Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Who On Wednesday

Wednesday...the middle of the week, where the momentum shifts from just making it through the start of a new week to the wonder of another weekend. This Wednesday I thought it would be fun to start a new series called Who on Wednesday. This series will last for 2 posts or 5 or maybe a dozen, I'm not really sure yet, it's going to focus on me & allow me to share somethings about myself that wouldn't fit in a regular style post. 
This week I compiled a series of 10 questions from various surveys on tumblr & you can find my answers below...

1.) What would someone find in my bag
What wouldn't you find??? I'm the classic cliche...carrying everything besides the kitchen sink. The regular attendees to my bag parties are, hand sanitizer, mini Satsuma Body Shop Body Butter, at least 2 perfumes/body sprays, 4 different lip balms, lipstick, gum, notebook, pen, old receipts, pouches of apple sauce, & of course...3 pairs of tangled headphones.

2.) Something you feel strongly about
The power of education. I don't think there should be limitations on how someone achieves an education. Nor do I believe education starts & ends in the classroom, there are so many ways to learn something & to teach things...

3.) A book you love
Two of my favorites....The Great Gatsby & East of Eden. 

4.) Things you want to say to an ex

5.) Five Pet Peeves
Poor table manners. The use of the word "a'int". Sexisim. Racism. When I go into a bathroom, at home or a public restroom & someone has set a new roll of toilet paper on top of the old roll, seriously it takes more effort to balance that new roll on there then it does to just CHANGE IT! I know, I seem a little too upset about that last one...but it's just so...arg! 

 6.) Your Zodiac/horoscope & if I think it fits my personality
I'm a Sagittarius through & through. I don't think I have ever read anything about my sign & disagreed with it! My go to site for reading about all of the Zodiac signs of myself & the ones around me is this one... here.

7.) Somewhere you'd like to move or visit
I have talked with Justin so many times about moving to Seward, Alaska. It is one of my favorite places in this giant state & I've always just felt so at ease when we are there. The vibe of Seward is much more suited to me than Wasilla I think. I wouldn't mind living in Palmer or Talkeetna either. 
If we could move anywhere I would really like to live somewhere in the English Countryside or in Ireland. Then if I let more exciting choices take root, I would want to move to an island somewhere... 
I don't think we will be moving anytime soon, so all of these places(outside of AK) are of course on my travel dream list.

8.) What I wanted to be as a child
What didn't I want to be? I clearly remember wanting to be a Marine Biologist, mostly because I believed that meant I would meet a mermaid. Then there were the years I spent wanting to be an actress. Followed by the day dreams of being a published novel writer. The last one I haven't quite let go of...

9.) 1 thing on my bucket list
My bucket list has changed & grown over the years. Now, there is one thing that I know I want to do in the future. I want to travel with each one of my kids on a trip to somewhere. Whether it's a road trip across the lower 48, or a mapped out tour through various European countries. I think that it would be so amazing to take each of them on their own trip during the summer breaks when they are in middle school or high school.

10.) One thing I'm excited for
In the immediate future, I'm excited for Justin to come home & for us to take the kids to the Williams Reindeer Farm & their school Halloween Carnival. Justin missed the reindeer farm last year & the kids are so thrilled to be able to share the experience with him last year.
For the distant future...I'm very excited about returning to college next fall when Littlest Leader heads off to kindergarten. 

Since it's a Who on Wednesday post, here are a couple of pictures I shared on my instagram (alaskalove12) yesterday. Over the weekend I went to Forget Me Knot Hair & Lauren did an amazing job taking my hair from a mix of auburn & brunette to a jet-black shade. I'm really happy with my choice to go super dark, as well as cut my bangs again. It just feels so great for fall & winter.

Of course I had to try out the a red lip with this new hair. :)

Well that takes care of this Who on Wednesday post...I'm already looking forward to next weeks post. I hope all of you are making it through the middle of the week with some love & laughter.

as always, love from alaska