Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Muses...Late Night Edition.

You guys didn't think I would leave you without some muses for another Monday did you? If you missed my post about why I'm posting this now instead of earlier in the day read my very-short post here. Now onto some actual Monday Muses-Late Night Edition (Even though it's only 7PM in AK). 

I was blessed with being able to shop at Target alone about 3 weeks ago & I found myself in the limited fragrance section & this little beauty caught my eye. I have heard great things about this perfume & smelled it numerous times at Sephora. It never really triggered an amazing-must-have moment for me, probably because I smelled it after spraying a dozen other perfumes at myself. This stuff is a little gem when it comes to fragrances! It is really quite different from anything else I have in my collection at the moment & I'm going to resist the urge to purchase it...well by resist I mean I will probably buy it the next time I'm alone in Target. 

Kids Reading Nooks/Spaces
If you need to kill some time & want to see some really adorable & awesome kid friendly spaces just search kids reading corner on Pinterest. The kids do have a playroom that is for their toys only & their books are upstairs in the living room. I would like to be able to add a reading nook into their bedrooms so that their books have a home & they have a quite, calming corner of the house to go to.

Dark smokey eye looks, especially ones that feature burgundy shades. With my hair being darker now I feel like I can amp up the drama with my make-up. Plus it's fall which kisses good-bye the natural, dewy looks of summer & ushers in the dark, wicked, & dramatic lip & eye colors that I personal love more than any other make-up options. 

Cabinets & Shelves. We have so many ideas for the remodel we hope to start next spring on our house, for me I have really been looking at furniture & things that will really bring some refreshing touches to different rooms in our house. While the Dylan Cabinet I showed here is from Pottery Barn & really spendy it does help me get an idea of the type of cabinet I'm looking for. I like that everything is visible, but still protected by glass doors.

This Gridley Caged Storage Cabinet is also spendy & also from Pottery Barn, I really like the twist on a glass cabinet with the wire detailing. This fits in perfectly with my vision for our kitchen/dining room area. Maybe I will try my hand with Justin in making this instead of buying one someday. 

Well that is going to finish off this version of my Monday Muses. I hope you all had a pretty fantastic Monday & your Tuesday goes smoothly! 

as always, love from alaska