Sunday, August 4, 2013

Let's Review...Eco-Emi Box July

Hey guys! 
I know that I have seriously been running behind on posts lately. We were in Seward, AK for most of the week & I debated over taking my computer to blog, then I decided to leave it behind & make the most of spending time with my family on our little camping trip. I have lots of photos & memories to share. :) 
I was sting about a week ago by a bunch of ground wasps while walking around the back acre of our property. :( There were about 12 stings on my calves/ankles/shins & 1 sting on my left elbow. I have had some pretty severe reactions to stings before but somehow by taking benydryl I didn't really experience anything major...until...this past Thursday. I ended up getting a huge, red, itchy, rash all around my sting sites & by yesterday I was miserable, they were bright red & hot to the touch. So I made the decision to go to Urgent Care & got a prescription to help with the allergic reaction that I was experiencing. It looks like everything is starting to clear up today but underneath all of that redness are really dark, huge bruises. :( My advice??? Stay the hell away from anything that stings! So rambling aside, I have been busy & itchy so that is why my posts have been missing lately. Apologies, apologies, & at last more apologies. Now, onto what you have all been waiting for....Eco-Emi Box July Review!!!

Endless Summer Spa-July Eco-Emi
The theme for this month was Endless Summer Spa,  & all of the products featured are eco-friendly solutions to the stresses of life. "Life can be hectic and sometimes we need to stop; breathe, relax and pamper ourselves." There are a combination of products from new companies as well as some of the Eco-Emi favorite brands. Let's take a look at each product up close!

I have never used a scrub in a powder form that combines with a liquid (coconut milk, honey, yogurt or water), to make a masque that you scrub off. At first I was really confused about this product and how to use it, but after reading the bottle, my Eco-Emi card, & the French Girl Etsy post I think I have it pretty much figured out. The powder is composed of vegan-friendly materials, like Rose, Hibiscus, Steel Cut Oats & Patchouli Leaf. I'm really excited to try this out because it is a really new-to-me type of scrub. :) 

I'm never disappointed by a good bath soak! Lately things have seemed more & more stressful & I find myself really needing to take some healthy doses of "me" time to sort my thoughts & plan things out. One of my favorite ways to do so is by taking a long luxurious bath, thank you to Justin's Grandparents for adding a wonderful jet bath tub to the master bathroom, it has saved my sanity on numerous occasions. :) The scent I recieved is Stress Soak & it is scented with Lavender & Ylang Ylang, while I'm not a huge fan of lavender it is well balanced with the ylang ylang & I look forward to relieving some stress in the bath tub soon.

When it comes to lip scrubs I'm really, really, really, loyal to LUSH. Their Sweet Lips (which I just checked & it is no longer on their site! boo!), is my all time favorite, I really like the LUSH scrubs because they are really gritty & do a great job at exfoliating every bit of dry dead skin off of the lips. This Eartha Essentials lip scrub has a rather odd consistency to me. When it comes to a scrub I expect things to be gritty & coarse like the LUSH lip scrubs are, this Lemon Lip Scrub has a very smooth, oily texture & no grit at all. I have tried it on my lips & it is very, very mosturizing;probably due to the Mango Butter, Coconut Oil & Beewax that the scrub is made of. I have to say it smells just like a lemon meringue pie to me & while I can't tell if it is actually exfoliating my lips it has worked very nicely as a mosturizer. Who knows, with Sweet Lips disappearing from LUSH I might have to check out the Earth Essentials Lip Scrubs in Coconut Lime & Coconut!

This stuff is sooooo refreshing! It is lightly scented with a citrus bouquet & mandarin spice, it is very delicate but lasts for a really long time. I have worn it a couple of times since I got my Eco-Emi & the kids tell me that I smell like oranges & sunshine, so I figure that means it a good fragrance choice. :) You can actually purchase this 1oz size from Aubrey for $2.79 so if it is a scent you are interested in checking out you won't even have to spend $5!

This serum is supposed to undo the damage caused by the sun each day. You guys know that I'm not a regular sun-screen wearer so having a serum that may help reverse the sun damage isn't a bad idea. It is supposed to build & defend collagen, firm skin, lessen wrinkles, & decrease environmental damage & discoloration. I don't think I will purchase a full size because it is $48.99 & really the product itself smells well...stinky. I just can't spend a ton of money on a product that doesn't smell nice to me because that means I probably won't use it, I just can't put stinky things on my face! :)

This is my favorite product from this month, it is really creamy-smooth hydrating body butter. It is scented with Meyer Lemon & a hint of mint, it is really great smell for summer & I'm tempted to purchase a body butter from Fortune Cookie Soap soon. Also, the Fortune Cookie Soap website is AMAZING!!! I have been checking out so, so many of their products & I have a list building of things that I want to try in the future. That is one of my favorite things about subscription products;finding new brands to fall in love with. I seriously want 1 of everything from their Magic Is Coming Line.... especially the Fairy Dust Bath Salts, Captain Hook Solid Bubble Bath, & Enchanted Apple Bath Bomb.

This tea is a part of Tea Forte's Skin Smart tea line that is designed to work with your body's chemistry to help protect your skin from within. All of the teas in the Skin Smart line are intended to promote a more youthful experience and a feeling of well-being. Well, another tea to add to my stash that I can't seem to make a dent in. :) I have "drink more tea" on my monthly to do list & bit by bit I'm starting to enjoy it more & more. 

There is a little girl in my life who was very excited to see this sleep mask. Purple is not my color of choice but it certainly is hers....I can't sleep with a sleep mask, but the girls have become rather obsessed with them over the summer time. The light shines into their room quite a lot in the summer time & now they both have lovely sleep masks to keep the light out & the sweet dreams in! :) 

Well there was the July Eco-Emi box! All in all I think the box was pretty fantastic & I will get use our of each of the products. Plus I'm really excited about finding Fortune Cookie Soap!!!

If you are interested in your own Eco-Emi box they are $15 a month & you can subscribe here!

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