Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Let's Review...Birchbox July!!!

Hey guys! Guess what finally arrived a few days ago? My July Birchbox! I think the shipping time is getting longer & longer each month, it's actually pretty disappointing. I just wish they would stop spending so much $$$ on wasteful paper products inside of their box each month & amp up their shipping. Even though this box took FOREVER to get here I'm totally thrilled with the all of the products (which is rare!) in my July Birchbox. 

July Theme:Power Play
This month birchbox gave us products that are all dedicated to helping us take control of any situation & to make the most of any moment. Birchbox partnered up with the characters from USA's hit series SUITS for inspiration for some of the samples.

Power Players
This is the extra card (waste of paper), that shows the picks from the SUITS characters. Now, I not only do not watch the show, but NONE of the products in my box were samples of any of these products. Really, I have no idea how the theme even tied into my box at all. When it comes to this months box being a cohesive collection that pairs well with the theme, it is a fail for me. Now, I mentioned already that I love all the products that are in my July box, & I do, I would of just preferred that birchbox saved the paper for the SUITS Power Players Card & left out the Power Play theme all together when it came to my box because it really just didn't work. 

Birchbox + Color Club-Wanderlust Collection in Pardon My French (Full Size $8)
I had another shade from this Birchbox+Color Club Collection in my June Box. While I was ok with that shade I was actually really excited to see this one. I have gotten quite a few purple polishes this summer in my subscription boxes & I think this one is my favorite so far. I'm still wishing I had the coral color from this collab. Usually I get a little irritated with re-peat brands/samples in my boxes but when it is a nail polish that I will actually wear I can't complain. :)

Kerastase-Masque Chroma Captive-Treat (Full Size $61)
One of the reasons I cancelled my original birchbox subscription was due to the overwhelming amount of foil packet samples that didn't contain enough product for me to really test it out. So, if there had only been one of these hair masque packets for me to use I would of been really disappointed, luckily birchbox gave me 2 so I was able to test it out! While the smell was really nice, I don't know that I noticed a true boost of vibrancy in my hair or that it necessarily locked in the color. I think I will save the second packet until I dye my hair next & then test the results.

Whish-Shave Crave Shave Cream in Blueberry (Full Size $20)
Before I even had my birchbox open I could smell something wonderful. At first I thought a perfume sample at burst open inside & expected everything to be covered in fragrance. Luckily that was not the case! This shave cream smelled so fantastic before it was even opened (it was still sealed) it certainly doesn't smell like blueberries but it does smell sweet & exactly how I want my shave cream to smell! It is a lotion style cream that does not foam, currently I use EOS shave cream which is the same style of a shave cream. I don't know that I would ever spend $20 on a shave cream but I certainly will use up this entire sample...probably on 1 leg. HAHA! 

Benefit Cosmetics-Hello Oxygen Wow! (Full Size $36)
Birchbox has this labeled as the SUITS Pick for my box, I'm seriously confused by the whole SUITS theme. The Hello Oxygen Wow! Foundation is not on the Power Players that was included in my box. Again, I just would of been happy with the SUITS theme being left out. I love getting anything that is from Benefit Cosmetics as they are one of my favorite brands. :) I've never tried this foundation though & I have to say its pretty phenomenal. In this photo I have used it at least twice & there is still plenty of product left for me to test it further. Plus the shade that was selected for me "I'm pure 4 sure"-IVORY is spot on with my skin tone. Yes, guys I'm pale year round. :) 
Birchbox Beauty Extra-Bobby Pins (Set of 6-$5)
Remember when the birchbox extras were full size razors & granola bars? It was so awesome to get a product that made me think "What?! This is an EXTRA?!!!" Now I kind of just feel "eh this is an extra."  I will get use out of these bobby pins so they aren't a bad item, just a little bit of a basic one. :) 

Scratch & Score Benefit Card
I posted a picture of this card on my instagram (aksadie12) when I first opened my birchbox. I was really excited to see what deluxe minis I could get with the purchase of a full size Benefit product (or $25 spent). The first circle I scratched off ended up scratching off the code as well, I can only make out part of the code so I hope I can figure out the rest. The second one came off a little better and it is for Sunbeam. I'm considering ordering the Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW! foundation & if I do it will be nice to get some other Benefit Cosmetics Products too. 

So what did you guys think? I really liked this box, I will be able to use every single product & get a true feel for the quality of them. :) Are any of you subscribed to birchbox??? If you are interested in getting your own box of samples a month it is $10 & you can sign up here. 

If you would like to check out my June birchbox review click here. 

Well I need to step away from the computer for a while 30 Days of Beauty Blogger Challenge is rapidly becoming a 45 day challenge! My dad is here to visit for a couple weeks & Justin is home at the same time after being gone for a long North Slope hitch....I'm trying to spend lots of time for them & tonight we are packing up to head to Seward for a Halibut fishing trip for a few days. :) So I will continue blogging post at a time. HAHA!!!

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