Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fortune Cookie Soap, Fall Soap Box Review

I was introduced to Fortune Cookie Soap through my Eco-Emi box. I received a sample of their Whipped Pistachio Body Butter & became quite intrigued with the brand. So I found them on Facebook, discovered they had a quarterly subscription box & of course I signed myself up for the next available one! Subscription boxes aside, check out their Magic is Coming Collection & this adorable bath bomb set!
The Fall Soap Box did not disappoint either! It contained some amazingly perfect for fall scents & creative twists on some bath classics....(I did do an unboxing over on my YouTube channel, check it out here if you want to watch!)

 Pick of the Patch Personal Space Odor Neutralizer 
I have become obsessed with smelling this stuff! I currently keep it at my desk in the living room & spray it whenever I feel myself wishing for the heart of fall. It smells like a Pumpkin Spice Latte without the coffee! 

<Insert Cookie Cutter Name Here> Bath Oil
After I did my unboxing I realized that I had no idea how to use this bath oil! I went to Fortune Cookie Soap's site & found their "DON'T Drink Me Bath Oil" & discovered that you can just add the oil directly to the bath water. I'm saving this for a long, luxurious of the benefits of having a jacuzzi style-jet tub is that you can always find an excuse to take a lovely bath complete with a bath oil that smells like cookies & baked vanilla. Can't wait to try this out!!!

You're Insecure Donut What For #fall Milk Bath
When I opened my box it was obvious that something had broken open, there was white powder everywhere. Luckily all that it was, was this Milk Bath & not all of the sample spilled out. :) The whole box smelled like this cinnamon sugar donut! Like the bath oil I can't wait to take a long, long bath & enjoy this!

I Yam What I Yam, Said the Marshmallow Whipped Cream 
Since my search for more Fortune Cookie Soap products started with a whipped body butter sample, I was thrilled to see another fall themed one in this box! It smells like a delicious, spiced marshmallow that rolled in a pile of freshly baked yams, such a deep & rounded out scent in a little tiny jar. Currently I've been loving using it on my hands & it is wonderful! A lot of lotions leave behind an oily residue that makes using your hands nearly impossible after you've applied lotion & this whipped cream doesn't cause that annoying-frustrating oily-hands issue. :)

Leeeaaf Piiiile!!! Bath Fizzy
I swear Fortune Cookie Soap just wanted me to go take a bath when they sent this box! All of the bath products smell so wonderful & I have been resisting some seriously strong urges to use them so that I could get photos for all of you! haha! This fizzy is scented with notes of apples & acorns, the scents are so well blended...first it smells like apples & then there is a deeper undone of acorns. Seriously, I will be taking a bath within the next 24 hours. 

Cranberry+Apple=FTW Wax Tart
I totally thought that this was soap when I did my unboxing! I was even more excited about it when I read my info card & found out that it was actually a wax tart! I'm a huge Scentsy addict & I haven't ordered any fall scents yet, this has totally kicked off my need for fall/pumpkin/leaves scented everything! I haven't melted this tart yet because I'm saving it for when company comes over! haha! 

Autumn Daze Fortune Cookie Soap
How cute is this soap?! I love that it is shaped like a fortune cookie but it smells like a pecan-apple pie hybrid. Plus the little maple leaves that are used in the mold are just so adorable! I have bars & bars of soap that I need to use, but I think this one will be the next one I just have to use! :) 

Indian Summer OCD Handsanitizer 
We have been using handsanitizer like crazy since the twins went to school, I'm just so paranoid & for us when one kid gets really sick ALL of the kids end up really sick. Last winter we had a 2 month flu cycle that went from kid-to-kid-to-kid-to me-to Justin & back around about 4 times, it was awful. This year I've made sure everyone is taking their daily vitamins, drinking plenty of fluids & washing hands like crazy! Now...I took a few Microbology classes & so I know that handsanitizer doesn't actually work as well as most people think it does, but in the defense of another evil flu cycle I will try anything! Plus the kids go through phases where using hand sanitizer is better than some blueberry, woods & musk scented gel is better than nothing! :) 

How great was this Fortune Cookie Soap-Fall Soap Box??!! It has left me totally thrilled for baths, fall & pumpkin scented everything! haha. Unfortunately you can no longer subscribe & receive this box. Don't be too sad, you can sign up for the Nightmare Before Christmas Themed Winter Soap Box until subscriptions are full & they will begin shipping on November 15th!!!
To Subscribe Click HERE!

I hope you are all enjoying the transition into fall as much as I have been! Until next time...

Love From Alaska,