Thursday, August 22, 2013

30 Day Beauty Blogger Challenge:Day 11.

30 Days of Beauty:Day 11 Bag I Would Like to Have

In a world where money was not a factor & I also knew that I wouldn't ruin a bag due to my complete & total mess making lifestyle there is one bag that I would love to have. I've gone & checked it out at Nordstroms, looked at it online 5,000,000 times & I just can't justify the price tag. : ) But if I could I would have this bag...

With a $358 price tag this bag just isn't going to make it into my life that soon. Not to mention I need the bags in my life to combine function & fashion & while this bag is structured & could really be great if I went to work in an office or something everyday...I don't. So I will just keep online window shopping it. :) 
 What bag would you love to have? 

as always,