Wednesday, August 21, 2013

30 Days of Beauty: Day 10!

I have made it into double digits with this challenge! Post 10 of 30. Woo! Woo! Let's just skip the part where I ramble on about how bad I am at these challenges & posting daily & check out what day 10 is all about!!

30 Day Beauty Blogger Challenge
Day 10-Current Style I Like.

For this post I thought it would only be appropriate to check out my trusty Pinterest Board;My Style for the current style that I've been into. Pinterest is such a source of inspiration for me, it's ridiculous how much time I spend organizing & sorting my pins, likes & boards. I have really been loving checking out the Women's Fashion pins lately & this is what I'm lusting after...

 I've full embraced fall fashion lately, I just really feel much more comfortable in fall pieces than I do summer clothes. Of course, no matter what the season I love sparkle-glitter & sparkle. For this fall I really adore neutral color pieces with bold aspects, I'm dying to find a tulle skirt for myself. I just love the look of a full, fun, skirt that is more about fashion than function. :) I also really like to be comfortable but still look well put together, which is where the jean jackets, vests & striped shirts come into play, with a little bit of styling something comfortable can be made so stylish & chic. 

What style have you been loving lately? Are any of you as obsessed with Pinterest as much as I have been lately (again). 

as always,