Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Muses, Glitter, Pumpkins, Cookbooks & Cobwebs

Glitter Pumpkins
I don't know about you, but I'm not exactly looking forward to the mess that comes with carving pumpkins. We have 3 huge pumpkins just waiting to be hacked into & a part of me really wants to try to convince the kids to do anything with them that doesn't involved carving. If it were up to me we would be covering every single pumpkin in glitter. Maybe I will have to buy some more smaller pumpkins & glitter them myself. I prefer the dip-dye in glitter idea vs coating the entire pumpkin in glitter. There is something so beautiful about the orange shades of pumpkins, so I don't want to hide it, just let it sparkle & shine. 

If you haven't found your way to the Pioneer Woman website, or caught an episode of her show on the Food Network, or...gotten yourself a copy of one of Ree's cookbooks, I don't know whats wrong with you? Kidding. Really though, both of Ree's prior cookbooks The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl & The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier 
are phenomenal. Both books feature true down to earth, home style, comfort food & each recipe is broken down into easy steps with picture tutorials, making both cookbooks a true must have in any kitchen. When I heard that The Pioneer Woman was going to be releasing a holiday cookbook, I had to pre-order it! With 1-click on amazon this stellar cookbook will be on it's way to me within the next couple of weeks. Just in time for menu planning for the upcoming holidays!  If you are unsure on which of Ree's first two books to purchase yourself, I recommend Food from my Frontier. 

I have mentioned before how much I like the apparel from AK Salmon Sisters, while I usually pick things out for myself this Blueprint Ship Shirt is perfect for Justin. I have started looking for things for his birthday in November & of course Christmas. I think this shirt has made it onto the YES list.

My rose gold obsession is a little out of control....lately the world of make-up has exploded with powders that are rose gold & I want them all. This is a limited edition holiday piece from BECCA & is available from Sephora, it has been receiving some mixed reviews in the comments but I think I'm going to ignore all of the negative ones & purchase this for myself before it sells out. Have you found any amazing rose gold make-up lately? 

This is exactly how I feel about cleaning right now. The gloomy, rainy, fall weather today really isn't aiding in my motivation. Consider my piles of laundry spooky & the cobwebs haunted, because until next week I'm refusing to tidy up anything. 

I hope you're all having a great start to your week! If you have any Monday Muses' please share them! 

as always, love from alaska,

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall in Love Friday #4. *Dealing with Bullies & Helping Someone Who is Being Bullied.*

Fall in Love Friday #4

Here we are at the 4th official Fall in Love Friday Post. I had planned for this to be the last post in this series, but since fall isn’t officially over yet I have decided to continue with Fall in Love Fridays’ until December 1st!
In yesterdays Thoughtful Thursday post I wrote about allowing your self to forgive someone, even when they are not sorry. Often when someone is being a meanie or a bully they will not ever apologize to you for the things that they have done.
For today’s Fall in Love Friday post I want to spend a little more time on the subject of Bullies & Meanies.  I was the victim of some intense bullying when I was in middle school & came home many days in tears.  There were mornings where I didn’t want to go to school because I knew that something cruel was going to happen, or I was going to be teased relentlessly. Luckily, I did have an amazing core group of friends & a super understanding family. I managed to make it through middle school with decent enough grades & enough extracurricular activities to be accepted into a boarding school in Northern Wisconsin. For me, the bullying ended once I left my small-hometown behind. I was able to grow into a whole new person & excel in a new, healthy & safe environment.
Not everyone who is being bullied will be able to literally move away & start over. I wanted to move the moment I arrived in 5th grade, but that was not feasible & I endured being bullied until the end of 8th grade. So, I want to offer some help & love to any of you out there who have experienced bullying, who may encounter bullying in the future or even for parents that have had their little loved one come home from school in tears over something they went through. 

 (One of my personal favorite proverbs, everything you experience is to help you become a butterfly. Even the negative things like bullies!)

1.)  When I was being bullied I considered quitting every activity, sport or after school program I was involved in. I wanted to hide out at home without having to see the kids that were being so awful towards me. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but I somehow ended up doing the exact opposite. I joined every sport, musical, play, group, club & community event I possibly could (Thanks Mom!) & by doing that I was able to find groups of kids who shared my interests & were great friends. Not everyone is a bully; you can’t let the actions of a few rude kids ruin your life. Middle school, high school, they are only a few years of your life, so make the most of it & set yourself up to be able to just leave your bullies behind. I did. ;)
2.)  Talk to someone.  If you are being bullied, please find someone in your life that you are comfortable talking to. Perhaps it’s a teacher, a coach, a friends parent, your own parents, an older sibling, friends….anyone that can give you healthy advice & be there when the bullying gets to be too much. Reaching out & asking for help or advice does not mean the bullies have won or you are weak. It means that you don’t have to struggle alone & that you have the strength to admit that something terrible is happening to you.
3.)  If someone you know is being bullied, be supportive, listen to them when they open up to you. I would not have made it through middle school if it hadn’t been for a few close friends & my amazing family. I felt comfortable sharing my problems with them & the best thing they ever did was listen. It did not matter if the bullying was big or small, they were there to wipe my tears & help me laugh. So if someone you know comes to you with a bullying problem, be supportive, don’t judge, just listen & try to give them what they need…a true, loyal, friend & support system.

4.)  Kindness. I know the phrase “kill them with kindness” is a total cliché that has been over used in parenting scenes on sitcoms. But there is quite a lot of truth to that idea. Bullies usually (in my experience) aren’t being bullies just for fun. Although some people get a kick out of being mean to others, most of the time they are dealing with someone difficult themselves & lashing out a someone else around them. Now, you don’t need to bake a cake for everyone that has called you a mean name or duct taped your locker closed. You can control how you react to their actions. Smile, keep your head high & focus on the life ahead of you. The bullying does end! I promise.

5.)  Set Goals. My mother is a queen of visualization & setting goals. From a young age she had my brothers & I visualizing the life we wanted & writing down goals for our futures. Keep a journal or something with you at all times, write down things that inspire you & bits about the person you aspire to be someday. Maybe you want to open a Eco-Chic store, or start a fashion line, or write the next great American Novel. Whatever it is, do not let the bullies/bullying take that away from you. Visualize. Set goals. When the bullying gets bad picture yourself a few years from now, successful, healthy, happy & bully free. You will get there. J
6.)  Parents, if your kids come home upset after dealing with a bully-experience…Be a listener & then be a parent. You have the ability to teach your child how to react to the adversity they are sure to encounter in life. Of course your protective feathers are going to be ruffled & you’re going to want to tell every person you can about the bully who made your baby cry. Resist that urge. Be a parent to your child first & help them understand how amazing, unique & truly wonderful they are. Use these moments to teach them how much being unkind to others can hurt them, so that when they are presented with the choice of being a bully or a friend, they know the right choice to make. Spend some extra time with them & make sure you are there for them each step of the bullying-way.
7.)  I fully understand that with the introduction of cyber-bullying (I encountered a small amount myself),that the things occurring between kids are much, much worse than when I myself was being bullied. If your kid has been bullied in anyway that is too much for you or them to handle, please seek some professional help.  Sometimes talking to someone outside of the family is helpful for kids & even for you as a parent. Trust your child & listen to what they are experiencing. Don’t let the bullies define your child. Don’t let the bullying become the most significant part of your child’s life.
8.)  Be able to recognize the difference between bullying & LIFE. Often as parents we are quick to over-protect our little ones & react to their hurt, sadness & difficulties by blaming someone else. Sometimes things are going to occur that are not in fact bullying, but just a part of life. Occasionally our kids are going to get called names that no one likes & be teased a little too much one day.  Just pay attention to the frequency of these occurrences & if they are increasing in times or severity it’s time to consider if your child is just having a few bad days with a few kids or if there is a bullying trend brewing.
9.)  If you are a victim of bullying, please know that you are loved. The universe has things in store for you that are so much more amazing than what you are experiencing now. There is a whole great big world out there full of things for you to do, see & try. You are so wonderful & there is a beautiful life ahead of you. Don’t let the bullies ruin the person you are meant to be. Smile, set some goals, look ahead to your future & know that there is a former bully-victim living in Alaska cheering for you to make it through all of this & show the world whose boss. 

Okay you guys. That is going to wrap up this edition of Fall in Love Friday. I have 3 little troopers who have been hanging out with me at North Star Bakery while I write this post. They have eaten grilled cheese sandwiches, ghost & pumpkin cookies & colored & played with some Thanksgiving themed felt boards so patiently while I typed away. It’s time to pack them up & head home for an afternoon of playing & reading. 

as always, love from alaska,

 Here are a couple more quotes & images to help you....I've always loved both of them & just couldn't keep them to myself. 

 All images were sourced through pinterest and are in no way my own.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

*Breast Cancer Awareness & Halloween* Popsugar's Monthly Must Have Box for October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month & Popsugar brought attention to the cause by teaming up with various companies who support multiple breast cancer charities, they are also donated $1 for every Monthly Must Have Box that was purchased in October. Of course, with Halloween & a few other major holidays right around the corner they included items to help us ease into the holiday spirit as well. Each month this box holds the #1 place on my favorite subscription boxes list, October's box firmly secured the spot for Popsugar for another month. Want to see what was inside of another amazing Popsugar Monthly Must Have Box???? Of course you do, just check it out below! 

I was really excited to see a cookbook in this months box, then I looked it over & realized that it really isn't suited for me. I'm very far from terrified in the kitchen, it's my safe place & I'm very comfortable stepping into the middle of a cooking storm & guiding myself through it. Jessica Seinfeld did a great job with putting this book together, the formatting & design of the book overall is fantastic. The recipes are quite impressive too, if you are intimidated by cooking, baking & being in the kitchen in general this cookbook is perfect for you! I will be holding onto my copy for a giveaway or a gift. :)

Julep for Popsugar Duo, Freedom Polymer Top Coat & Millie ($18 & $14)
I really love Julep Polishes, I was subscribed to their monthly subscription box service Julep Maven, until today. I just decided I didn't need to continue to grow my nail polish collection as quickly as I had been. Luckily I was able to get one last fix from Popsugar & Julep. I know that the Freedom Polymer Top Coat is fantastic, & I already have the Millie shade in my collection from one of my monthly Julep Maven boxes. This little duo is going to be hanging out with Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook for a future giveaway or gift. :) I also have a code I will share at the end of the post for 1st time Julep Maven Subscribers to get a free box.

   NXY Cosmetics Smokey Eye Palette & Liquid Brown Eyeliner ($7.00 & $6.00)
 I'm a fan of Nyx so I was thrilled to see both of these products in my box. I have the Natural palette & have wanted to try the Smokey Palette out for a while now. I've also been wanting to add some brown liner to my collection & this liquid version with a brush style applicator is a good one. I haven't tried out either of the products on my eyes yet, but I did swatch them out to see what kind of pigmentation & quality they had.

Overall, none of the shadows have a really true *WOW* factor to them. The pigmentation isn't anything impressive & while they do not seem to be chalky when swatched, I'm not sure that they will wear very well or be long lasting.

While the Smokey Palette proved to be pretty underwhelming when swatched, the Liquid Brown Eyeliner is pretty awesome. With the thin brush style applicator you can apply a very thin or thicker line depending on what look you want to create. These lines I drew on my hand are still there after hours & hours & multiple hand washes.

The Wet Brush Beauty Fights Edition ($14.00)
The Wet Brush is one of the companies that teamed up with Popsugar & made donations for every brush included in the box to the fight against breast cancer. I have wanted to try out the Wet Brush for a long time, currently I use a Tangle Teaser that I picked up at Sally's Beauty Supply about a year ago. I really love my Tangle Teaser & I do have less breakage overall since I started using it, my only complaint was that it didn't have a long enough handle. The Wet Brush has more of a traditional brush design so I can't see that being an issue. I have used the brush a couple of times since my Popsugar arrived & so far I really love it! I think it is my favorite item in the box for October!

Jane Tran Thin Metallic Bobby Pin Set ($12.00)
I can never have too many bobby pins. Between myself & the girls we seem to lose at least 5 or more a week. This set from Jane Tran I will not be sharing though, I really like all of the colors & they hold my hair in place way better than traditional style bobby pins. I spent a few minutes on the Jane Tran site & there are a few more things I would like to have someday. I mean hair accessories are a must have item right??

Gorjana Charity Bali Bead Bracelet ($45.00)
When I first saw this bracelet I was super excited, then I thought that it looked super tiny & there was no way it was going to fit me. I tried it on just to be sure & it not only fits me its really cute! 100% of the proceeds of this bracelet goes to Breast Cancer Connections. If you are looking for some more accessories that benefit Breast Cancer Awareness, specifically the Noreen Fraser Foundation check out the Shop for a Cause Collection that Stella & Dot has right now, the single wrap Wanderlust pink bracelet is one of my favorites. Check it out here! 

This is not the Crispycake that was in my Popsugar October Box. That Crispycake I consumed over last weekend when there were 7 children at my house & I had a midnight oh thank goodness they are all sleeping snack. It was almost exactly like the one pictured above (thanks for the snapshot!) except the sprinkles were black & orange. While it was delicious I do prefer the homemade variety.

As an extra Popsugar included a coupon code for $20 off a Stitch Fix order & a free styling consultation. I have been wanting to try out Stitch Fix for a while now & this is an offer I can't pass up. I will be sure to write a post about the experience. :)

Popsugar & Warriors in Pink, Powered by FORD for this contest. Follow this link to enter yourself.

There is everything from the October Popsugar Box, Breast Cancer Awareness & Halloween. Well, everything minus the Halloween Crispycake. ;) 

The total for this months box was $136.70! That doesn't include the Stitch Fix card either. Although there are 2 items (the cookbook & Julep duo) that I personally will not be using, I was really, really happy with this box. For me it was the perfect blend of lifestyle & beauty items. Monthly subscriptions were $35 a month but Popsugar has raised them to $39.95 starting November 4th. I know quite a few subscribers are really unhappy with the price increase, but I have never had a month were the product price point was even close to the $35 a month amount. I chose to cancel my Eco-Emi & my Julep Maven so that I could afford & continue to be subscribed to Popsugar. I'm addicted to the lifestyle box!! :) 

To subscribe to Popsugar click here! 

If you are interested in trying out Julep Maven (which I totally recommend!) you can use the code JULEPMUSTHAVE to get your first box free, aside from shipping costs I believe! 

as always, love from alaska,

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday, Meanies, Bullies & Forgiveness
Sometimes you are going to run across people in life who are, among other things, just plain, mean. Maybe it's an ex, or a former best friend with a grudge, or even just someone online who is just trolling for no reason. When you encounter these types of people in your life, you have to remind yourself that while you can not control their behavior, you can indeed control your reaction to it. 
So when it comes down to it, the best thing you can do is just try to understand that people who go out of their way to be mean to others are probably struggling or going through something difficult themselves. I'm not telling you to go out of your way to be their best friend but you can simply forgive them for the nasty things they have done & move on...

I hope your are all approaching the weekend without any meanies or bullies in your life, but if you are, I bet that you can certainly just forgive them, even if they are not sorry & move on with your own wonderful life.

as always, love from alaska

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

*Craft Beer Belly* MANTRY for September Review

September marked MANTRY's One Year Anniversary & to celebrate they sent a superb crate filled with 6 products from creators who were inspired by small-batch beers. There is also bacon involved. I told you this crate was suberb didn't I? 
This review is quite late due to our MANTRY being shipped out late, it actually just arrived at the end of last week. While it was a bummer having to wait for it arrive, MANTRY handled the late shipment professionally & it was certainly worth waiting for. 


If you've ever made beer bread before than you know that beer works in baking. MANTRY mentions the history behind beer & baking going all the way back to 4000BC in the Fertile Crescent. Somehow the combination has sort of gotten lost & forgotten, until Baron Maria Walley transformed the pairing into these complex little crackers. Made with whole grains & beer these crackers are quite sturdy, making them the perfect companion for dips & entertaining. They are also available in a Porter variety. 

P&H Soda Co. Sarsaparilla Syrup ($10.00)
Sarsaparilla has been commonly referred to as the original Root Beer, this version from P&H has a lighter, cleaner flavor extracted from the real thing with no chemical nastiness. MANTRY suggests using the syrup to add an adult twist to a ice cream float. Vanilla ice cream, sarsaparilla syrup & an ounce of bourbon. We tried it out last night & it was really delicious, the Sarsaparilla syrup was a little sweet when combined with the vanilla ice cream, I think we might try to find another way to use this syrup soon.

Liddabit Sweet Beer & Pretzel Caramels ($8.00)
You can offically add Liddabit Sweets to the list of places I want to visit in Brooklyn someday. There is a team of 5 behind all of the wonderful treats coming out of Liddabit's shop. These Beer & Pretzel Caramels are made with Brooklyn Brewery Ale, locally sourced Ronnybrook Dairy Cream & chunks of Martin's Pretzels which are made in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country. I do have to admit that Justin & I were not huge fans of these caramels, I can't say that I would want to repurchase them, I would like to order 1 of each of the candy bars from Liddabit.

Anarchy in a Jar Spiced Beer Jelly ($8.75)
Another delicious creation in a jar? Of course it's from Brooklyn. MANTRY notes that there are two things Brooklyn is really good at right now, beer & canning. Without MANTRY we would truly be missing out on the interesting & tasty concoctions in a jar. This Spiced Beer Jelly is made with Sixpoint Craft Ale & local apples from Terhune Ochards, it's finished off with exotic spices like grains of paradise & black cardamom. We have been eating a lot of soups, sandwiches & salads for lunch & dinner lately, so this will give us something different to add into the mix of spreadable goodness for cold cuts & bread from North Star Bakery.

Broadbent's Dry Cured Peppered Bacon ($7.73)
If you were wondering what product Justin was the most excited about from the September MANTRY, it was certainly this Hickory Smoked Pepper Country Bacon. This dry cured selection, comes from a long line of perfection by Broadbent's. Starting in 1909 the company has won over 14 Kentucky State Fair Championships including a Grand Champion Ham that was auctioned off for charity for $1.6 million in 2010. I think it's safe to assume that when we fry this bacon up this weekend it is going to be fantastic

Slant Shack Jerky Bronze Pale Ale Beef Jerky ($10.00)
This jerky came in a very, very close second to the Broadbent's bacon as Justin's favorite item from MANTRY last month. Dave Koretz & Josh Kace are using grass-fed beef from the Vermont Highland Cattle Company & craft beer to create this artisan staple. I think Justin will be taking this bag to work with him or snacking on it with a cold beer in one hand on the couch sometime soon.

 Hooray to MANTRY for a very successful first year!

All of Septembers beer & bacon friends, don't they just look so perfect together? :)

Alright guys, that is the end of the September MANTRY review. MANTRY subscriptions are $75 a month & if you are interested in your very own click here.

as always, love from alaska

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Muses...Late Night Edition.

You guys didn't think I would leave you without some muses for another Monday did you? If you missed my post about why I'm posting this now instead of earlier in the day read my very-short post here. Now onto some actual Monday Muses-Late Night Edition (Even though it's only 7PM in AK). 

I was blessed with being able to shop at Target alone about 3 weeks ago & I found myself in the limited fragrance section & this little beauty caught my eye. I have heard great things about this perfume & smelled it numerous times at Sephora. It never really triggered an amazing-must-have moment for me, probably because I smelled it after spraying a dozen other perfumes at myself. This stuff is a little gem when it comes to fragrances! It is really quite different from anything else I have in my collection at the moment & I'm going to resist the urge to purchase it...well by resist I mean I will probably buy it the next time I'm alone in Target. 

Kids Reading Nooks/Spaces
If you need to kill some time & want to see some really adorable & awesome kid friendly spaces just search kids reading corner on Pinterest. The kids do have a playroom that is for their toys only & their books are upstairs in the living room. I would like to be able to add a reading nook into their bedrooms so that their books have a home & they have a quite, calming corner of the house to go to.

Dark smokey eye looks, especially ones that feature burgundy shades. With my hair being darker now I feel like I can amp up the drama with my make-up. Plus it's fall which kisses good-bye the natural, dewy looks of summer & ushers in the dark, wicked, & dramatic lip & eye colors that I personal love more than any other make-up options. 

Cabinets & Shelves. We have so many ideas for the remodel we hope to start next spring on our house, for me I have really been looking at furniture & things that will really bring some refreshing touches to different rooms in our house. While the Dylan Cabinet I showed here is from Pottery Barn & really spendy it does help me get an idea of the type of cabinet I'm looking for. I like that everything is visible, but still protected by glass doors.

This Gridley Caged Storage Cabinet is also spendy & also from Pottery Barn, I really like the twist on a glass cabinet with the wire detailing. This fits in perfectly with my vision for our kitchen/dining room area. Maybe I will try my hand with Justin in making this instead of buying one someday. 

Well that is going to finish off this version of my Monday Muses. I hope you all had a pretty fantastic Monday & your Tuesday goes smoothly! 

as always, love from alaska

Monday, Monday

You guys are probably wondering where the heck today's Monday Muses are? Well I do have them...I'm just in Anchorage today with Justin & Littlest Leader while the twins are in kindergarten filling their brains with numbers, letters & all the good stuff.
Justin has some stuff to get done in Anchorage today & I'm off to Michael's to stock up on some DIY must haves for upcoming projects/posts & the finishing touches for our trios All Hallows' Eve outfits. 
So...Monday Muses, late night edition this week? 

Until then here are a couple pictures of two of the best lunch dates a girl can have.

Twin Dragon for lunch!

as always, love from Alaska

Saturday, October 19, 2013

*the art of beauty* ipsy review for october

 I love my ipsy subscription, this month I just wasn't over the moon about the theme. Art of Beauty. Since we are in the heart of fall I just wanted to see ipsy do something that was centered around this amazing time of year. 
Then my ipsy for October arrived & while the theme still isn't my favorite the products are all pretty fantastic.

I love cleansing wet wipes. You could say that I have a slight addiction to using them, especially late at night when I have no energy left to do a true cleansing. Using a facial cleansing wipe is better than nothing, right? These LA Fresh wipes are 99.25% Natural, cruelty free, & made without parabens, sulfates, dyes, PEG's, artificial fragrances, & animal byproducts.  I did have another packet of these wipes in a prior ipsy, I believe that they were the unscented version & I used them up right away. I hope that my skin responds to these as well as it did when I used those.

 I purchased another palette in this collection in the Duchess Lounge shade about a month ago from Fred Meyer. I still haven't even played around with it, aside from swatching, it has sat in my make-up drawers untouched. This Desert Festival palette is not something I would have ever picked out for myself & I'm not quite sure how wearable some of these shades actually will be for me.

I swatched, starting with the shade in the left hand corner of the palette closest to my wrist & then around the palette to the center chocolate brown shade. The first tan shade has about zero pigmentation when swatched. The burnt orange is extremely pigmented but it is too red toned for me to be able to wear. The black is just all around chalky & I have other black shadows that I would reach for instead of this one. My two favorites in the palette are the bronzey-burnt orange & the chocolate brown, both are quite chalky but the color pay off is pretty decent, they are also shades I could make work on a more regular basis. 

I'm a fan of the Big Sexy Hair brand & the Weather Proof Hairspray that ipsy sent a couple of months ago was fantastic. I always want to infuse more volume into my hair when I heat style so I have a feeling that this product will work out well for me. I'm not a huge fan of how it smells in the bottle, but once it's applied to the hair & then blow-dried that might change.

This is the second or third time I've gotten a make-up brush in my ipsy. I can't complain, these more affordable brushes are nice to have to use when my Sigma brushes are drying or I need an extra brush on the go. I totally prefer getting a brush from Coastal Scents over the eyeshadow samples we have been sent in ipsy's previously.

Every ipsy subscriber received a nail polish from Zoya's Cashmeres and Satins fall collection. When I saw this polish it helped me get over the fact that I didn't get anything from Butter London last month. I really like this NEVE shade & I know I will get a lot of wear out of this polish for fall & winter 2013. Plus all Zoya polishes are 5-free, which means they are made without any harmful toxins or chemicals, making them the perfect polish for you & your little mini-you. :) 

Okay guys, that was my ipsy for October with the art of beauty theme. Overall I really liked my products. The wipes & volumizing gel I will be able to use, & the Coastal Scents brush is a nice addition to my collection. The Fergie Centerstage palette really wasn't anything too amazing to me, but the ZOYA polish is totally a must have for fall! Nothing to really complain about this month! I just wish the bag had more of a fall theme instead of a random one. :) What do you guys think?

ipsy is $10 monthly & this months bag contained products totaling $23.81, not including the bag! 

If you are interested in signing up for ipsy & receiving your own bag of beauty goodies each month click HERE!!!!!

as always, love from alaska,

Friday, October 18, 2013

New Hair Color Means New Celebrity Hair Inspirations

Last Sunday I went to Lauren at Forget Me Knot Hair in Wasilla & she worked her magic. Giving me a brand new hair color that totally changed my entire look. I went from having an auburn/brown shade to jet black. I really didn't think before having my hair dyed, I just knew I wanted to go super dark & to do something that I had never done before. Plus, this shade is just perfect for fall & winter. 
Whenever I change my hair, either cut or color I always look to celebrities for inspiration on how to style my hair & how to do my make-up. So I've spent the last week or so keeping an eye out for celebrities that can show me the way when it comes to my own hair & make-up. Over time I will figure out what works for me & what doesn't, for now it's just so much fun looking at celebrity photos & getting inspired!! 

This was my hair about a month ago...

This picture is from a couple of days ago. The bangs are not *new* to me as I have had this style of bangs before. But it's been about 4 years since I last had them this way, so it is going to take some getting used to when it comes to styling them. Aside from the bangs the length of the rest of my hair is about the same, I just had Lauren trim the ends of all of my layers. :)

Want to check out some celebrities with super dark or black hair? I tried to find celebrities who also had blue eyes (my eye color) & fairer skin so that when it comes to make-up I would be able to transition the look onto myself. 

Katy Perry.
When this photo showed up on my instagram feed I felt like I had just stumbled upon my everyday make-up look from now on. I mean how fab does Katy look? Now I won't have the joys of being photo-shopped before I head out for the day, nor will I be able to have glamorous lighting follow me around. BUT... I can go buy that lipstick, Euphoria by CoverGirl BTW & I can also add some texture to my hair when I style it. Keeping the rest of my make up simple like CG did with Katy. 

Zooey Deschanel. 
Zooey was my go-to for inspiration years ago when I had bangs for the first time since childhood. I have always loved the simplicity she maintains when it comes to her make-up. Her eyelashes are always perfect. I know, they are falsies & that doesn't seem exactly simple when it comes to make-up...but you're reading the blog of someone who wore individual-falsh-lashes to her SATS, all 5 times. I really want to re-create this hair look for the holidays & I need to get a set of lashes that are dense & short-ish like the ones she is wearing here.
Jennifer Lawerence. 
Now Jennifer has never had black hair, but she has rocked some super dark shades even though she is a natural blonde. Thank-you to casting of the first Hunger Games movie because I can now turn to Jennifer for make-up inspiration. This look is totally perfect for fall, although I would probably change the lip color slightly for the season. 
Emilia Clark
You are probably used to seeing Emilia with that gorgeous white blonde hair that her character Daenerys Targaryen has on Game of Thrones. Emilia has been seen on the red-carpet lately with super dark hair, her's isn't exactly black but it is dark enough for me to draw some inspiration. (I did read today that she suffered a brain aneurysm a few months ago, I hope that she has recovered & will keep her in my thoughts for health & happiness going forward)

Adelaide Kane.
If you haven't watched the CW's newest fall show Reign I suggest you get on it, right now. I'm a sucker for anything that takes place in a medieval time period OR has elements of the supernatural, Reign has elements of both so I'm already addicted. The shows female lead Mary is portrayed by Adelaide Kane, she has some super dark hair, sometimes it looks black & then in other scenes it appears to be just a super dark brunette shade. I'm really loving the hair pieces & braids that are featured in the show, not to mention the scene in the pilot of the girls using flowers to make lip stains & charcoal to line their eyes really thrilled me. Perhaps Mary the character is more of a beauty/hair inspiration at moment than Adelaide Kane herself. I hope she is on a red carpet sometime soon or in a magazine shoot so I can get some more ideas... :) 

Well guys that is the end of my list of my current celebrity inspirations when it comes to hair, makeup & beauty. Of course Khloe Kardashian is still my go to celebrity because of our face-shapes being pretty much identical, she has just had lighter-ombre'd hair lately so she didn't quite fit into this list. :) 
I have a house full of kids at the moment so I need to go rent a Halloween movie (Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown of course!) & get everyone settled into the living room for a sleep-over movie night!

much love always,

*none of this pictures are my own...since I'm not a red-carpet photographer at this time ;)*