Thursday, October 10, 2013

throwback thursday with a twist

Whenever Thursday rolls around I always want to post pictures of my childhood or collages filled with memories from when I was in school, but all of my pictures are still in Wisconsin at my mom's house. Actually, the majority of my things are still at her house. When I first came to Alaska I was only supposed to be working here for 6 months, so it didn't make sense to bring everything with me. Well, almost 5 years later & my mom is still storing my stuff for me! She's the best isn't she? 

So...since I'm not able to post pictures for a traditional Throwback Thursday I decided to throwback to something else from my past. If you read this post then you already know that I went to a boarding school in Northern Wisconsin, called Conserve School. 
During my freshman & sophomore years every Thursday at lunch during the community style announcements we had (podium, microphone, speakers & all), the first speaker would open up the announcements with Thoughtful Thursday. Often a poem, quote, or short story was read, something that made us think a little bit & focus for a few moments on something that wasn't centered around the teenage fulled drama we were all swimming in.

Today I'm going to do my own Thoughtful Thursday with a throwback to the Thoughtful Thursday's that I fondly remember hearing when life was a bit simpler, slightly sweeter & a whole lot easier. 

I have seen this posted on so many social media sites lately & every time I stop & think to myself; Which wolf am I feeding? Today, on this Thoughtful Thursday take a few moments & just allow yourself to think about what wolf you are feeding. For most of us it is probably much easier to feed our anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies & ego than it is to feed the joy, peace, hope, humility, kindness, empathy & truth. 
So for a moment or two allow the negativity to dissolve away & the positivity & goodness in life to fill in that void.

as always with love from alaska,