Tuesday, October 1, 2013

August MANTRY-Italian American Picnic

Here it is, the 1st day of October & I'm going to be posting a review of Justin's AUGUST MANTRY. I did film a video review of the crate but I just haven't been able to finish editing it, so I figured a late post is better than no post at all.
MANTRY-Italian American Picnic

The first surprise this month was that inside of the priority box there wasn't a wooden crate, instead there was this canvas picnic bag. Justin immediately handed it to me because, well the little scooter is a shade of teal & he really didn't have a use for the bag. I haven't found a use for it yet but I'm sure I will. :)
Now onto the food products...

Salt Lake City, UT
When our August MANTRY arrived Justin was getting ready to head out on a moose hunting trip & he decided to take this salami with him. I did snap a picture of it before it was packed away, but I think it got deleted somehow. I wasn't able to try the black summer truffle infused salami myself but Justin said it was pretty good. The link I've provided above is for a gift package with the salami, I'm not sure if you can order the a single package online. 

New York, NY
I don't know how MANTRY does it but they have found some amazing companies with great stories, this time Spicy & Sweet the makers of Nonna's Sweet Sauce is a trio hailing from Italy, Venezuela & of course New York.
I had to borrow this picture from the Farm to People site because we used up our jar of sauce & recycled it already! We were able to use this 1 jar for 2 meals & it was delicious! As much as we liked the Sweet Sauce I would really like to try the Spicy version, I prefer sauces with a lot of garlic or a kick of spice.

Brooklyn, NY
Okay, I need to take a trip to Brookyln sometime in my life. All of the Pietsch women in my family took a girls trip to NY a couple of years ago, unfortunately I wasn't able to make it at the time but I hope I can convince all of them to go again so I can tag along. 
According to the MANTRY info card; "Sfoglini are generations of ladies Bologna who make pasta by hand" explains Steve Gonzalez whose pedigree includes primping pasta at El Raco de Can Fabes, a Three Star Michelin spot in Spain. Steve works with his partner Scott to continue this tradition of handmade pasta, creating seasonal varieties using American semolina flour & locally sourced ingredients. Sfoglini offers their own monthly subscription service that includes 2 bags of their pasta along with recipe ideas. If you're interested you can check it out here.

Bridgewater, CT
I have heard tales of amazing chile from New Mexico, someday I hope to be able to get my hands on a few varietys myself. I should probably plan to attend the national chile festival in Hatch Valley, NM along with the 30,000 visitors that enjoy it each year. Nancy Wekselbaum has created something wonderful in this little jar with a spin-off of traditional pesto combined with the southwestern chili flavor. We loved this stuff! We used it on a homemade pizza along with Nonna's Sweet Sauce, together they created an explosion of flavors that paired perfectly with classic pizza toppings, cheese & pepperoni.

Elkmont, AL
This is the only item from our August MANTRY that we haven't tried yet. Justin has never tasted goat cheese & I went through a 4 year phase where it was my favorite thing to eat with...well, everything. I have been avoiding it for the last couple of years as I grew so sick of the stuff I couldn't even think about it. This is something I do with foods often, become to addicted to them that I can't bear the idea of consuming them any longer. Ridiculous I know, but that is my story of goat cheese. Luckily I'm pretty sure this stuff will be delicious & break my from my goat-cheese free streak. :)

Woburn, MA
We tried this almost immediately after opening the August package. Justin was really quite fond of it & I surprisingly didn't love it was much as I thought I would. Although, I had been experiencing a serious craving for microwave popcorn...I think I would have preferred Quinn's Smoked Cheddar or Sea Salt variety. If you, like me have random microwave popcorn cravings but prefer to satisfy them without the horrible ingredients in the standard variety check out Quinn Popcorn as they have a bunch of flavors to choose from & the portions are perfect for NOT sharing. :) 

There is everything...well, not quite everything. But the majority of our August MANTRY line-up.
MANTRY is $75 a month & if you are interested in your very own box of greatness from The Modern Man's Pantry, then sign up here.

I will probably be reviewing our September MANTRY soon, as it should be shipping sometime this week. 

love from Alaska,