Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Eco-Emi August 2013

Has summer really come & gone already??? I can't believe that it is Labor Day & that summer subscription boxes have come to an end. Boo! It was such a great summer & there were so many products that I received in boxes this summer that are now must haves in my life. I was really feeling like I wasn't ready for summer to end & then my Eco-Emi August Box arrived & I felt like I had a few more moments of summer to enjoy! :)

 How adorable is this packaging? I love the little chevron striped paper bag & I can't complain about the yellow + minty blue combo either!

I haven't tried this lotion yet, as I like to keep this types of foil samples in our travel trailer just in case I forget to pack's happened a few times & these little samples have saved us! :) This lotion is supposed to repair, rejuvenate, hydrate, moisturize & soften skin. I don't know that I would spend $21 on 8oz of lotion, but is nice to be able to try it out. 

I really wish I had gotten a bigger sample of this, as I have been wanting to try out body oils for fall. This is an anti-aging body oil that is infused with organically grown coffee extract & vanilla essential oils. 

When I first saw this soap in my box I just assumed that it was a handsoap, then I read the Eco-Emi info card & found out that it was actually face-soap. My skin has been really out of sorts lately so I have been trying to only use the basics when it comes to cleansing & moisturizing. I think the Yellow Clay in this soap will really help my skin get back on track as well.

Eat Green Tea Edible Green Tea ($25 for 100 Grams)
I'm a huge green tea fan, but lately I have just felt a little "tea-ed" out. I'm hoping that having it in a different form like this will really rejuvenate my love of green tea! Plus I had no idea that eating the green tea leaves contains 10,000 times more powerful antioxidants than the actual tea form does.

Artisana Raw Organic Walnut Butter (8oz $11.33)
Packets of various kinds of nut butters bring so much happiness to my life. I keep a stash of little snacks in my purse for the kids & lately we have been loving Justin's Maple Almond Butter , so it will be nice to have a little variety with a totally different flavor! I buy the Justin's brand at Target & I will have to start keeping an eye out for Artisana too.

Home Free Treat Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies ($12.49 for 18)
I have a little confession to make...I opened my Eco-Emi late at night while watching a movie with Justin & I totally ate the entire bag before taking a picture of it! The cookies were sooooo good & the perfect late night snack for me (I was PMS-ing alright), & I really wish I could find them at a store locally because I would love to pack them in the twins school lunches & have them as snacks for Littlest Leader & I.

Bakers Confections Wooden Spoons ($12.49 for 18, pick your color)
How cute are these spoons?! I don't even want to take them out of the package or use them. I would love to let the kids use them, but I need another spoon or someone is going to get left out. :( I will keep Bakers Confections products in mind for holidays & future parties because all of their stuff is so stinkin adorable!

Gourmet Body Treats Natural Eye Shadow in Gun Metal Gray (.23oz $18.99)
I totally thought that this was the most pathetic sized eyeshadow sample ever & then I just went a head & swatched it....

Holy wow! This shadow is super pigmented with a hint of shimmer & I think it is going to be fantastic for fall. I've always been a fan of grey shadows for my blue eyes & I really hope that this one has some lasting power & its as beautiful on as it when it's swatched.

Coco LacQuer Tiffany Color Nail Polish ($6.00)
When I moved into my very first apartment the first thing I did was paint my bedroom Tiffany Blue & cream, it looked just like this nail polish! I was really excited to see this in my Eco-Emi & the next time I do my nails I think I will reach for this. It will help keep me from painting my nails too dark before fall actually sets in.

Well that is my August Eco-Emi! I'm really excited to see what the fall boxes have, Eco-Emi always surprises me with their fall boxes & all of the amazing products they send each month.  If you are interested in your own box of natural-wonderful goodies, click here to sign up. Subsriptions are $15 a month. :)