Saturday, August 17, 2013

Let's Review:POPSUGAR Monthly Must Have Box-August 2013

This week has been the week of subscription box arrivals, first ipsy, then Love With Food & my POPSUGAR show up together yesterday. Really makes me wonder where my birchbox has gone?? I was so excited for this POPSUGAR box to get here & then once I opened it I was over the moon with all of the contents. 


First I want to talk about the packaging for this month, I was really expecting something exciting & new since it was the 1 year anniversary of POPSUGAR. Unfortunately, POPSUGAR didn't do anything with their packaging & it was the usual pink tissue paper & white box.
Ok now the Bentgo! I was so fricken excited when I saw this in my box! I have been looking for a bento box for myself for a while now & I'm so glad that I now have this one. Although I personally wish I had gotten the pinkish-purple one, I'm just really happy that I didn't get the grey one. 

I welcome bath & shower products into my life like most women want flowers by the 4th date. Seriously, I have an addiction & it is surrounding my bathtub & underneath every bathroom sink in my home. So this Magnolia Fig scented body wash is very much welcome in my next shower. 

I'm a total list writing junkie. I make lists for everything from groceries to blog ideas. I've actually been searching for some smaller, well made notebooks for a while now & this teal chevron striped book is perfect for me! I really like the inside layout of this book as well, it is your basic weekly planner but it is designed for you to be able to write in the "week of" for yourself. I think this will be great for me to utilize during the upcoming school year for events at the twins school & things involving their activities. I will be checking out all of the other May Design products to find some other notebooks for myself too.

I really, really, really wish that this bowl was shaped like something else or in another color. I've wanted to like it for the last couple of days, but we just aren't working out together. ;) I think I will keep it for the twins to give to their teacher around the holidays. I'm just not an apple girl. Probably because my maiden name was pronounced "peach" & I'm just a little loyal to my former namesake fruit. This bowl is really well made & is safe for hot & cold foods, so it really is an amazing addition to a home where apples are the bees knees. (For the price shown with this bowl...I had to kind of guess what it would be, all of the other bowls of this sort of style range from low to high pricing so I put this one in the middle range at $45, it is shown as a part of a box of apple themed items in the Apple Collection though! )

I feel like I'm staying on top of my skin care & hitting all of the important steps...then I get a precleanse & it throws my entire skin care game totally off. This Dermalogica precleanse is an oil-based, water-soluble (could you imagine if it wasn't?!), cleanser that is supposed to remove all oil-based debris & pollutants. It is also formulated with plant oils so it isn't supposed to clog your skin. After the precleanse, comes the Special Cleansing Gel. The Special Cleansing Gel is a soap-free, foaming cleanser that is a gentle but thorough cleanser for your skin. I will give these a try just because I really want to see if a precleanse makes a difference for my skin.

Naturebox Granny Smith Apples($4.00)
POPSUGAR teamed up with Naturebox to include this healthy, little snack. I have been considering subscribing to Naturebox for a while & now after trying these I think I will have to give it a go! 

When POPSUGAR subscribers were sent an email featuring this necklace as the upcoming anniversary gift I thought that it was going to be a longer necklace. Upon receiving it I learned it is actually on quite a short chain, honestly I will probably order a chain extender from Stella & Dot so that I can wear it more comfortably. This is the only thing in the box that was for the 1 year anniversary, I really would of liked to see a little more WOW factor from the box & this necklace. I will get a lot of wear out of it though as it is a simple piece that goes well with many other things in my collection. 

Okay guys there is everything for the August 2013 POPSUGAR Monthly Must Have Box-1st Anniversary Edition. The subscription itself is $35 monthly & the items in this August box totaled $176.74 which is 5X the monthly subscription cost!!! I really did like this box a lot & there are products that I have already fallen in love with so if you are interested in your own POPSUGAR Monthly Must Have Box, check it out here!


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