Monday, September 23, 2013

Love with Food-Gluten Free with Chef Ming Tsai

Chef Ming Tsai & Fight Against Childhood Hunger in the USA

This is only my 2nd Love with Food Box & it is totally climbing its way to the very top of my subscription box favorites list! This month Love with Food partnered with Chef Ming Tsai to create a box full of gluten-free goodies. September is Hunger Action Month, over 200 food banks in the United States come together to raise awareness about childhood hunger within the USA. As always,  Love with Food donated 1 meal to a child for every Chef Ming Tsai box that was purchased! This commitment to ending child hunger in the United States is a huge part of the reason I love being subscribed to Love with Food each month. :) 

I was pretty excited when I opened my box & saw these little cheddar dinos! With the twins being in school this year & Danielle & I doing preschool together at home we have started to rely on snacks more & more. When it comes to finding the healthiest options for your little learners to snack on, outside of fruits & veggies it's pretty tricky to find a perfect snack companion in terms of nutrition & ingredients. These Organicasaurus' seem to be a great alternative to GoldFish, which we snack on weekly here. :) Unfortunately when I checked the Good Boy site, none of their products are available in Alaska at this time. 

This is the one item in the box that I won't have to fight anyone off to eat myself. While Justin is a bruschetta fan, he doesn't really enjoy artichokes unless they are whole, steamed & ready to dip in garlic butter. haha. I will probably save this for a chilly fall afternoon when the twins are at school & Danielle is napping. A girl can dream right?! :) If you want to check out the full range of Milas Food products click here! I wish the OLOVES were sold near me because they sound absolutely delicious!

I ate this along side my first cup of morning coffee as I worked on this post. It was so yummy! I would of never thought it was Gluten Free if I hadn't known it was Gluten Free. I had never heard of Betty Lou's before & I'm considering putting together an online order to get some things for all of us to snack on, as well as a couple of things for the twin's school lunches. I need to check to see if there are items sold near me, but the Betty Lou's site Store Finder isn't working at the moment. :(

Hummus & I used to have a very, very close relationship. I was a vegetarian for over 10 years & hummus was totally my snack of choice! Honestly, I did end up getting very sick of the chick pea snack. Until...this week. I seriously purchased a roasted garlic flavor hummus at my local grocery store before my Love with Food box arrived. I haven't tried the Wild Garden one yet, but I'm sure it will be tasty. I'm not a huge fan of individually packaged items like this, so if I was ever able to purchase from Wild Garden again I would select the jar option & just pack what I needed into a container for hummus on the go!

I must admit that I'm not the biggest fan of dehydrated apples, I would just rather eat an actually apple. These little apples have totally changed my opinion! They are actually pretty crunchy & the slight cinnamon brings out the natural sweetness of the apple itself. These are perfect for when I have a crunchy/sweet craving! Does anyone else get those cravings? When you want something really crunchy & really sweet too. :) Unfortunately, these are not sold in Alaska right now. I'm really not having much luck with being able to re-purchase any of the items in this box locally. haha!

This is probably the one item in the box I do not want to try, only because it is cherry flavored. Aside from real-fresh cherries I can't stand any cherry flavor or baked good of any kind. I don't know why, but I can't remember a time when I didn't fell that way about the fruit. :) Licious Organics does have a Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor that I would love to try! I do really like that all of their products are made with Raw Honey as well. 

These two little packets were the items I was most intrigued by in my box this month. I immediately had to open them & smell them both! I'm going to save them until my next sinus infection or cold sets in because I bet they will be perfect for getting everything cleared out! Gross I know, but when you suffer from 2-3 really bad sinus related colds/infections a year, something like this can be a total life savor. Depending on how spicy they both are I may have to order some to have on hand for when the kids & Justin get sick as well. Millies also has Smoky Facon & Thai Lemongrass flavors that I'm totally wanting to try. 

These are another perfect snack for me to stick in the kids lunches & finally a product that I can purchase here in Alaska! I was curious to see what these little heavenly morsels looked like so I opened the bag when I was working on this post, then I decided to try them & they are my favorite thing that I have tried from the box so far. I think the kids will totally love them too, so the next time I go to Three Bears I will keep an eye out for them! 

So...I also snacked on these while writing this post. To my defense I didn't eat dinner last night & breakfast was a cup of coffee & a bowl of cereal. ;) I actually really liked these, even the banana & cherry flavors which I usually stay away from. According to the YumEarth site these are available at a bunch of bigger retailers like Target & Fred Meyer. I will just have to see if I can find them, hopefully on sale sometime soon. 

That was my September Love with Food Box with Chef Ming Tsai! :) Everything was gluten free & of course Love with Food donated a meal to a hungry child for every box purchased!  If you are interested in learning more about Chef Ming Tsai & his innovative cookbook Simply Ming in Your Kitchen  click here!  For information about Hunger Action Month & how you can get involved click here. 

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love from alaska!