Monday, July 1, 2013

Let's Review...MANTRY Father's Day (June) Crate 2013

We are going to have to keep this review a secret. Justin is at work for a month & his June MANTRY arrived about 2 days after he first left for this long hitch. I couldn't handle having a crate full of delicious loot staring at me, so what started as a simple peek at the info card turned into full fledged little child finding the Christmas present stash in November-type situation. Good news for all of you though because I have photos & all the yummy details on the June-Father's Day Edition of MANTRY. Bad news for me...I'm going to have to find someway to break it to Justin that I totally broke our little do not open my MANTRY with out me, rule...whoopsie. ;) 

This month's theme was BREAKFAST with POPS 
I didn't get Justin anything for Father's Day this year, between that & my above mentioned broken MANTRY  rule, I sound like the worst wife ever. Justin did buy a welder for himself which we decided would qualify as his present. We also had a BBQ here at the house for all of the dads & everyone in Justin's family, it was a beautiful summer day unlike the rainy, grey ones we've had this week. 

We eat pancakes twice a week around here, usually I make them from scratch & avoid pre-made mixes completely. This self-rising creation has my attention though, the family behind it owns one of the last grist mills in America & grinds genuine buckwheat which is considered a gluten-free, nutritional superfood. We have a couple of friends who have gone completely gluten free so we might gift this to them. :) (I could not find a price for this, if you click the link it will take you to the Burnt Cabins Grist Mill site which features all of the places its available for purchase.)

Breakfast is a big deal in our home & maple syrup is probably one of the most treasured items in our AM feasting line-up. The kids are perfectly happy with pure maple syrup & the occasional red-raspberry, &boysenberry syrup options. Justin & I are always looking for twists on our favorite classics, it was actually the theme of the 2012 October Box (Bourbon Breakfast) that convinced me to order our first ever MANTRY. In that crate there was a Bourbon Maple Syrup by Noble as well, I've always been bummed that we weren't signed up then. :( This handcrafted syrup holds all of the complexities of a fine whiskey that has been enriched by the buttery-apple like flavor of chamomile & the smooth, delicious finish of Tahitian Vanilla. I may have tried this out on my pancakes this morning & fallen in love with its wonderful complexity. When my restaurant opens I'm extremely inclined to feature Noble Syrups.

"The Jam Stand", I watched the short movie in the about section on their site, not once but twice. Friends, entrepreneurs, & jam, I officially have a girl crush on these creative ladies. Jessica & Sabrina took their personalities, & absolutely appreciation of the sillier things in life & have made some delicious jams. This Drunken Monkey Jam is a mix of cane rum that is added to a base of banana & limes, sounds like the perfect summer accoutrement right?  In their Who We Are video they mentioned wanting to inspire people to be creative with their food & to inspire people to put this on different things.  Ladies, I will do just that & who knows in a few years when my restaurant dreams are reality maybe your jam will be making its way from Brooklyn to Wasilla, AK.

"In 2000, Mike Fitzgerald became the 3rd American Race Car Driver in history to win the Porsche Cup awarded to the world's top professional Porsche driver. In 2009, Fitzgerald became the 1st American Race Car Driver in history to call out Orville Redenbacher for overcooking his popcorn." I may or may not have snacked on these while snapping photos last night & while writing this post...Justin will forgive me right? ;)

Food trucks...where America's most innovative eats are originating. Skillet owned by Josh Henderson is where this fennel & black pepper bacon spread was created. Josh actually listened to someone who said "dude you should totally bottle this" & now it is available to all of us who can't make it to Seattle for Kimchi Hot Dogs & other food truck fare. MANTRY recommends serving this spread warm, mixed into hashbrowns or a fried egg & avocado sandwich. Justin is a total hashbrown guy, it is actually the one thing that Justin totally outdoes me on in the kitchen. When he's home the kids ask for hashbrowns every morning. We will have to see what they think of this creative addition.

Steven Smith Tea (Portland, OR) $14.99
Steven Smith is the crafty tea maker behind Stash (launched in the 1970's) tea & also Tazo which he sold to Starbucks in 1999.  He then retired to the French Countryside but after a year he came back to the US to Portland where he is handcrafting tea in small batches from 100-year old former blacksmith shop. There are 12 flavors in this box from Peppermint to Red Nectar. Justin is not a tea drinker, I enjoy cold brewed-unsweetened tea, & the kids actually really love hot tea, so I'm sure this will get used up. If anything we will pack it in the trailer for camping. 

Now, this crate was also considered the "Father's Day Edition" which was great because Justin asked about a special edition crate when he got an email. Luckily for our wallets there was only 1 crate this month so we didn't feel the need to practice ZERO self control & purchase two. Limited Edition, it gets us every time.... 

If you are interested in signing up for your own MANTRY click here. They also offer gift options for 1 Month, 3 Month & 6 Month periods. The monthly crate is $75 a month. :) 

as always,

PS. How much trouble do you think I'm going to be in for opening this crate & using (so far) 2 of the items???