Saturday, August 17, 2013

Let's Review....August LOVE WITH FOOD Box.

Hey guys! 
This weekend started off with chasing our dog around the neighborhood for two hours. The kids have been taking her outside in the morning & she has been behaving, letting them walk her around without pulling on her leash or running off....until today. Our neighbors even hopping in their car & tried to track her down because she was heading towards a highway. She was a rescue dog & running off is one of the bad habits she still has, although she always comes back & will even run through parts of our yard on her way to some other poor neighbors yard, I spend each moment she is out of sight with a lot of anxiety. People drive way too fast on our road & I'm always worried someone is going to hit her. This time everything was okay & she is safe & sound at home now. :) 
Anyway...when I checked the mail last night I was not expecting any of my subscription boxes for August to be there. But...SURPRISE!! My POPSUGAR & Love With Food were both nestled inside the mail box. :) 

This is my first ever Love with Food Box, I really had no idea what to expect...all I can say now that I have opened the box & tasted some of the treats that were inside...Love With Food is AMAZING! Do you want to see what was in the August box? I know you do. ;) 

The box! It arrived inside of a priority mailer-sleeve thing & it is relatively small. When I first picked it up I didn't think there would be more than 4 small food samples inside...well I was wrong! You'll see how wrong soon....

Inside the box. Because it is my very first month receiving this box I wanted to show all of you what the inside as well. A huge reason I decided to subscribe to Love With Food is because for each box purchased, they donate a meal to a person in need. You can check out where meals have been donated here. When I last saw 100,420 meals had been donated. :) 

The information card. Isn't it adorable? This month's theme is Backyard BBQ. :) 
"Barbeque season has arrived, and it's time to fire up the coals! With enough treats to help you chill while you grill, you can also wear a big smile since you donate a meal to a hungry child in America." I really, really like that a meal is donated to a kid in the US, so often I feel we are very focused on all of the bad in the world-far away, when there are hungry kids right here in our own country. I just wish there was a way to help everyone all at once. 

The dizzy pig site recommends using this on pork butt, ribs, burgers, pork chops, & chicken. I'm sure I will find a meal to use this in soon, as I'm planning a 30 Day Meal Plan for our family starting next week, so this will help out with that. I'm quite happy that it is made without MSG, my Dad is allergic to MSG so I will have to tell him to check out all the Dizzy Pig seasonings. :) 
You can get 15% off of your Dizzy Pig order with LOVE15. 

These little chips were part of the reason I took the photos of the photos for this post at 11PM. Forgive me for the shadows & crappy lighting, I just really wanted a midnight snack & these were calling my name. Sea salt is one of my favorite chip flavors & these are made without GMOs, & they are organic, gluten free, & baked. All in all not too bad for a potato chip. I fell asleep before I could even snack on them, but I'm sure I will find some time to snack on them soon.

When I saw this salsa in the box I thought it looked really familiar, it wasn't until I checked out the El Pinto site that I recognized the jars & realized that we used to eat this salsa all the time! Currently we have been fans of the fresh cut salsa in the refrigerated section so this will be nice to remind us why we enjoyed El Pinto salsas so much before.

This little tasty morsel did make it into my pre-midnight snack last night. Although I was expecting something quite different it was really yummy. I love pralines so much & I had no idea about Aunt Sally's, if you are interested in the history of the praline in New Orleans & how Aunt Sally's came to be click here.

This was the one thing I was most excited about in this box. I have an addiction to caramel anything...then when I flipped this over & saw that it was meant to be warmed by setting it on top of your coffee I was hooked. If I could start my morning off every day with one of these, I think I could actually become a morning person. 

You guys...I hate peas. They are the only fruit or vegetable that makes me cringe & I was vegetarian for over a decade. Usually I dislike them because they are mushy & I can't stand the texture. Well...I just tried one of these & ew, ew, ew. I don't think the product itself is bad, but because they taste just like peas I was gagging the entire time I was trying to chew it. Beautiful image right? go for me, I will see if the kids like them. Since they seem to be available at most popular grocery stores I could purchase some for the kids lunches, as long as I never have to smell them. Seriously peas...guh!

I was thrilled to see another Project 7 box in another one of my subscription boxes. The Quench Winter Green Mints were in my POPSUGAR box one month. As with the Quench mints I've already finished these in under a day...I think I like the Wintergreen better (I usually prefer Wintergreen), better than these, but a fruit tree is planted for every tube in this flavor that is purchased, so I'm happy I got the Save version this time around. :) Check out Project 7 if you haven't already, all of their products are so amazing & the entire concept is totally brilliant. 

I can't wait to try these out on a salad. Lately my fave salad has been a mix of arugula, spinach, mixed baby greens with green apple, tomato's, pepporcini's, crasins, & Newman's Own Sesame Ginger-Dressing. This little packet of cranberries, sesame seeds & almonds will go really well with my salad & they are drizzled with orange blossom honey & toasted with vanilla bean. Yum!

There were also a couple of coupons included in the box, they didn't contain any referral links though. :( 

For my first Love With Food experience I really liked the box, the contents, theme & packaging. I was introduced to a lot of new products & even reminded of an old salsa favorite. If you are interested in your own box check it out here. I used the code "FBGIFT" for my subscription & only paid shipping which was $2!
Are any of you subscribers? What do you think of Love with Food?

as always,