Monday, September 30, 2013

Mini DIY/Up-cycle Project

I have had the idea for this project since our wedding last year & somehow I only started & finished it in the last 48 hours. It is crazy how simple it was & totally ridiculous how long it took me to just DO IT! I'm considering doing a series of posts like this with a bunch of different mini DIY & up-cycling projects, easy little crafts & such that you can complete in a weekend or less. Let's face it, most of us are busy little bees with limited amounts of time to complete our laundry let alone an entire DIY project. :) Do you want to see what I did? I'm really excited to show you!! 

First things first of course....

You're going to need a flying pig statue or at least something to spray paint. :) I found this guy on Etsy & he was used on one of the tables at our wedding. I had really wanted to paint him like this for our wedding but there really wasn't time. So he had to wait a little longer for his makeover. 

-Valspar Spray Paint- I'm convinced this stuff is liquid DIY gold. I've used multiple shades & finishes, all of them are spectacular & you can spray from just about any angle without causing drips or streaks. This is from the Color Radiance Collection & it is usable on wood, metal or plastic. My flying pig is ceramic I'm pretty sure, but this paint worked just fine. I selected the La Fonda Mirage color as it was the perfect shade of mint (my long-time color obsession). You can check out the full range of colors from the Valspar Color Radiance Collection here.

-Mod-Podge- My go-to adhesive when it comes to adding glitter to anything. 

-Glitter- For this purpose I prefer glitter that is Extra Fine in texture. This one is from Michael's & it is the brand Recollections in the shade Champagne. The Recollections brand is my absolute favorite & it is available in multipule textures & colors. Martha Stewart is my second favorite glitter choice, but it's a little more spendy. You can purchase both brands from Michael's, if you want to check out Recollections just click here.
-Sponge Applicator- I purchased a box with multiple sizes for about $10 from my local Joann's.

Once you have your supplies you're going to need a space to work....

 I have taken over about 1/2 of our attached single car garage this summer for the purpose of completing a series of DIY projects. Justin has been pretty patient with me using his Man Space for the majority of the summer, but I've reached the end of my time in there as it is time to start parking the car in the garage. :( We are planning out another space for me to able to work in for the winter but for now I've just about finished in our attached garage so my Jetta can have a cozy parking space for the winter. 
I use our old shower curtain & a random king size sheet from a thrift store as my drop cloths. Even though I'm working in our garage I didn't think Justin would appreciate random spray paint all over the concrete. 


 I used about 3 coats of paint & allowed approximately 20 minutes between coats. The great thing about Valspar Spray Paint is that it dries really quickly & I could of only waited about 5 minutes between coats, I just wanted to be sure I didn't create any drips or bubbles by adding layers too rapidly. 

Of course if you're going to paint something you have to be sure to give yourself a matching DIY manicure.

I allowed the final coat of paint to dry over night & then I moved to my other workspace...the kitchen table. Unfortunately I forgot to take a series of pictures during this part of the process, but it was pretty simple. 

At first I thought I only wanted to apply the glitter to the tips of the wings, once I had done that I decided that more sparkle was needed so I covered all of the inside portion of the wings in glitter. To do so I used to sponge applicator to apply a pretty thin layer of Mod-Podge & then I shook the glitter over the layer of adhesive. 
The container of Recollections glitter that I used has a shaker side & a pour side like a lot of spice jars do, it made it really easy to pour an even layer of glitter onto the wings. I did one wing completely & then I did the next one. I allowed the glitter to dry for about 30 minutes & then I touched up a couple of areas & put this Minted-Gold-Sparkling flying pig back on his perch in our kitchen. It doubles as a great out of reach from the kids drying space too. :) 

There he is back on his perch(which will have a DIY make-over of it's own soon), in all of his minty & gold sparkling beauty. I really liked how he turned out & I LOVE the combination of the mint with the gold. As you can see here one of the ears was broken & glued back on, this happened when the seller on Etsy sent him to me & I really didn't mind. You can't even tell when he is facing forward. :) 

If you have some pieces in your house that could just use a fresh coat of paint or a new shade go check out the available Valspar spray paints at your local Lowe's. Home Depot carries the Martha Stewart line of paint, I haven't found any spray paint but the decorative paints are great too for projects where spray paint won't work. There is a rose gold one that is amazing! 

I have more Mini-DIY projects to share with all of you soon! :) 

love from alaska,