more with all of you in my full post about the room! 

For now here are some pictures! Go be your own home DIY muse/goddess this week! You can do it! 

Our painting center! 

My weekend mani. Quite chic right? ;) 

Little DIY apprentice. 

Here are a couple weekend snap shots too! 

Our little shopper at the 5th Avenue Mall in Anchorage on Friday. Some haul/review posts coming soon! 

Mini haul! MAC GLOSS Gift Set for my birthday from my mom & I finally tracked down the Alice & Olivia collab mug at Starbucks! 

as always, love from Alaska

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall in Love Friday #6

Losing Some of that Life Baggage from the Past

I don't know about all of you, but I'm an obsessive over-thinker. I can take moments of my life & dissect them so thoroughly that I re-open old life wounds so deep, I end up wallowing in past failures & upset over something from years ago. It is really quite ridiculous & admittedly one of my very worst habits.
Over the last few years I have gotten a lot better at just letting things go. I've really tried to embrace the what will be, will be mantra. While it hasn't been easy to let myself believe that everything that happened, occurred for a reason & that it occurred exactly as it was supposed to.
Life is harder & sometimes it's harder. So for this Fall in Love Friday I want to encourage you to just let some bits of your past go. The reality is you can't change them, but you can move forward & change the outcome of your future. 
It is so easy to get swept up & start critiquing, obsessing, & picking apart every little bit of who you are & the choices you've made. But I bet, that most of you (like myself) made the best possible choice given the circumstances at the time. Maybe it was the decision to break up with your ex, or maybe it was what college you selected or perhaps it was just a bad haircut or some questionably-overly-arched eye brows. What I'm getting at here, is that life truly has a way of working itself out without all of the agony & obsessing we put ourselves through. 
With the holidays right around the corner, it is the perfect time to just take a deep breathe, live, & let go of some of that crap you should of kicked off your life train at least 5 stops ago. 

as always, love from alaska

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

LUSH Haul. Festive Christmas 2013 Collection!


It is no secret that I LOVE LUSH, one of the very first things I ever posted on this blog was a review of some LUSH bath products. In case you missed it, you can check it out here. LUSH launched their Christmas 2013 Collection online earlier this month & I did not hesitate to place my order. Their holiday collections are among my all time favorite luxury bath products & everything I have been able to try from this years collection has been super festive & fantastic! 


When I start to thinking of classic Christmas Lifetime movie-worthy moments, I can see fireplaces alive & crackling with wonder. Hot cocoa being drank out of over-sized mugs & of course cinnamon & cloves lingering in the air. Somehow, LUSH has captured all of those details into this small bath bomb. Cinders is scented with cinnamon leaf oil & filled with hydrating almond oil. The crackling candies that add to the theatrics this bath bomb is sure to perform, are vegan, making this a perfect stocking stuffer or small gift for your animal adoring, veggie eating BFF. I haven't had a chance to try this one out yet myself, but I do keep obsessively smelling it!

I had filmed & intended on uploading a Youtube video for this LUSH haul, then I realized that I just wasn't going to have enough time to edit this week, so I decided to write this post. :) Before I took pictures I had my mom try out this bath bomb, & we were both so amazed & impressed with it! It was my moms first official LUSH experience & this bath bomb is truly magical. As it fizzes in the bath water it dissolves from this gorgeous green shade into a beautiful wine color & oh my goodness does it smell good! I was not expecting to love the smell of patchouli & black pepper oil as much as I did, but this is on my list of LUSH Christmas products to stock up on before it's sold out. Our entire bathroom smelled amazing for almost 2 days after my mom used this. This is a total must have from the 2013 Christmas LUSH Collection! 

This is my all time favorite, LUSH love of my life bath product! I actually can't believe that I didn't order at least 4 of them. :) Remind me of that the next time someone accuses me of not having any self-control, okay. From the golden shimmer & the beautiful teal hue that is revealed as it dissolves into the water, the citrus, lime & cognac scent, this is a total LUSH holiday classic. Plus it looks like a glamorous present, complete with a bow on top. 

The photo on LUSH's website gave me such high expectations for this bath bomb! If you look closely at their photo, it has snowflakes pressed into the roof of the little chateau design. My bath bomb did not have any snowflakes, but that didn't prevent it from being an absolutely amazing LUSH bath product. LUSH scented this limited edition holiday bath bomb with their exclusive new perfume called 29 High St. Making this one of the most luxurious products I ordered in this haul. LUSH says that you can use this for two baths, as it is HUGE, but I just dropped the whole thing in my bath last night & I have no complaints. The water was a bright citrus orange & smelled of jasmine, lime, tonka & Sicilian Lemon, perfection shaped like a Christmas chateau. 

If you do not like Carmel-toffe-scented-sweetness this bath bomb may not be for you, but if you are a fan of LUSH's Honey I Washed the Kids Soap, you are going to love this brand new bath bomb! LUSH pays a great amount of attention to what their loyal Lushies are wanting & then they deliver! I'm actually saving this bath bomb for a night where I can take a super long bath & just relax, unwind & de-stress from day-to-day life. 


I do not know how, but I have never ordered this bubble bar before! It could be because I'm only able to shop LUSH online (OPEN AN ALASKA STORE, PLEASE!) or it could be because before this year this little gem was not the shimmery coated, pink & white mountain it is now. I don't even know what it looked like before, I just know that I love it now! It has a very sweet vanilla scent & is going to make for one spectacular bubble bath sometime this winter. 

How adorable is this little penguin?! Each one of these bubble-birds is handmade, so you will never see the same penguin twice. This bubble bar has the most fresh-smelling scent out of the bunch I ordered. It is scented with orange flower & bergamont, complete with a tiny-reusable orange carrot nose. I think that one of these would be adorable in each of the kids stockings & I know they would love taking a penguin bubble bath. 

Snow Fairy lovers this bath bar is for you! LUSH created this fantastically, fun pink wand just for those of us who love the super-sweet-candy scent. I'm such a chameleon when it comes to scents, one day I'll be longing for something deep & earthy like the Lord of Misrule bath bomb & others I will dream of soaking in sugary-scented mounds of bubbles.LUSH recommends that you can use this bubble bar more than once as long as you swirl it into your water & then set is somewhere to dry. This is on my list of things to get the girls for Christmas this year as they are both bubble bath lovers & huge fans of the Snow Fairy scent. :) If you are looking for something, sweet, fun & pink to add to your next bath, LUSH has you covered. 


This Melting Snowman is always on the top of my Must-Haves from LUSH's Christmas Collection. A true luxury bath product, this little guy will leave your skin feeling hydrated, moisturized & wonderful. No need to apply lotion after a long, hot, soak! I love to save this melt for nights after we have been out snow-machining, shoveling the driveway or doing other outdoor winter activities. LUSH has taken the scent of a hot-toddy & combined it with cocoa & shea butter, making this melting snowman a very wonderful bath product. 

2 things caused me to order this bath melt. The first was the intense amount of silver shimmer that coats the exterior & the second was reading that it turns your bath water into a deep turquoise. Turquoise & teal are my life long favorite colors & stars are just so magical, put them together & you've got me, hook, line & sinker! I didn't even read what this bath melt smelled like before I ordered it! Luckily for me it smells like a citrus day dream with zesty ginger & lime oil. Much like the Melting Snowman, this is a luxurious edition to anyone's bath, as it is made with Shea Butter & extra virgin coconut oil. I'm just going to assume that this little star is going to make quite a mess in the bath with all of that silver shimmer, so be prepared to have to give your tub an extra rinse. :) 

This stuff is Christmas Cheer in soap form! It is the creamiest soap I have ever used & my skin loves it even more than it does the classic, DOVE's Winter Bar. It's probably due to LUSH using benzoin resinoid which is known for it's sweet vanilla ice-cream essence. When I feel like my skin has gotten really dry & needs a moisture pick-me-up I will use this stuff. It is made with an almond icing & marzipan fragrance & is just what you need to survive a long, frozen Alaskan winter. LUSH sells this soap in a small-square bar, I just prefer to cut mine down into smaller pieces that are easier to handle. I know that you can get your soap cut at a LUSH store, but during the holidays please be aware of how busy your LUSH shop is before you ask them to cut your soap. Because of the fantastic ingredients LUSH uses it is really easy to cut your own soap at home, just take a sharp-large kitchen knife & slowly press the sharp-blade side of your knife into the bar of soap. BAM! Perfectly cut soap at home. :) I think it would be totally fun to order 1 of each of LUSH's holiday soap bars & cut them into small cubes & give people a mini-soap bar collection. Who wouldn't want to receive more than 1 type of LUSH soap?! 

Whenever I have an order that is a few dollars away from the amount I budgeted for, I order a small LUSH Charity Pot of body lotion. 100% of the profits from this particular purchase went to Operation Blankets of Love, an organization who is helping to end animal abuse and abandonment by teaching respect, knowledge, kindness & responsibility towards animals. LUSH supports numerous grassroots charities throughout the world & while you never know which one your Charity Pot purchase will support, you can be assured that it is a charity who is doing some major good & your donation is always appreciated. Plus, you're getting an amazing, creamy, moisturizing LUSH body lotion. I don't know what it is, but my skin just absorbs LUSH's lotions instantly & then stays so smooth & hydrated for days! When it comes to the harsh-Alaskan winters my skin gets so dry & LUSH's lotion is the perfect remedy. 

That was my 1st LUSH Haul of the season! I plan to place another order sometime in December & I will be sure to share it with all of you. :) Are any of you loyal Lushies? What are your favorites from the 2013 Christmas Collection? I already have my eyes on about 7 more bath products that I want to try & a few gift sets to give to friends & family. 
I hope you are all having an amazing week & I will be back with another post soon! 

as always, love from alaska

****LUSH is currently hosting a $10 Gift Certificate promotion when you spend $100 online. The gift certificate will be emailed to you, to the email you use when your order is placed in February 2014. Check out for all of the details!**** 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Glam it Up! by you for November

GLAM IT UP! by you. November 2013

If you have been following along here on AlaskaLove12 for a while now, you know that I love my ipsy bags! I'm in total awe & amazement each month at what the girls at ipsy manage to put together & ship out to their subscribers. This November bag is one of my all time favorites, as it has a little bit of everything. ipsy you did it again!
 Want to see what lovely things I was sent this month??? 
Away we go...

I have been loving my Moroccan Oil Hairspray & all of the Big Sexy Hair sprays that ipsy has sent me. Between my fullsize Moroccan Oil Hairspray & those samples I haven't had to go searching for a new one in months! This Tresemme version smells really great & it is also travel size at 1.5OZ. I know it will be a product that I will use up & instantly wish I had more. Hairspray & I are just that close. ;) 

This is the 3rd Starlooks' product that I have received in my ipsy bags. I have hardly touched the lip liner & the Kohl Eye Pencil is so dry that I can't get it to line my lid without actually hurting! I was a little bummed to see this Starlooks item in my Glam it Up bag. Then I swatched it & it was creamy, pigmented & metallic! I think this is a perfect liner for creating a dramatic, glamorous New Years Eve eye look.

Nailtini is another repeat brand featured in my ipsy bags, the last shade I received was a pale-baby-doll pink shade. I actually ended up giving it away as it was too basic & plain for me. This Champagne shade is fantastic! It actually has a rose-gold hue & I have been searching for something similar for months now. It's always a wonderful moment when you open a subscription box/bag item & you actually gasp at the contents (in a good way). I'm planning on this being my next manicure shade, & I will let you guys know how long lasting & chip resistant the formula is.

I was so happy to see that all ipsy subscribers would be receiving an em by michelle phan product in their November bags. Michelle is a founding member of ipsy as well as a make-up guru powerhouse on youtube & all around inspiration to girls everywhere! Out of all of the products I could of received this was on the very top of my list, I adore lip products & around this time of year I begin searching for the perfect balm to keep my lips smooth, hydrated & beautiful during the winter. This balm doesn't have much of a scent to it & don't be alarmed by the orange shade shown here. While it is a bright orange shade even in person, it actually goes on very sheer with just a subtle creamsicle-coral tint. This is the least tacky/sticky glossy-balm that I have tried in a while & it immediately feels so smooth & luxurious on my lips. I will definitely be trying more of the em cosmetics line in the future!

Pixi has become increasingly popular over the last couple years & I have been lucky enough to receive multiple products in my various subscription boxes. I love the Flawless & Poreless Primer & would love to try the Flawless Beauty Fluid Foundation. When it comes to bronzers I have struggled to find one that doesn't oxidize on my face or just make me look dirty. This Pixi bronzer has a beautiful golden-hue to it, I might just be able to pull it off as a highlighter or a blush shade. There are 2 other shades in the collection if you are looking for one that is a little darker or has more of a peachy-undertone. 

ipsy seriously sent me some amazing products this month & then to top it all off they sent this spectacular bright-red lip crayon by be a bombshell cosmetics. I love lip crayons & I especially love wearing a red lip throughout the holiday season. This particular lip crayon is so smooth & creamy, it does have more of a shiny-finish, but I wouldn't consider it a glossy-style lip product at all. I think that I'm going to use the discount ipsy has available to subscribers for bombshell to order a couple more lip crayons! 

Wasn't this month's ipsy bag just wow-erful?? I was totally impressed by each individual product & have added each of the brands to my list of brands to shop in the future. It wasn't until I started working this post that I realized a product from every single brand (besides Tresemme) had been sent to me in previous ipsy bags! 

ipsy is $10 monthly & you can sign up for your own bag of glam, here. Once you've signed up, be sure to take the Personalized Quiz to ensure that you are going to receive the best possible products for you!

as always, love from alaska

I totally forgot to take a picture of the actual bag this month! It is a gorgeous gold bag with a snakeskin texture on the outside & a pink liner on the inside. It is also a wristlet-style bag & will be perfect for packing the beauty essentials around for the holidays! If you want to see a picture go check out ipsy's facebook page. :) 

Monday, November 18, 2013

*Shop My Stash: Spotlight Product of the Week*

This is brand new weekly feature here on AlaskaLove12. I have so many beauty products that it is practically impossible for me to blog about all of them. This series is going to help me share more products that I think are fantastic with all of you. Once a week I'm going to Shop My Stash & give you guys a short/quick review on something that has been hiding out within my collection.

This weeks' spotlight product is...

I have had this mask hiding out in my skincare collection for months & it is truly a gem! All it takes is 15-20 minutes of this eye-mask & I feel totally refreshed & relaxed. The mask itself is infused with HydroSenn™which is a natural ultra-moisturizing ingredient & the ulta-refreshing hydrogel instantly eliminates signs of fatigue. 

The best part about this mask?! It doesn't require any water before or after application, no rinsing or washing off is necessary. The top of the mask as a really soft-cotton like texture & the bottom side that you apply to your face feels like a really, really, luxurious gel mask. Once I placed it on my eyes it just sort of "gelled" into place & then it felt instantly cooling & amazing. 

While I do believe that this eye-depuffing-mask is designed to be a single use application, I have actually used mine 3 or 4 times within the last week. The amount that it de-puffs my eyes has decreased slightly each time, but the cooling, relaxing effect has remained. 

I think this mask would be perfect for traveling! I usually apply some sort of a hydrating, refreshing, or soothing mask in-flight, but this targets the one area of my face that is always affected the most during long flights. From the lack of sleep to the dryness of the air, I always have red-puffy eyes when I step off the plane. Sephora has made a really effective mask that I can apply without needing any water to remove, making it the perfect flying-skincare-must-have! 

Oh, did I mention that it retails for $6.00?! I cannot believe this price point, as it seems like such a luxury, high-end product! 

Well you guys, that was this weeks Shop My Stash:Spotlight Product of the Week. What did you think? Do you have products tucked away in your stash that you've put off trying? Anything new in your collection that you've wanted to try out, but just haven't made the time for? Leave a comment below!

as always, love from alaska

Monday Muses-Early Holiday Cheer Edition

It's Beginning to Feel A lot Like...

Maybe it's due to the arrival of my Mom yesterday or the fact that we have had snow on the ground for almost 3 weeks now, I'm just starting to truly feel the holiday spirit. Today's Monday Muses' post is completely holiday related. So, if you aren't quite ready to feel the gift-giving-mistletoe-reindeer-snow dusting-cookie baking cheer, I totally understand...just avoid this post & come back later for something that isn't holiday related. Although, as we approach the arrival of December 1st I can make no promises that there will be an absence of holiday posts. Onto this weeks' Monday Muses!,en_US,sc.html
I have been a huge LUSHIE for years & their Christmas Collections are one of my favorite things about the holidays. Winter is the perfect time to indulge in luxury, life changing bath products. With LUSH you are guaranteed not only a top-luxe product, but a fantastic, magical, whimsical, soothing, experience as well. I will have a LUSH haul video going up sometime in the next couple of weeks & it is filled with products you can only find in LUSH's Christmas 2013 Collection. If you just can't wait for my video, I recommend clicking the link about & placing your own order ASAP. Make sure you order a Golden Wonder & a Melting Snowman. I just introduced my mom to LUSH last night as she is here visiting for a couple of weeks & she couldn't believe how good everything smelled! LUSH has a ton of items that are made with Vegan ingredients & everything is 101% Cruelty Free. :)||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-
Pottery Barn has some truly gorgeous ornaments & this silver, glittery, globe caught my eye online. After I clicked on it I realized that for every one of these purchased Pottery Barn donates to the Give a Little Hope Campaign Give a Little Hope benefits organizations across the country who are focused on bettering the interior comfort & style of shelters & recovery homes. In a season where the materialistic and consumerism are in full-force it's nice to be able to purchase something that pays a little forward itself. Not only would I love to have this ornament hanging from out tree, I would be delighted to give it as a gift as well. 

His & Hers Advent Calendars
I don't know about all of you, but it seems like a lot of a traditions I grew up with are rather European. From Advent Calendars to St. Nick leaving treats in our shoes during the first week of December, my childhood was filled with tons of seasonal cheer, well before the magical night of Christmas Eve. A few weeks ago I was attempting to explain St. Nick to Justin & he was completely baffled! Upon doing a little research I found that it is a common winter tradition in parts of Europe and....Wisconsin! Haha! I guess the Midwest really is best! I plan to introduce the kids to the fun of St. Nick & Advent Calendars this year so stay tuned...for now I wanted to feature a couple of Advent Calendars in spectacular condition for some early gift giving. 
The Whisky Advent Calendar by Master of Malt- 24 bottles, each with 3cl of top-shelf whisky. from Johnny Walker Platinum to a Glenfarclas 40 year old, this advent calendar is a whisky drinkers dream. It does come with a premium price tag of $241.00. If you are going to purchase this & want it to arrive before December 1st, I would do so ASAP as it has to clear customs.
The Yankee Candle Advent Calendar- If you are a lover of candles & holiday scents filling your home this is a fantastic option! Each day you will open up the little windows to find a tea-light in one of Yankee Candle's 6 holiday scents. As far as I know this one is only available online through the UK Yankee Candle site, if anyone in the US knows if it is available inside stores please leave a comment & let me know! :) 

 What would a Monday Muses be on AlaskaLove12 without a little something from Pinterest?! 

Enjoy your Monday friends & start feeling that holiday cheer, the time is here! Too soon? Probably. ;) 

as always, love from alaska

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fall in Love Friday...Life, Failure, Loving Yourself at Your Worst

Hey guys! I know it would make sense for Fall in Love Friday(FILF) to happen on an actual Friday, but the power cord for my laptop just stopped working on Thursday night & of course it happened when I went to plug in my laptop after the...Reserve Battery Power, plug in or I'll throw a fit. Well, that's not exactly what the pop-up screen says, but you get the idea. I didn't end up going to get a new power cord until later Friday afternoon. Now I'm working on this post at midnight.Forgive me once, twice & probably a few more times because life is just going to keep happening, there will be wrenches thrown into my daily schedule & power cords will stop functioning because I fell asleep with a puppy in my room 6 months ago & he chewed it up terribly & I waited until it died to replace it.  

For this FILF post I wanted to spend some time focusing on facing up to hard life is & admitting that failure is a true possibility. If you can find a way to love yourself amongst the struggles & sadness, you'll come out stronger & better than ever.

I'm a huge fan of all of the super hero movies that have been released over the last few years. When I was in high school X-Men was my favorite series, & now I'm a total fan of the Iron Man & Avengers franchise. My absolute-favorite super hero is Iron Man, it could be partially because in the current films he is played by Robert Downey Jr, & well...I love me some Robert Downey Jr. ;) When it comes to the Iron Man/Tony Stark character, we can see his flaws, his weaknesses, they are what allows him to seem human. In the most recent film we see that his ego, while totally bad ass, actually limits him from being the man/super hero the world needed him to be. He finds a way to push beyond his fears, limits & flaws to....(this is about a fictional super hero after-all), save the world. 
One of the best parts about being YOU, is that you get to be the super hero of your own story. Every difficult thing that you survive (and you will!), is another strength that can become part of your super power. Be your own Tony Stark & when that doesn't work, try being Iron Man. ;) 

The truth is, comparing our lives to a Marvel Superhero is awesome & fun. Life isn't always going to be so simple & super charged. Sometimes it's going to be draining, exhausting, awful & ugly. On those days, give yourself a personal hug. Find something that can give you hope & some inspiration to make it to tomorrow. Whether it's a long bath, dancing in your underwear, or watching Steel Magnolias, allow yourself to unwind & let go of the bad that so easily can take over. Turn your phone off, laugh at yourself & get some rest, tomorrow will come & it might just be a little better. 

One of the most challenging things I have ever faced in my life is finding my true purpose, the path that I'm meant to walk, the thing that makes Life can seem extremely overwhelming & stressful when you are trying to make hard choices that will not only impact the person that you are in that moment, but the person you are meant to be. It is okay to have failures, it is okay to struggle, after all Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he got it right with the invention of the light-bulb. Just don't be afraid to reach out & try for something that you believe is your life's most meaningful component. You have a voice, a purpose & it is AMAZING! Don't be so afraid of being yourself that you give up before you can even begin.

I need to frame this & put it up on a wall! 
Everything about this quote is so very, very, true. No matter what happens in life you can either choose to react in a way that is going to make things worse or you can find a way to make them better. You were designed to survive, to endure all kinds of things that you never imagined & you are stronger than you know. The next time something bad happens in your life, just remember that it is one bad moment in a lifetime filled with hours, days, weeks, years of astounding & brilliant things for you. 
You are a damn Queen & there is never a wrong time to wear your crown & be your own inspiration. 

as always, love from alaska