Monday, July 8, 2013

Let's Review...July Julep Maven

Time to kick off the July Subscription Box Reviews!!! The Julep Maven boxes ship out towards the end of June & are the first of my subscription boxes to arrive. :) So let's take a look at what being a Maven was all about this month. 

The Box! 
 If you ever order any add-ons as a Maven they make sure to let everyone in the Postal World know as the box makes its journey to you.

Inside of the box, as you can see the theme for July is The California Coast. I selected the Bombshell box for this month,which included 2 Nail Colors & a beauty product.

 The products nestled inside of the Julep box. 

 I really like the little quote cards that are included in the box. I need to find something to do with all of them.

Julep Beach Tonic-Dry Body Oil (Maven $18.40 Reg. $23)
This stuff smells AMAZING!!! They totally labeled it correctly post-shower paradise. Dry oils are wonderful for summer because they are lightweight & can be applied numerous times without leaving a greasy residue. Just apply after showering & instantly feel like you're on a Mediterranean beach in the glow of the beautiful sun. The last couple of weeks have been very chilly & rainy, so this product does help distract me from the reality of how far away from an actual warm, beach I really am. There was also a Sea Salt-Hair Texture Spray, which I'm glad I did not get! I have had the worst luck with finding a sea-salt spray that works in my hair this summer the idea of trying another one does not appeal to me at the moment.

Julep Color Polishes in Joanna & Blakely  (Maven Price $11.20 & Reg. $14)
Joanna-is described by Julep as a lilac frost & Blakely as purple & green molten. I picked the Bombshell box with these two shades because the Littlest Leader's favorite color is purple. Her birthday is in a couple of weeks & I think I will include these in her gifts. 

Green Tea-Facial Blotting Papers
These were a surprise bonus item this month & they are perfect for midday touch-ups! I will have to try them out soon to see if they really take care of excess oil without ruining my make up.

Add-On Nail Colors-Cassie & Angela (Reg. $14. Maven Add-on $4.99)
There is actually another add on polish in the shade Something Blue that wasn't in my box with everything else, so I'm going to have to contact Julep's Customer Service to figure out what that is all about. 
Anyway....Cassie is a really soft coral shade, I didn't have a coral shade that was more on the pastel end of things so I picked Cassie. Angela-Deep Sea Blue Molten, this was my favorite polish of the bunch this month. It is such a unique shade with some duo-chrome action. I can't wait to wear it, first I have to take off my red-white & blue 4th of July themed polish. By take off I mean...wear it until it chips off to a hideous look & then remove the fragments of polish that held on for dear life & survived. 

Julep Maven Boxes are $19.99 a month & you can select from 5 different Style Profiles (that you can change each month), Boho Glam, Bombshell, Classic with a Twist, It Girl, & Modern Beauty. If you are interested in subscribing click here.

Now, I have been reading & hearing (via youTube gurus) a lot of complaints about how much these polishes chip & peel off & blah blah. When it comes to any polish that I have ever worn, they always chip off of my nails. I use my hands on a daily basis doing tasks that aren't exactly easy on the nails, from dishes to yard work & bathroom cleaning to blogging, I put my nail polish to the test & have yet to find the illusive polish that doesn't chip...ever. 
I choose Julep Polishes because they are free of harmful chemicals & come in a range of fun shades. I especially like getting a Maven box each month because I can add to my nail polish collection for myself & my daughters without having to worry about toxic chemicals being in our nail polish. If you want to know more about Julep & their Powered by Girlfriends initiative click here.

as always,