Monday, August 12, 2013

Nail Colour Lust-Fall 2013 Must Have Shades

I'm making my peace with the fact that fall is literally right around the corner. With the twins heading off to school in a little over a week & the weather officially turning chilly for the last 5 days I have started to embrace all things fall. It does mark the return of tall socks, boots, scarves, cozy hats & pumpkin flavored anything, so I'm actually pretty happy about it's arrival. I just wish we had a few extra weeks of summer-like weather in Alaska.
 Including everything I already mentioned fall means a change in nail polish shades. :) I have loved the neons & pastels of summer but there are so many shades in my collection that I keep looking at, longing to wear them but resist because a deep, dark, burgundy just isn't summer trend right. I've also allowed myself to online window shop from a few brands that I haven't ever tried I thought I would share my Nail Colour Lust List with all of you! :) 

This polish isn't a shade that is 100% right for fall but it is just so lovely I had to add it to my list. I have never tried anything from Deborah Lippmann, but I have heard great things about the polishes recently. I really wish I had splurged for this shade earlier this summer. I will just dream of it's seafoam splendor until I somehow find it on sale & wear all time during summer of 2014. 

butter London-Knackered $15
I have known about this polish for ages but I've never ordered it. I've wanted to check out some butter-London polishes in person before purchasing them, but since I haven't been able to do that I might just have to order a couple things this fall. This is a duochrome shade that is a twinkling oyster shade that has some glitter throughout. Again it's not quite perfect for fall but I would probably wear it all the time anyway.

I have quite an obsession with the anything involving the Wizard of Oz so when the collection for The Great & Powerful Oz movie came out I considered purchasing every shade in the collection. Then I checked out some swatches & detailed blog posts online & decided that the one shade that I really, really, wanted was this one. I haven't purchased it yet because I haven't been able to find it anywhere & there doesn't seem to be a major online retailer that will ship nail polish to Alaska. I love glitter year round but this one just seems totally appropriate for fall/winter.

When I think of a perfect polish to wear in October during the heart of the fall season this aubergine shade is it! Now that I have looked at it about 50 times in the last couple of months I will probably purchase it or try to find something totally similar before the pumpkin lattes hit Starbucks. Which is probably next week right??
This is an old favorite of mine. Unfortunately the last bottle I had experienced an unfortunate incident with TSA & spilled all over one of my suitcases. :( Believe me it was a nail polish spill induced breakdown when I arrived at my hotel, which ironically enough was in Chicago (this shade was a part of OPI's Chicago Collection).  Can I just say that it is really frustrating when TSA randomly inspects your bag & they DO NOT PUT THINGS BACK where they were originally packed?!! (Que Mike from Monsters Inc. singing "put that thing back where it came from, or so HELP ME!") This bottle was packed in a plastic travel pouch in the middle of my bag & when I opened my bag again it was shoved into a zipper pouch inside of the suitcase, luckily it only spilled all over the one compartment. Obviously from this mini rant I'm still very upset over the loss of this nail polish, this happened 2 years ago guys! haha. :)

This is a classic red shade & somehow I'm missing a vibrant red like this in my collection. While red is a shade that can be worn anytime I really want to wear red this fall. Plus I can combine the red polish with a red lip & winged eyeliner for a totally chic, classic look. Zoya polishes are all 5-Free & made without any harmful toxins or chemicals so I really like purchasing their polishes & do so pretty often. 

essie-wicked $8 
This is an award winning shade by essie that is a deep, dark, sinister, red & as you can see I'm absolutely obsessed with really dark shades for fall. Somehow I haven't added this one to my collection & essie is one of my all time favorite nail polish brands. Fred Meyer, Target, this better be in stock ASAP! 

Ok, I really like the name of this polish. But the shade is totally wonderful for fall & winter. It is a deep, mulberry red that I would wear at holiday parties all season long, with a gold glittered accent nail. See....fall is the best season ever!

Speaking of a perfect gold polish? This super sparkly, glitter fantastic gold shade by ORLY is a total MUST HAVE for me this fall. It will be great going into the winter & really a girl can never have too many super glittery polishes can she???

When it comes to a lust list...products that are only available in the UK are really truly lust-able. I have heard so many great things about the Gelly-Shine polishes by various youtubers that I feel obsessed with just wanting the polish. I really want a vibrant orange shade for fall & the fact that this one is named Satsuma makes it even more perfect. Now, would someone like to fly overseas & pick it up for me? ;) Thank you! 

nails inc Edinburgh Feathers (UK Only)
I have tried out quite a few different textured polishes & polishes with different finishes. From crackle top coats to sand finishes...but feathers? Yeah when I heard about the feather finish looking effect by nails inc I was totally ready to get my hands on a shade or two! When it comes to something that I feel is great for fall this Edinburgh shade is wonderful! It is a combination of pale blue & peach colors that look so unique together. 

Well...there is my Nail Colour Lust List for Fall 2013. I'm sure I will add some more shades to this list before my first sip of a Pumpkin Latte, but for now I'm going to say this is the perfect collection for me this fall. What shades are all of you lusting after? I know it seems totally early for a fall inspired list but when in Alaska...

as always,