Monday, August 12, 2013

Let's Review....Julep Maven for August, Boho Glam Box

I'm officially the worst lately at keeping up on a consistent blog schedule! The twins are off to kindergarten next week so I have been trying to spend as much time with them as possible before the reality that they aren't going to be hanging out at home with me 24/7 anymore really hits. :( They are extremely excited to be going to school & already have major plans for what they think they will be doing. Who knows maybe with only having the Littlest Leader at home during the day I will actually establish & maintain a blogging schedule?! :) 
Anyway....the first of my August Subscription boxes arrived about a week ago & now I'm finally reviewing it for you! YAY! In case you missed it in the title it is the August Julep Maven-Boho Glam Box. :) Julep ships out their monthly boxes on the 27th of the month before the month it is for (does that make sense?). Due to their shipping it's always the last box to arrive in a month but technically it's the first for the following month! Not even going to tell you how many months it took me to catch onto the schedule. haha!

This month the boxes were a bright fuschia-pink color instead of the usual matte black. 

Seriously how gorgeous is the mint & fuchsia combo for this month? I don't know if the colored boxes are here for months to come, but I wouldn't mind it if they were. :) Upon opening the box I found out that it was the 2nd Anniversary for Maven. Yay! Julep Maven Happy-2nd-Subscription-Box-Birthday!! Hooray! :)

All of the pretty little things for the August theme-Garden Party. I have to say that this Julep Maven is the prettiest subscription box I've ever received. I still have everything in the box, I just don't want to split it all up & break apart the beauty. This month Julep did away with the info cards which made me smile. :) 

I'm happy that Julep did away with the info cards but I'm really glad that they kept the little quote cards. I adore this quote & hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers so this little beauty is going to be on display for months to come. 

The extra for this month were Forget-Me-Knot seeds. Forget-Me-Knots are the Alaskan State flower so I was really excited to see these. I probably won't plant them anytime soon since our summer is coming to a rapid end, but I will hold onto them until next spring & hopefully they will still grow then. 

Doublestep Foot Treatment and Friction Stick
I must admit that I'm obsessed with smelling this stuff! It has a sweet-minty scent to it that isn't obnoxious. There is something about minty-scented things that seem really over-powering & strong to me, usually I don't like them all that much but this one smells really nice.

It has a twist up-stick function, which is a nice quality for something that you're going to put on your feet. I really don't like feet, even my own so the less I have to directly touch them the better! I'm a freak, I know! :) When it comes to being moisturizing for your feet, this stick is packed with shea-butter that is infused with vitamin E to nourish & chili pepper oil to stimulate circulation. I will probably get a lot of use out of this during the winter when wearing boots is a 24/7 wardrobe must. Especially when we are out snowmachining or anything that requires me to be in boots for hours on end....I usually end up with blisters so I will really put this stuff to the test to see if it does stomp them out!

 Pretty Garden Party Polishes! 
I selected the Boho Glam profile for August so the two shades that I recieved are Francis & Lois. There are 6 different style profiles to choose from & you have from the 20th-24th of each month to select the profile you would like, if you don't select by the 24th the box will ship out (usually by the 27th), with your style profile from the previous month. I usually change mine every 2 months or so just to try out something new. Plus you can skip a box & opt to send it to a friend as well! 

This shade is described as a celery-green-creme, which sums it up perfectly. I do not have a lot of green shades in my nail polish collection (my 96 count polish rack, is about 97% full!), so this one is totally unique to me & I will try to wear it before summer officially ends. It doesn't seem like a fall shade to me, so I will have to be sure to use it soon.

This polish is a dusty-rose frost that has a bit of shimmer to it. If I was going to attend a tea-party in a beautiful rose garden this would be the perfect polish! With the twins going to school the Littlest Leader & I are going to have plenty of time for dress up...I see an imaginary garden-themed tea party in our future, complete with manicures.

Didn't this box make you wish you were having tea in a garden behind a castle somewhere? Or just attending a luncheon at Downton Abbey?? No...just me? Oh well, I can day dream can't I? :) 
Julep Maven is $19.99 a month & if you are interested in your very own you can sign up here.

Now I'm off to get caught up on housework-I spent the weekend watching lots of movies & being bummed out because of the rain & chilly temperatures. Alaskan Summers you are just too short for me. :(

as always,