Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eco-Emi for September

Oh Eco-Emi, the wonderful monthly subscription box service where everything is natural, organic & lovely. I adored Eco-Emi for so long but my last few boxes have not only been filled with re-peat brands but re-peat products from the same brands. The September box was quite underwhelming for me & I don't know if I will actually get a lot of use from some of the products. Want to see? Here we go...

This is the product I'm most excited about from this box, as I know it will get used right away. Currently we use a Keurig single cup style coffee brew system but due to the amount of whole bean coffee we have left over from the summer (we keep a traditional coffee pot, as well as a French Press in our trailer) we are going to switch to our old 12 cup coffee pot until we've used up every single coffee bean.  This particular coffee is shade grown on the Northeast slopes of the Andes Mountains & is perfect for the always needed afternoon perk up.

I had another flavor of this VITACARE gum in an Eco-Emi box over the summer. I actually thought I had lost it until last week when I found it in the bottom of a bag I hadn't used in months. This gum has great flavor at first & then basically ends with the same flavor & texture as Juicy Fruit=flavorless & hard to chew. I also don't think the last package whitened my teeth at all, probably because I chewed 5 pieces & then lost it. Whoops.

I have tried every kind of natural deodorant I've ever been sent & none of it works for me. I'm also obsessed with smelling clean & like a fruity little flower with sparkles, so anything that lets even a hint of BO peak through is rubbish for me. I will try this stuff out, but I already know that it's not going to work & will end up being left to collect dust with all of the other natural deodorant rejects. 

This salve is perfect for small scrapes, cuts, sun burns, diaper rash (not sure if it is cloth diaper friendly), & chapped skin/lips. So far I have only used this on my lips & it has a nice consistency & is pretty much odorless. I will probably drop this in the mini-mommy-kid-emergency-break-down-kit that is in my purse as it will come in handy for all sorts of things we might/will encounter. :)

I would of been totally thrilled about receiving this iced tea if it was the peak of summer & I hadn't already gotten a case in my POPSUGAR. I just feel like iced tea is really out of place in a fall themed box. I do drink iced tea year round but I would of preferred something more fall inspired in place of this for September. 

I have mild-moderate obsession with cleansing towelette's, seriously don't look under my bathroom sink. I'm really pleased that this one is made with blend of tea tree oil, lavender & orange extracts that will not only help cleanse but also soothe your skin. I haven't tried this wipe yet but I have a feeling that these particular variety of cleansing wipes will be perfect for camping & other Alaskan adventures. 

Fall & winter are when I use my exfoliating products the most as dry skin is a constant battle. This scrub is beautifully basic when it comes to ingredients, organic sugars, honey, vanilla extract & some oils are the only things that are in this little jar. According to the info card it is supposed to be a facial exfoliator but the grit is just too intense to use on my face so I will keep it in the shower instead.

I have so many lip glosses from my Eco-Emi boxes & I would be thrilled about each of them if they didn't all have a weird scent or flavor to them. This shade is going to be great for fall, but first I have to get past the oddly sweet scent that it is made with. 

Apologies for the blurriness of this one photo...but this shade is beautiful for the fall season & it has a quite a lot of shimmer too it, which is never a bad thing in a gloss in my opinion. :) 

While I do like the idea of sending a foundation sample trio so that people can find a better match for their skin tone, all 3 of these are misses for me.
The lightest shade Neutral No.00 is way too light for me & when I blend it with the middle shade  Cool No. 30 it becomes too cool toned for my skin. Of course the bottom shade, Warm No. 50 is way too dark for me. All in all I won't be able to get much use out of this trio as the shades are all too light or dark for me. 

Well...there was the Eco-Emi box for September. After receiving this box & thinking for a while I chose to cancel my subscription. While I'm not completely opposed to signing up again in the future, I just have enough of these same samples to last me for a while. I do think Eco-Emi is a great option for trying out some organic & natural beauty/lifestyle products so if you are interested in trying them out the subscription is $15 a month & you can sign up here!

love from alaska,


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