Saturday, September 28, 2013

Birchbox:September 2013

I spend way too much of my time tracking my Birchbox each month & still it never shows up on the projected shipping date. Often it arrives a week before it or 3 days after. I blame Kent, WA whatever goes on in that post office is really baffling to me. Why? Why? Why do all of my subsciption boxes get held captive there for at least a week, sometimes two!! Shipping rant aside, I really do love everything in my Birchbox this month... 

I was never sent the Beauty Protector de-tangling spray that a bunch of people have raved about, which made me really happy to see this pair in my Birchbox for September. They are new to the Beauty Protector product line, & the shampoo is sulfate free. Both of them smell amazing, but I can't see myself spending $44 on the full size pair, especially when the full sizes are only 8oz! My only minor issue with these samples is that Birchbox counted the pair as individual samples for my box. If you're going to send subscribers samples of shampoo the pair should count as one, not two. 

This might be the most expensive foil packet I've ever gotten my hands on. According to Meradesso's site there are 16 botanical extracts, 7 minerals, over 20 different antioxidants & a complex of vitamins & enzymes that are sourced from all over the world in this little packet of moisturizer. I haven't tried it out yet, but secretly I'm wishing that my skin doesn't love it as much as I know it will, because $120 for 1.7oz just isn't going to happen! haha! I know I'm bringing up the price of full size products up, but it's just because I'm happy to have Birchbox sending me decent sized luxury brand samples again. :)  

I have to admit that when I heard EVERY subscriber was going to be getting a full size RUFFIAN lacquer this month I was thrilled! Out of all of the shades in the collection I really wanted either Fox Hunt or.... Hedge Fund. :) Somehow the luck of the subscription universe was on my side, at least when it came to RUFFIAN & Birchbox, but don't get me started on the Butter London let down that was IPSY this month. 

I picked up my Birchbox from our mail, opened it, then I painted over my chipped polish with Hedge Fund & began taking pictures for this post. I plan on giving myself a proper manicure sometime this weekend & I think I will save this RUFFIAN lacquer for mid-October.

Three tiny foil packets full of highly pigmented cream blush that is Vegan, paraben,mineral & formaldehyde free. I was really excited to try these out, especially the lightest shade Ashley, Ashley. Unfortunately for me the sample was empty. I will probably be able to wear the You Make Me Blush shade on my cheeks & After Hours on my lips.

I've been putting my IPSY & Birchbox up against each other in a battle of the beauty boxes each month & this month Birchbox was the winner for me. It's the first time Birchbox has beaten out IPSY in months. I'm happy to see Birchbox getting back on track with unique, fun samples that aren't all perfume or foil packets. :) IPSY still sent great products this month, they just didn't carry a huge WOW factor for me. If you'd like to see the review I did for IPSY click here & if you would like to sign up for Birchbox(subscriptions are $10 monthly) then click here! :)

love from alaska,