Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Holidays Ahead. Gift Ideas for Children, Ages 4-6.

In yesterday's post I shared some of my Monday Muses which included a couple of ideas for our 2013 Holiday cards. One muse lead to another & I found myself searching for gift ideas for the kids. I know that Christmas is months away still, I just can't help myself from planning ahead & picking out some items that I know the kids will adore! 
If you've stumbled upon this post while looking for some gift ideas for the kids in your life, here is some information that will help you determine if this post will be helpful to you all. There is no time to waste when searching for the perfect gifts! ;) 

Twin 1-Age 6.
 Lover of anything teal, pink, sparkly, & princess related. Obsessed with unicorns & alicorns(unicorns with wings.). Girl Scout-level, Daisy. Enjoys painting with water colors, building with Legos, spending time learning/creating in the kitchen & putting on sold out backyard concerts. Laughs at everything & is the most outspoken of our family. (Besides me of course.)

I love Land of Nod & all of the toys in their Imaginary Play collection, however a lot of them come with a pretty expensive price tag. We like to get the kids 1 big gift each year & then some smaller quality items that we know they will love just as much. This little figurine falls into the affordable category with a price tag under $10! Twin 1 would adore this little unicorn. From the pink details to the little gold horn. This is a perfect stocking stuffer that I know she will make-believe with every day.

When it comes to tablets that are kid-friendly as well as suited for learning & playing the nabi line up is perfect. We have gone back & forth with the idea of getting each of the kids a tablet, but lately we have considered getting 1 for all 3 of them to share. Just to make sure that the nabi 2 is really the idea tablet for us. If you are interested in checking out more of the details that make the nabi tablets a perfect gift choice for 2013 click here. There are nabi tablets designed for multiple age ranges starting at age 3 all the way up to age 12/13. 

We have a couple of floor puzzles right now & the kids absolutely love them. I think that Twin 1 would especially enjoy putting these together again & again. From mermaids to princesses she adores fairy tales so these two options are perfect.

Twin 2-Age 6.
Twin 2- Age 6. Loves his dogs very much. Green is his color of choice. Wants a construction themed bedroom, complete with his dad's old hard-hats & boots. Enjoys climbing trees, building with Legos, racing his matchbox cars & playing Mario Kart on the wii. His favorite activity is following his dad around while he works on any & everything. 

 nabi square hd ($169.99)
Since Twin 2 likes to do everything his dad does he would be thrilled to have this nabi square hd camera which closely resembles the Go-Pro Camera I surprised Justin with for his birthday last year. This nabi version comes with the ability to be able to be mounted on various things, bikes, snowmachine helmets. Of course we could just let him use the Go-Pro but he would have so much fun using this camera of his very own. This is probably the one item I haven't researched enough to know if it's a perfect fit, as I just found it this morning when I went to find a picture for the nabi2! 

Iron Man-Malibu Mansion Attack Lego Set ($39.99)
Twin 2 wants to be Iron Man for Halloween, specifically the Iron Man 3 version. So I know that this Lego set would be a much loved item when opened Christmas morning. Legos are the toy of choice for all 3 of the kids when it comes to picking something out on their own. We have no problems continuing to build each of their Lego collections for years to come as they are a toy that can grow with them.

 Littlest Leader-Age 5.
 Obsessed with every shade of the color purple. Carries our cats around as if they are accessories, they let her. :) Current favorite song is Clarity, by Zedd, ft Foxes. Enjoys coloring, building with Legos, putting on shows & concerts. Dances at every chance she gets. Adores her stuffed polar bear. Her favorite activities involve playing dress-up, singing at the top of her lungs & being the family mini-menace. 

I really like the idea of this puppet theater, it is so simple & designed to be able to move from stage to stage or doorway to doorway if you want to be technical about it. All 3 of the kids would love putting on puppet shows with this Hanging Puppet Theater. Littlest Leader is home during the day with me while the twins are at school so I know she would spend hours playing with this by herself with a proper puppet crew.  If you are looking for a more structured puppet theater check out this one here.

When I want an item that is handmade & totally adorable, I turn to etsy. This finger puppet set is available from Raindrops Tops on etsy & I think they are the cutest little woodland set I've ever seen. Raindrops Tops also has a DOCTOR WHO finger puppet set! While the set listed is pretty much perfect, I would prefer it with 10, Rose, Martha & Donna Noble. hehe! There is also a Harry Potter set & various others from princess to barnyard animals. Check out all of the finger puppets from Raindrop Tops here!

The LEGO friends collection is one of my personal favorites to build. haha! I can say that I have built each of the kids LEGO sets completely by myself at least once. I know Littlest Leader & would be able to spend hours together building this cruise ship. Although it is rated for ages 7-12, she has some serious LEGO building skills & I'm well above the recommended age range. ;) Together I think we could build it quite a few times! 

This is where I'm going to end my gift ideas for now. In no way is this a complete list of ideas for our kids gifts, I still need to do some further research on the technology based items as well as find some other unique things for each of them. Plus I'm sure Justin has a few ideas up his sleeve, seriously, his ideas end up being everyone's most loved & used gifts! I will share his list sometime soon! 
For those of you who start scoping out present ideas I hope that this post helped & please if you have ideas of your own share them with me!!! :) 

as always, love from alaska,