Wednesday, July 10, 2013

June Favorites!

Can you guys believe that it is July already?! I do not know where the summer is going, I wish it would slow down already because I'm not ready to face another Alaskan Winter quite yet! With another month passing by that means I get to share my favorite products from the month of June with all of you! I tried out some brand new products & re-discovered some long lost loves in my own beauty stash during June, so let's check them out....

I took a peek inside of this bottle after this photo just to see how much of it I have used since ordering it in May, I was pretty shocked to see that only 1/2 of the bottle was used up because I use it almost daily! When I selected this cleanser I was really looking for something that would help target some of the problems I was having with my skin & remove all of the dirt, oil & makeup from my face without totally drying my skin out. I was a bit skeptical because of the charcoal, I really thought it was just going to make my skin really, really, dry! Well, there is certainly a reason this stuff is rated with 5 out of 5 stars on the Michael Todd site, it's amazing!! It removes my make-up so well & has really reduced the number of blackheads that are on my nose & chin! All Michael Todd products are 20% off for a year, so I will link that code below! :) 

I purchased this a few months ago at Sephora & it has been a must-have ever since! There are a lot of days when I really do not want to wear a full on-full face of make-up & this makes my skin look amazing without all of the effort of applying & blending out foundation. Now, it is tinted so some blending is absolutely necessary but it takes considerably less time than foundation & I usually finish the look off with some concealer, liner & lip-gloss. June was all about products that makes my getting ready process easier without taking a lot of time out of my day & this stuff really did just that! It's perfect for summer time because it is oil free & water resistant! :) This tube is almost empty & I have already re-purchased another full size! 

AVON-Cosmic Eyeshadow in Celestial Taupe ($8)
Being an AVON/mark rep really is wonderful sometimes, a couple of months ago there was a prevue page dedicated to these Cosmic Eyeshadows & they all looked so beautiful I almost ordered them all! Then I decided to be somewhat practical & ordered a shade that I knew I would get the most wear out of...Celestial Taupe, it is such a pretty blend of colors that blend together to become one of the most gorgeous taupe colors I have ever had in an eyeshadow. I have worn this shadow quite a lot this month & I definitely want to try a couple more of the shades in the collection.

Maybelline-Color Tattoo Metals in Barely Branded ($5-$6)
Not only is this cream shadow brilliantly pigmented it is a great dupe for MAC's Paint Pot in Bare Study. I was obsessed with Bare Study for years, then Maybelline launched the Color Tattoos line & I haven't touched my MAC Paint Pots since. I have worn this cream shadow with & without an eye primer, it stands up on its own & really makes a great base for any eye look you want to create! I have been wearing Barely Branded with the AVON Cosmic Eyeshadow in Celestial Taupe,& some black liner almost everyday in June. :) The Color Tattoo line over all is one of my favorite from the drug store & there is a perfect blend of neutral & bright colored shades, the only thing missing is a really beautiful mossy-green color.

REVLON-Lash Potion Mascara in Black ($4 @ Target & $7-$8 Everywhere Else! )
As you can see in the photo of the Lash Potion itself this mascara is well loved by me! I'll admit I was totally sucked into purchasing it by the beautiful packaging, it reminds me of all of the flares you see in photos on Instagram! (If you are looking for an app to add those flares to your photos try-Repix!) Luckily for me the mascara itself is amazing & it's not all about the packaging. Like my favorite mascara from last month this one has a large wand & allows you to add volume & length to your lashes. I have had my tube for over a month now & it has started to clump up when I apply it, I have also read some other reviews stating that people have had some major issues with it flaking off as well. I think I will repurchase another Lash Potion but it will be in the water proof formula!

L'Oreal Colour Riche Gloss in Watermelon Crush ($7.99)
I think I got this gloss at Fred Meyer a few weeks ago when there was a sale on L'Oreal products & since I hadn't tried the Coulor Riche Glosses I picked this one. Fast forward to the middle of June & I was pretty much obsessed with this stuff! It became the product I was pulling out of my bag to have other people smell, it smells just like vanilla extract to me! The pigmentation is pretty decent for a gloss but it wears really well over other lipsticks & stains as well. The gloss itself has some wonderful moisturizers in it from Vitamin E & Omega 3. If this Barbie pink color isn't your shade there about 15 other ones to choose from!! :)

e.l.f. matte lip color in Natural ($3)
I first heard about this in a video from Melmphs on youtube, once I saw it I just had to have it! Since e.l.f products are extremely hard to find in my area I actually order it online along with a whole bunch of other products (do you guys want to see a haul post from e.l.f.?). I have been wearing this underneath my L'Oreal Colour Riche gloss & it's become my go-to lip choice on days where I just can't decide what I want to wear. :) Like a lot of drugstore lip products it is a bit drying to the lips but as long as you are prepared to wear some balm too it certainly isn't anything to worry about.

eos lip balm (5 Pack from Costco & Pomegranate from Target)
The dark read one on the left hand of this photo is from Target & it is in the flavor pomegranate. It was the last eos balm left from a pretty reasonable sized collection, at one point this stuff was the only balm I would use & I had quite a few of them. So I had this lonely little eos sphere & then I went to Costco, amongst all of the other products there I spotted a set of 5 eos balms with some flavors that I had never heard of & somehow they just found their way into my cart. My favorite this month is the mint green one in the center which is sweet mint, in close second is the ruby read one in summer fruit. The lime green is honeysuckle, the pink is summer fruit & the purple is passion fruit, all of them are amazing & any eos balm is great for summer time.

 eufora-illuminate shine mist ($26)
I bought this amazing smelling mist when I was at the salon with a friend & our stylist spritzed it on her hair, immediately I asked what it was & where I could get some! Both stylists laughed at me because almost every time they spray a product on someones hair I'm smelling it & asking what it is! I don't know why but things just smell so amazing at a salon. :) I had been using this shine spray for a very long time but it is now discontinued & just decided to move on instead of trying to stock up on it now. Plus I prefer to purchase my high-end styling products directly from the girls at the salon instead of ordering them online. I actually like the smell of this mist a lot more than I did the TIGI spray & I LOVED that stuff, it gives your hair a healthy bit of shine without making it look greasy too. If you are looking for an amazing place to get your hair done go check out Forget Me Knot Hair in Wasilla, ask for Lauren or Mariah, you will not be disappointed! :)

L'Oreal-EverCurl Hydracharge Leave-in-Cream ($8.99)
I purchased this really late into the month of June, I think on the 25th or barely made it into this month's favorites. It didn't take more than a couple days of using it to see a true reduction in the amount of frizzing & overall dryness of my hair. Now, I do not have curly hair by any means, but my hair has A LOT of volume & waviness to it so I prefer to use curly hair products over ones designed for straight hair. My hair had been feeling really dry & unhealthy for a while, so I decided to get a few inches taken off my shortest layer & an over all trim, after that I still wasn't happy with how it was so I started searching for some treatment type products to help. L'Oreal had perfect timing with the release of this leave in cream! I'm a huge fan/user of sulfate free hair products & now you can find some wonderful ones right at the drug store! This stuff has grape-seed & hibiscus in it & smells sooooo good, I honestly can't figure out what it smells like but it is amazing...even my kids have said my hair smells good! haha. :)

CJ's Butter Sample Size in Persian Pear (Full Size $14)
If there is one product in our house that everyone can not live without it is CJs! I discovered this miracle in a jar through my sister-in-law Jessica when she opened her cloth diaper store (Arctic Baby Bottoms) a couple of years ago. I personally had struggled with eczema flare up's for years & the kids constantly had rough dry patches on their faces & bottoms. :( Jessica told me about CJ's & I decided to give it a try (the 1st scent I ever purchased was Love Spell!), since then we have all been hooked! The kids each have their own 8oz pot in a scent they like & I have been loving these sample sizes because I can pick a different scent depending on what I want to smell like. This month I have been using this Persian Pear scent, I've used about 1/2 of the little tub (my eczema flares are minimal now, who knows why?!), & I think I will  purchase it in a full size once I've finished up mine in Viva la Juicy. If you are looking for an amazing lotion, salve, diaper rash cream check this stuff out! I've linked Arctic Baby Bottoms & you can read all about the CJ's Butter & it's multiple uses. :)

mark. sheen stealer dry oil mist in coconut treat ($10)
A summer essential for sure! I ordered this when it was in a prevue AVON Consultant catalog & it is on my list to re-purchase! It smells AMAZING & makes you feel like you are on a tropical vacation...even when you are living in AK being swarmed by mosquitoes. :) It was my favorite thing to use to moisturize my entire body in June when we were experiencing a 90*+ heat wave up here.  When it is that hot out I cannot stand the feeling of lotion on me, but I also do not like having dry skin...which is why this stuff is a favorite for this June but will also be on hand for summers to come. If you haven't tried products from the mark line I highly suggest this & any of the other body products in the lemon sugar, coconut treat or jasmine petal scents. :)

Pink Sugar Eau de Toilette 3.4oz & Roller Ball ($28 @ Costco)
Costco really had some great deals when I went in early June! I had been looking for a sweet, summer scent for a while & then I remembered smelling this Pink Sugar perfume at Sephora... I purchased this bottle from Costco & it came with a rollerball that I ended up giving to a friend for her birthday. :) This size bottle alone is about $60 at Nordstrom so I thought the deal at Costco was amazing! Now, if you are not into sweet scents at all DO NOT purchase this it is like cotton candy in a bottle. It is made in Italy & has a scent profile that includes lily of the valley, candy floss, licorice, fruits, strawberry, woody notes, powdery musk, vanilla, & caramel. Like I said...sweet enough to give you cavities just from wearing it! Every time I've worn it people ask what perfume I have on, it is definitely strong & long lasting as well. BONUS-Cj's Butter makes a Pink Sugar scented lotion.... :)

June 2013 Favorites!!! :)

I had a TON of favorites in June! I really enjoy trying out new products, especially when they end up being amazing. :) If you are interested in any of the mark or AVON products please check them out on my consultant site here. I could not find the links to the products from Costco, so at this time they might be in-store promotions only. :( Everything else is linked!! Hooray! I hope you all had amazing June & that the beginning of July is going great as well!

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