Saturday, July 20, 2013

Last Weekend-Bear Paw Festival


Holy computer issues! I'm back you guys!! I finally managed to recover ALL of our photos & get our external hard drive up & running again. If you have any Mac trouble & you live in AK, just call up the Mac House-those guys saved my memories & my sanity. Now I have successfully backed up 5 years of photos to an online location & can start blogging again! I'm going to pick up with the post I was working on when everything went haywire the last time & then get caught up on my 30 Day Beauty Blogger Challenge. :) So last weekend....

 The kids & I went to the Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River with Justin's parents, Jessica (J's sister, one of my best friends!) & her two sons. We spent the day taking the kids on rides, playing carnival games, indulging in delicious Alaskan food & checking out all of the local crafters & vendors.

Lilliana is now tall enough to go on some of the rides alone, even though Nikoli is her twin he is actually a couple of inches shorter than Lilliana is. Danielle is tall enough to ride the kiddie rides without an adult, but for the rest of them she needs an adult. Luckily at Bear Paw there is a pretty good variety of rides for kids of all ages. :) The kids have always loved rides like this one, they enjoy pretending to drive & fly all sorts of things. As you can see Lilliana loves to wave at all of us & Danielle is totally into driving. Nikoli actually smiled for a few photos, usually he looks so serious & focused, much like his Dad whenever he is doing any sort of driving. 

Danielle & Kian
While these two were having the best time Lilliana & Nikoli were freaking out on the rocking pirate ship ride. The ride operator had to stop the ride early to let the two of them off early, I have no idea why they got so scared, they were on it with their cousin Aidan (Kian's big brother) & a bunch of other kids. After that we didn't let them go on any rides alone (Lilliana had panicked on the top of the slide on the fun house), & I'm prepared for break downs again at the fair. Danielle & Kian love this ride though! They are both the youngest kids in their house holds & as you can see neither one of them are shy when it comes to taking pictures. There were so many cute ones I had a hard time picking out just 2 to share!

 Games with Grandpa
All of the kids were able to go & play a bunch of carnival games with Grandpa. First the boys went & then the girls were able to go. Somehow I didn't get any pictures of the boys, I think Danielle, Kian & Lilliana were all riding rides still, but who knows! The girls loved the little squeaking critters they won at the Pick-a-Duck game, now a week later I wish they hadn't won sooooo many! 3 kids with 2 each....squeak, squeak, squeak! haha!

Pony Rides!!!
Since the ponies are on the opposite side of the Bear Paw event from the carnival rides & games we finished up the kids portion of the day with pony rides! It's the kids favorite thing to do at any fair, carnival or festival. Nikoli didn't have a preference as to which pony he road, but the girls sure did! Lilliana had to have the littlest one, I think we've watched too much My Little Pony lately. ;) Danielle on the other hand waited to have the BIGGEST one! It's so much fun watching their personalities come through as they get older.

After the pony rides we walked through the vendor area & made some purchases. I had put my camera away & forgot to get it out again to get some snap shots of the rest of our day....we ate some amazing food & ended up letting the kids go back & play a few more games when Michael (Jessica's Husband), got off of work & met us there.
The kid went to Jessica & Michael's for a sleepover & I went to a friends wedding. It was a beautiful summer Friday & we all had so much fun!

What have all of you been up to this summer? Are there any local-festivals near you? :)

Well it certainly feels good to be getting back on track with my posts....stay tuned for the massive catch up on my 30 Day Beauty Blogger Challenge!

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