Tuesday, August 27, 2013

30 Day Beauty Blogger Challenge Day 12!

My Fashion-Style Icon

When it comes to fashion I have a really hard time choosing someone as my fashion-style icon, usually I look more at the actual pieces of clothing or accessories first & then pay attention to who is wearing them. I draw inspiration from so many places, pinterest, magazines, blogs, youtube, celebrities, ladies at the local Fred-Meyer, I mean I'm constantly drawing inspiration from any & everywhere. 

But I have been finding myself extremely obsessed with this one celebrities fashion & style for a couple of years now. I think her body has always looked amazing & she dresses fantastically no matter what the event. 


I just adore her. I love how outspoken & bold she is on KUWTK & of course her hair! If I can think of one celeb who really set the ombré trend on fire it was Khloé. I know everyone has a made a huge deal the last few months about her weight loss & she is constantly critiqued for her size, but seriously how amazing does she look all the time?! She is not only a fashion inspiration to me, but as I'm embarking on my own weight loss journey she is an immense source of motivation & inspiration for me.

That hair! I mean come on with the lion-mane already. Love it! 

Khloé's casual fashion is the most inspiring to me. I'm always looking for ways to make statements with my most basic pieces. While I don' really wear heels often, as they aren't practical for my life, this outfit inspired me to be on the look for super studded black flats or boots for fall 2013.

I could go on & on about Khloé & share hundreds of photos of her ridiculous fashion statements, but I have to put kids to bed & make them lunches for school tomorrow. :) If you are interested in being inspired by her just google her name + fashion or check out her own blog, here.

Who inspires your fashion choices? Is it a celebrity or someone you know?

as always,