Tuesday, August 27, 2013

30 Day Beauty Blogger Challenge Day 12!

My Fashion-Style Icon

When it comes to fashion I have a really hard time choosing someone as my fashion-style icon, usually I look more at the actual pieces of clothing or accessories first & then pay attention to who is wearing them. I draw inspiration from so many places, pinterest, magazines, blogs, youtube, celebrities, ladies at the local Fred-Meyer, I mean I'm constantly drawing inspiration from any & everywhere. 

But I have been finding myself extremely obsessed with this one celebrities fashion & style for a couple of years now. I think her body has always looked amazing & she dresses fantastically no matter what the event. 


I just adore her. I love how outspoken & bold she is on KUWTK & of course her hair! If I can think of one celeb who really set the ombré trend on fire it was Khloé. I know everyone has a made a huge deal the last few months about her weight loss & she is constantly critiqued for her size, but seriously how amazing does she look all the time?! She is not only a fashion inspiration to me, but as I'm embarking on my own weight loss journey she is an immense source of motivation & inspiration for me.

That hair! I mean come on with the lion-mane already. Love it! 

Khloé's casual fashion is the most inspiring to me. I'm always looking for ways to make statements with my most basic pieces. While I don' really wear heels often, as they aren't practical for my life, this outfit inspired me to be on the look for super studded black flats or boots for fall 2013.

I could go on & on about Khloé & share hundreds of photos of her ridiculous fashion statements, but I have to put kids to bed & make them lunches for school tomorrow. :) If you are interested in being inspired by her just google her name + fashion or check out her own blog, here.

Who inspires your fashion choices? Is it a celebrity or someone you know?

as always,

CONGRATULATIONS to Alicia of The Wild-Muse!!!! :)

The Alaska blogging network is relatively small & the Alaska beauty/fashion blogger is even tinier. So when someone within our little online world wins an amazing contest, some serious congratulating is in order!!! 

Alicia was the Grand Prize Winner of H&M's 50 States of Fashion contest! H&M announced it on their Facebook page today & Alicia shared it with all of her followers on instagram(how I found out), it is totally exciting & I"m so very thrilled for her! She's officially paving the way to show the lower 48 that those of us in AK can do & will do fashion! If you are looking for some serious inspiration for your own closet check out her blog the wild muse ! She has the most amazing handbag & shoe collection. 

If you haven't already please go give her some love & congratulations on her blog, she is such an inspiration to me & I just can't wait to see what happens next for her! 

Congratulations Alicia!! Hopefully we can meet in person someday & you will forgive me for being totally obsessed with your handbag collection & shoes. :)

Let's Review...Birchbox Finishing School-August 2013

Oh Birchbox. We have a serious on again-off again relationship. Last month we were totally on-again & then my August box arrived. Let's check out what was in the Finishing-School themed Birchbox for August 2013. 

Samples like this are my biggest problem with Birchbox. Tiny, foil samples with .04fl oz of product in them. How am I supposed to truly test out a product, especially a facial cleanser with .08fl oz??? Now I know that Birchbox is $10 a month including shipping, but I just can't get over crummy samples like this. I had never heard of Malin+Goetz before & I'm interested in some of their other products now but I just wish I had more of this to try. :( PS. Pill towels?! Yeah, check them! I want to get on a flight just to try them.

This is not the first set of eyeshadow samples that I've received from Coastal Scents but it is the first one that I actually like. All of the others that were sent in my subscription boxes seemed to be really chalky & lacking in pigmentation. All 4 of these are really pigmented & seem to be less chalky, I'm not sure if Coastal Scents did something different with the formulation for their collab with Birchbox, but I'm not complaining.

Swatches (From right to left)
Icelandic-Pretty pale lavender color-even though it looks blueish here!
Pink Silver- This is my favorite shade in the sample quad. It is a beautiful light rosy-gold pink color. 
Baby Pink-I'm always hesitant to put pink shades on my eyes for fear of looking sickly...but this shade is making me rethink it. 
Persian Pink-Brighter than the Baby Pink color, it actually is something I would like to wear as a blush.

Now, I couldn't find an eyeshadow palette on Coastal Scents site with a $34-$39 price tag, so I checkout the Birchbox site. There are two palettes Neutral Mirage & Metal Mania that are exclusive collabs for Birchbox from Coastal Scents. Check them out if you are a CS fan & like palettes with 84 different shades of shadow! :)

KMS California FREESHAPE Hot Flex Spray (1oz Sample, 6.8fl oz Full Size $19)
I'm a huge fan of KMS California products, the salon where I get my hair done here in Wasilla carries them & the dry shampoo is among my holy grail dry shampoos. Now, call me crazy but I have not stayed current with the pre-blow dry hair sprays. With this hair spray you are supposed to spray it into towel dried hair, then blow dry & style as usual. It is meant to extend the styling of your hair & help protect against breakage & damage with a medium hold. I haven't given this a try yet, but it might allow me to no longer need my Living Proof Style Extender & I would be okay with that. :)

I recieved the shade Dusk Till Dawn & when I first swatched it I really thought it was going to be way too dark of a shade for me to wear. Then I tried it on & while it is still a little dark for what I would call a "nude" lip it will probably work really well for fall & winter looks. 

Here it looks like it is a really brown-toned nude which is why I thought it was going to be way too dark for me.
On my is more sheer than it appeared when I swatched it & with the natural shade of my lip it doesn't appear as brown. I wouldn't wear it without foundation, blush & at least some mascara though as it did seem to stand out too much for me as a nude shade. 

This was the Life-Style Extra for this month. Seriously, two pieces of double sided tape? Usually I need 2 pieces of tape for each boob so I'm not sure what I will do with this. I'm sure it will come in handy at some point so I will just keep it in my Stella & Dot pouf in my purse until the need for it arises.

When it comes to Birchboxes this one was just sort of okay. Nothing in it really wow-ed me or had me excited to see what the next sample was. Then I compare it to my ipsy for August & I really just feel underwhelmed. The hairspray is probably my favorite product in the box & I will find a way to wear the ModelCo lipstick & Coastal Scents shadows, but the facial cleanser & double sided tape are just sort of boring. Now if you are interested in your own birchbox check it out here! After this review you might not want to sign up, but it is $10 a month & usually has some awesome samples. :) 

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

30 Day Beauty Blogger Challenge:Day 11.

30 Days of Beauty:Day 11 Bag I Would Like to Have

In a world where money was not a factor & I also knew that I wouldn't ruin a bag due to my complete & total mess making lifestyle there is one bag that I would love to have. I've gone & checked it out at Nordstroms, looked at it online 5,000,000 times & I just can't justify the price tag. : ) But if I could I would have this bag...

With a $358 price tag this bag just isn't going to make it into my life that soon. Not to mention I need the bags in my life to combine function & fashion & while this bag is structured & could really be great if I went to work in an office or something everyday...I don't. So I will just keep online window shopping it. :) 
 What bag would you love to have? 

as always,

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

30 Days of Beauty: Day 10!

I have made it into double digits with this challenge! Post 10 of 30. Woo! Woo! Let's just skip the part where I ramble on about how bad I am at these challenges & posting daily & check out what day 10 is all about!!

30 Day Beauty Blogger Challenge
Day 10-Current Style I Like.

For this post I thought it would only be appropriate to check out my trusty Pinterest Board;My Style for the current style that I've been into. Pinterest is such a source of inspiration for me, it's ridiculous how much time I spend organizing & sorting my pins, likes & boards. I have really been loving checking out the Women's Fashion pins lately & this is what I'm lusting after...

 I've full embraced fall fashion lately, I just really feel much more comfortable in fall pieces than I do summer clothes. Of course, no matter what the season I love sparkle-glitter & sparkle. For this fall I really adore neutral color pieces with bold aspects, I'm dying to find a tulle skirt for myself. I just love the look of a full, fun, skirt that is more about fashion than function. :) I also really like to be comfortable but still look well put together, which is where the jean jackets, vests & striped shirts come into play, with a little bit of styling something comfortable can be made so stylish & chic. 

What style have you been loving lately? Are any of you as obsessed with Pinterest as much as I have been lately (again). 

as always,

Monday, August 19, 2013

30 Days of Beauty-Day 9.

Well, it's official. I'm the worst at blogger challenges at this point. I'm on day 9 of a challenge that I should of posted day 30 of about 2 weeks ago. When I started the challenge I didn't realize how busy we were going to be with my dad coming to visit, the twins starting kindergarten & all of the other little things we've had going on between July-August. Well I'm not giving up & while that means my 30 day challenge has turned into something much longer & more random...I still want to finish it! So onto day 9!

Day 9 of the 30 Day Beauty Blogger Challenge:My Favorite Shoes

Please excuse my nail polish mess in this photo, I had a little help painting them from a 5 & 6 year old who haven't quite mastered the artistry of painting toenails yet. Also if it looks like my ankles are swollen-it's due to the 12 wasp stings I had the pleasure of receiving a couple of weeks ago. I ended up having a terrible allergic reaction & just this weekend my ankles have returned to normal. :)

Now, these have been among my favorite shoes for the last 2 summers. I got them at Target & they have held up really well. When it comes to shoes my favorite type are really any sort of flat sandals. I used to be a high heels every day kinda girl, then I moved to Alaska & fell in love with a man who is the exact same height as me, down to the very last inch. I'm just not his Nicole Kidman to my Tom Cruise, you know? So I've refined my shoe collection & it includes a lot of flat sandals for summer & tons of flats & flat heeled boots for fall & winter.
If you want to see my other favorite pair of sandals check out my last post about hiking the Bodenburg Butte here. Sadly it was their last trek as one of them broke on the way down. Still, I haven't been able to bring myself to get rid of them quite yet. 

Well guys that is all for this 30 Day Beauty Blogger post! If you want to refresh your memory with the other posts I did for this challenge just click along on the side bar on the right hand side of my blog. They are all labeled with 30 Days of Beauty in the title! :)

as always,

Hiking with Kids-The Bodenburg Butte. :)

Hey guys! Are you enjoying the last bits of summer? For some reason once August arrives I feel like summer is really coming to an end. Perhaps it's all of the Back to School gear in all of the stores or the rain that seems to surround the weeks of the Alaska State Fair. We have been making the most of all of the wonderful, warm summer weather we did have & last week with a good friend of mine the kids & hike up the Butte.
The Butte has two sides that are open for people to hike up. The West Side which is considered the "easy" side & the "hard" side. The kids have hiked the West Side with their grandparents before but I had never had a chance to get out there & hike myself. We ended up hiking the "hard" side & while it was a bit of a challenge I would recommend it to people with older children who do not need to be carried in a pack or a sling. If you are interested in hiking out the West Side of the Butte you can check it out here. The West side is better maintained & we probably should of taken it to the top, but hell we all survived & had lots of fun! 

 About 10 minutes into the hike we saw these beautiful horses. The horses got to see more of us than they probably would of liked when my camera, still in the case rolled under their fence & into their space. Luckily we were able to get it out with out any issues. Seriously I have the worst luck sometimes.

Lilliana & Nikoli. Beautiful headbands are optional for hikers, mine just insisted on wearing it the entire time. Nikoli is wearing his awesome AK Wild Salmon Tee.

All 3 of the kids climbing up the rocks. Now this is probably the trickiest part of the hike going up or down. We took our time & on the way down I was able to position myself to pick up the kids & set them down onto a lower point. 

On top of the Butte views. We started our hike around 7PM & made it to the top by 8PM. It was really overcast all day long so it was something magical when the sunlight broke through the clouds as we reached the peak.

My hiking dear friend Amanda who went on this hike with us thought I was absolutely nuts for wearing these sandals for a hike. I've always preferred to be in sandals or barefoot & these shoes have made it on many a hike with me. I know I'm not the only one who rocks some sandals for hiking, fellow Alaskan Whitney over at Life Alaskan Style recently shared a post where she too wore sandals on a hike & I was so exited to see that I wasn't the only one! I just do not like my feet too feel too constricted & with how totally flat my feet are most shoes end up making them hurt so much I would of been miserable the entire time. Unfortunately it was time for these sandals to say good bye as on of them had a strap break on our way down. :( I've had them for about 6 years! 

Trying to get a picture of all 3 of these little cuties jumping at the same time is harder than it looks. :) The 3rd on is one of my absolute favorite of them, I just adore the little twin moment Lilliana & Nikoli are having & Danielle looks as happy as she can be. She was in her own perfect element the whole trip, from her cow-girl boots, to horses & climbing a mountain. It was a wonderful evening hike for all of us. 

The silliest mountain climbers you have ever seen. 

Sisters. :) 

We took this photo about 5 minutes before we started out hike down. It is a camera self-timer failure! I had angled my camera too high & as a result all you can see are mine & Amanda's faces. The kids were actually sitting next to us, but you wouldn't know it from this photo! It was so funny when we were checking the photos out later that evening & saw this one. Sometimes you capture brilliant, beautiful moments & then sometimes you just get your round, sweaty face at the bottom of the frame. It really just looks like we are photo-bombing a picture of the mountains!

We had an amazing hike & it was certainly just what I needed at a time when my sense of fitness needed a bit of refreshing. I'm slowly but surely finding my way back to a lifestyle that has balance among the chaos & activity I need to get back in shape.
If you live in AK & are looking for a fun, shorter but challenging hike I highly recommend the Bodenburg Loop. We might make it out to take a hike on the other side sometime in the next couple of weeks, if we don't we will for sure be returning next summer for lots of memories & laughs. :)

as always,

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Let's Review:POPSUGAR Monthly Must Have Box-August 2013

This week has been the week of subscription box arrivals, first ipsy, then Love With Food & my POPSUGAR show up together yesterday. Really makes me wonder where my birchbox has gone?? I was so excited for this POPSUGAR box to get here & then once I opened it I was over the moon with all of the contents. 


First I want to talk about the packaging for this month, I was really expecting something exciting & new since it was the 1 year anniversary of POPSUGAR. Unfortunately, POPSUGAR didn't do anything with their packaging & it was the usual pink tissue paper & white box.
Ok now the Bentgo! I was so fricken excited when I saw this in my box! I have been looking for a bento box for myself for a while now & I'm so glad that I now have this one. Although I personally wish I had gotten the pinkish-purple one, I'm just really happy that I didn't get the grey one. 

I welcome bath & shower products into my life like most women want flowers by the 4th date. Seriously, I have an addiction & it is surrounding my bathtub & underneath every bathroom sink in my home. So this Magnolia Fig scented body wash is very much welcome in my next shower. 

I'm a total list writing junkie. I make lists for everything from groceries to blog ideas. I've actually been searching for some smaller, well made notebooks for a while now & this teal chevron striped book is perfect for me! I really like the inside layout of this book as well, it is your basic weekly planner but it is designed for you to be able to write in the "week of" for yourself. I think this will be great for me to utilize during the upcoming school year for events at the twins school & things involving their activities. I will be checking out all of the other May Design products to find some other notebooks for myself too.

I really, really, really wish that this bowl was shaped like something else or in another color. I've wanted to like it for the last couple of days, but we just aren't working out together. ;) I think I will keep it for the twins to give to their teacher around the holidays. I'm just not an apple girl. Probably because my maiden name was pronounced "peach" & I'm just a little loyal to my former namesake fruit. This bowl is really well made & is safe for hot & cold foods, so it really is an amazing addition to a home where apples are the bees knees. (For the price shown with this bowl...I had to kind of guess what it would be, all of the other bowls of this sort of style range from low to high pricing so I put this one in the middle range at $45, it is shown as a part of a box of apple themed items in the Apple Collection though! )

I feel like I'm staying on top of my skin care & hitting all of the important steps...then I get a precleanse & it throws my entire skin care game totally off. This Dermalogica precleanse is an oil-based, water-soluble (could you imagine if it wasn't?!), cleanser that is supposed to remove all oil-based debris & pollutants. It is also formulated with plant oils so it isn't supposed to clog your skin. After the precleanse, comes the Special Cleansing Gel. The Special Cleansing Gel is a soap-free, foaming cleanser that is a gentle but thorough cleanser for your skin. I will give these a try just because I really want to see if a precleanse makes a difference for my skin.

Naturebox Granny Smith Apples($4.00)
POPSUGAR teamed up with Naturebox to include this healthy, little snack. I have been considering subscribing to Naturebox for a while & now after trying these I think I will have to give it a go! 

When POPSUGAR subscribers were sent an email featuring this necklace as the upcoming anniversary gift I thought that it was going to be a longer necklace. Upon receiving it I learned it is actually on quite a short chain, honestly I will probably order a chain extender from Stella & Dot so that I can wear it more comfortably. This is the only thing in the box that was for the 1 year anniversary, I really would of liked to see a little more WOW factor from the box & this necklace. I will get a lot of wear out of it though as it is a simple piece that goes well with many other things in my collection. 

Okay guys there is everything for the August 2013 POPSUGAR Monthly Must Have Box-1st Anniversary Edition. The subscription itself is $35 monthly & the items in this August box totaled $176.74 which is 5X the monthly subscription cost!!! I really did like this box a lot & there are products that I have already fallen in love with so if you are interested in your own POPSUGAR Monthly Must Have Box, check it out here!


Nature Box: Check out
& use promo code:POPSUGAR for 50% off your first box.

 Lulah Body Wash: Receive 20% off your Lulah purchase at Offer expires until Sept. 30, 2013. Use promo code:POPSUGAR 

Dermalogica: Save 25% on your order at Use promo code: POPA1AI3B 

May Designs: Enter the code for $5, $50, $500 on ps_4412109908

Click here & enter for a chance to Win a Trip to a POPSUGAR Party in Los Angeles & meet Lauren Conrad!!! :)

Let's Review....August LOVE WITH FOOD Box.

Hey guys! 
This weekend started off with chasing our dog around the neighborhood for two hours. The kids have been taking her outside in the morning & she has been behaving, letting them walk her around without pulling on her leash or running off....until today. Our neighbors even hopping in their car & tried to track her down because she was heading towards a highway. She was a rescue dog & running off is one of the bad habits she still has, although she always comes back & will even run through parts of our yard on her way to some other poor neighbors yard, I spend each moment she is out of sight with a lot of anxiety. People drive way too fast on our road & I'm always worried someone is going to hit her. This time everything was okay & she is safe & sound at home now. :) 
Anyway...when I checked the mail last night I was not expecting any of my subscription boxes for August to be there. But...SURPRISE!! My POPSUGAR & Love With Food were both nestled inside the mail box. :) 

This is my first ever Love with Food Box, I really had no idea what to expect...all I can say now that I have opened the box & tasted some of the treats that were inside...Love With Food is AMAZING! Do you want to see what was in the August box? I know you do. ;) 

The box! It arrived inside of a priority mailer-sleeve thing & it is relatively small. When I first picked it up I didn't think there would be more than 4 small food samples inside...well I was wrong! You'll see how wrong soon....

Inside the box. Because it is my very first month receiving this box I wanted to show all of you what the inside as well. A huge reason I decided to subscribe to Love With Food is because for each box purchased, they donate a meal to a person in need. You can check out where meals have been donated here. When I last saw 100,420 meals had been donated. :) 

The information card. Isn't it adorable? This month's theme is Backyard BBQ. :) 
"Barbeque season has arrived, and it's time to fire up the coals! With enough treats to help you chill while you grill, you can also wear a big smile since you donate a meal to a hungry child in America." I really, really like that a meal is donated to a kid in the US, so often I feel we are very focused on all of the bad in the world-far away, when there are hungry kids right here in our own country. I just wish there was a way to help everyone all at once. 

The dizzy pig site recommends using this on pork butt, ribs, burgers, pork chops, & chicken. I'm sure I will find a meal to use this in soon, as I'm planning a 30 Day Meal Plan for our family starting next week, so this will help out with that. I'm quite happy that it is made without MSG, my Dad is allergic to MSG so I will have to tell him to check out all the Dizzy Pig seasonings. :) 
You can get 15% off of your Dizzy Pig order with LOVE15. 

These little chips were part of the reason I took the photos of the photos for this post at 11PM. Forgive me for the shadows & crappy lighting, I just really wanted a midnight snack & these were calling my name. Sea salt is one of my favorite chip flavors & these are made without GMOs, & they are organic, gluten free, & baked. All in all not too bad for a potato chip. I fell asleep before I could even snack on them, but I'm sure I will find some time to snack on them soon.

When I saw this salsa in the box I thought it looked really familiar, it wasn't until I checked out the El Pinto site that I recognized the jars & realized that we used to eat this salsa all the time! Currently we have been fans of the fresh cut salsa in the refrigerated section so this will be nice to remind us why we enjoyed El Pinto salsas so much before.

This little tasty morsel did make it into my pre-midnight snack last night. Although I was expecting something quite different it was really yummy. I love pralines so much & I had no idea about Aunt Sally's, if you are interested in the history of the praline in New Orleans & how Aunt Sally's came to be click here.

This was the one thing I was most excited about in this box. I have an addiction to caramel anything...then when I flipped this over & saw that it was meant to be warmed by setting it on top of your coffee I was hooked. If I could start my morning off every day with one of these, I think I could actually become a morning person. 

You guys...I hate peas. They are the only fruit or vegetable that makes me cringe & I was vegetarian for over a decade. Usually I dislike them because they are mushy & I can't stand the texture. Well...I just tried one of these & ew, ew, ew. I don't think the product itself is bad, but because they taste just like peas I was gagging the entire time I was trying to chew it. Beautiful image right? go for me, I will see if the kids like them. Since they seem to be available at most popular grocery stores I could purchase some for the kids lunches, as long as I never have to smell them. Seriously peas...guh!

I was thrilled to see another Project 7 box in another one of my subscription boxes. The Quench Winter Green Mints were in my POPSUGAR box one month. As with the Quench mints I've already finished these in under a day...I think I like the Wintergreen better (I usually prefer Wintergreen), better than these, but a fruit tree is planted for every tube in this flavor that is purchased, so I'm happy I got the Save version this time around. :) Check out Project 7 if you haven't already, all of their products are so amazing & the entire concept is totally brilliant. 

I can't wait to try these out on a salad. Lately my fave salad has been a mix of arugula, spinach, mixed baby greens with green apple, tomato's, pepporcini's, crasins, & Newman's Own Sesame Ginger-Dressing. This little packet of cranberries, sesame seeds & almonds will go really well with my salad & they are drizzled with orange blossom honey & toasted with vanilla bean. Yum!

There were also a couple of coupons included in the box, they didn't contain any referral links though. :( 

For my first Love With Food experience I really liked the box, the contents, theme & packaging. I was introduced to a lot of new products & even reminded of an old salsa favorite. If you are interested in your own box check it out here. I used the code "FBGIFT" for my subscription & only paid shipping which was $2!
Are any of you subscribers? What do you think of Love with Food?

as always,