Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Muses

Monday. Monday. Monday.
For as long as I can remember, Monday's & I have not been happy companions. There is something oddly frustrating about transitioning from the weekend into a new week. Luckily the kids do not share in my loathing in Monday's, especially mornings & they wake up excited to begin a new week. Due to my negative-Nancy attitude towards Monday's I have to find my Muses, little things that will keep me motivated & positive, until Tuesday arrives.
Seriously how ridiculous am I? Tuesday morning rolls in & I feel refreshed, happy & excited for the rest of the week. But Monday's??? Don't even get me started! 

Here are my muses for this Monday...

 This Mug! It really covers the bases of the majority of my obsessions...turquoise, mugs, hot beverages in the fall & winter, & of course handmade pottery. It's available from One Clay Bead on etsy for $29. Although it's listed as a Mug or Beer Stein for HIM, I think it's perfect for me. I like big mugs & I cannot, not appropriate for a Monday? ;) You can find this mug here!

Holiday Cards from tiny prints.
I have adored tiny prints since we began planning our wedding as they are associated with the wedding paper divas brand. At one point we had about 4 different invitation sets we liked & couldn't handle narrowing it down to one, so we turned to etsy & had our set custom designed by Amber of Hunt & Gather Papergoods. tiny prints has hung in the back of my mind since our wedding planning days & finally this year I got my rear in gear to take some fall photos of the kids. I decided to use tiny prints to make some adorable Happy Thanksgiving photo-cards that should go out to friends & family by the end of the month. (Check out all of the wonderful options here!)
Now I'm already moving onto the winter holidays & starting to plan a family photo shoot so we can send out holiday cards! So far the two above are my top choices. I love the first one! From the color scheme, the hint of glitter & the word phrasing, it's just so wonderful. The second one is a bit simpler, but you can never go wrong with an over-sized ampersand in my book. 

what would a post about Monday Muses be without a Pinterest inspired muse? 
I have been seeing this post EVERYWHERE on my social media platforms, from Pinterest to Instagram & tumblr people are loving this anne of green gables quote posted on this pumpkin patch-fall-vintage-filter photo. I have to agree with all of them. October is a wonderful month with the ripeness of a new season & the passage into another holiday season. October is understated, kind, & beautiful. 

Those were my muses for this Monday. I feel a great Tuesday is just around the corner & on the way to another festive, fall weekend. 

love from alaska,