Tuesday, October 8, 2013

fall photos from our weekend

When the start of a new week rolls around I usually don't have a whole lot of exciting things to share. The weekends when Justin is away at work the kids & I spend the majority of our weekends at home together, cleaning, organizing, playing & watching movies in our home movie theater (the living room with all of the lights off & lots of fresh popped pop corn). Then when Justin is home we are so busy trying to finish projects or we are running around like fools. So, I rarely am able to capture anything involving our weekends. 

This weekend I decided to change that. I check the projected weather forecast for Saturday & decided that it would be a great day to take some fall photos of the kids. I'm still really upset with myself for not taking any proper summer pictures of them! Something magical must of aligned the stars, the kids moods, my organizational & photography skills, the weather, & everything else that it took to capture these moments. 

I might be a little biased...but, I think these are some of the cutest pictures ever taken! 

I didn't want to have to purchase anything new for the pictures, so I went to the kids closets & pulled things that all fit into the same color scheme but also worked with the fall colors around us. Since the majority of our foliage is really yellow this time of year I thought that shades of orange/peach paired with some darker colors navy/black would work out well. I was a little nervous about the outfits until I took this first picture! 

 After taking a few photos like the one above I took some of each of the kids on their own. It's amazing to see their individual personalities shine through. Since they are all so close in age, they often end up doing everything together & its just wonderful when they don't have to share the spot light. 

Of course I didn't forget about this little stud! 
I did use a couple of online picture editing filters for these 3 photos, I honestly can't remember which one I used on which photo. I will try & link all of them at the end of this post!

The cutest little trio there ever was. 

These next two photos just make me smile. Danielle looks so adorable in the first one & all of them look so tough in the second one. When I saw the second one for the first time, I totally thought of Burn Notice, don't they look like a little Michael & Fiona's who just blew something up? haha!

This is a total outtake, due to Danielle just about falling into Nikoli, but somehow she still looks so poised & beautiful. :) 

From here to the end...I'm just going to share photos. There was some leaf throwing, lots of dancing & I laughed so hard I cried...

These photos are a snapshot of what we did for part of our fall Saturday morning. The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning out some closets & making sure all of the kids had the appropriate gear for the arrival of this years Alaskan Winter.

always love from alaska,

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