Thursday, September 26, 2013

Life Lately.

Life around here has been a whirlwind of so many things. From the twins starting kindergarten in August to my fall house organization spree, we have been making the most out of each & everyday. Since I have mostly been posting reviews of subscription boxes & monthly favorites I thought it would be nice to share some photos from the last couple of months & give all of you a peek of our little Alaskan life lately. 

In July my Dad came to visit for a couple of weeks & during his time with us we all went to Seward for a few days for halibut fishing, camping & lots of bike rides. Justin's parents, sister & family all came along too so it was a really fun trip & I'm so glad we could share it with my Dad.

We have photos from a Seward trip 3 years ago where the kids were riding their big-wheel trikes down this same hill. Just another reminder of how much they have grown!

 Late night fishing. Justin & the Grandpa's took the kids on a beach fishing adventure. The kids were all in shorts & t-shirts all day & then by this point in the day it was all about layers & dressing for the chilly coastal weather.

 There are so many amazing photos from our trip, I just love the ones from our late night adventure on the beach. No one caught any fish but the kids loved being able to explore & enjoy the beach.

In August the twins started kindergarten, I still can't believe they are 6 & in school! They have loved going to school so much, I hope that they continue to like it as much as they do now when they are older. I ordered the Backpack Jr in the Pony Up print for Lilliana & the Rocket print for Nikoli from Garnet Hill & had them personalized with their first names. The Backpack Jr. is the perfect size for them & when I ordered the lunchbox in the matching print was free! The backpacks themselves are the perfect size, all the kids carry back & forth from home/school are their lunches, school shoes & a folder. The backpacks & lunchpacks are on sale right now if you are still looking for a good-quality bag that isn't covered in Disney Princesses or cartoon characters. :)

For the first 3 weeks of school the kindergarten classes all had "COLOR DAYS" they participated in every day wearing the color of that specific day. Purple day was a bit tricky for Nikoli because he didn't have any purple at all so he wore some dark purple socks. haha! 

 Such a little diva! I have never taught her to pose or anything! It's all just Lilliana. :)

I'm officially addicted to this sushi from Fred Meyer. The kids & I biked to the store on Friday's this summer to shop & then we would all choose something from the deli for lunch. Then it was a 3 mile bike ride home. :)

Of all the bike rides we did this summer I only have a couple of snapshots. :( I really need to get better at taking pictures when we are out & about. 

I took this picture of Lilliana while riding my bike & she was behind me. She is such a stylish little person all of the time. 

I posted this photo of myself on Instagram last week, as I have officially transitioned into wearing fall makeup. If you'd like to follow me on Instagram my username is: alaskalove12 

I will try to do more life lately posts on a regular basis so that they aren't as long as this one. Aside from a couple of adventures you guys are now completely caught up on our life lately! 

love from alaska,