Sunday, July 14, 2013

July Lust. All Pretty Things on My Fashion Wish List.

July Lust.

Pretty Little Things-July Edition
I'm the online version of a window shopper. I like to go different sites & browse clothes, accessories, make-up, home goods...especially if the site allows me to create a wish list or add items to my favorites I spend too much time online window-shopping. So I thought I would put a little Polyvore collage together & share with all of you the things I've been lusting after the most so far this month. 

Somehow I have managed not to purchase ANY of the gorgeous things on this list. I don't think I will be able to resist that ASOS Mixed Print Bomber Jacket or the earrings from Shop Lately much longer. I'm going to continue to convince myself that I don't need a knit headband until the fall, but if we experience any more 40* rainy days this summer it is going to be extremely hard to resist!

Do any of you online-window-shop or make lust lists for things you really love the look/idea of but just aren't ready to make a commitment to purchasing? I don't just do this with fashion related things, I do it with everything from picture frames to kitchen sinks! Pinterest & Polyvore certainly do not help either! :) 
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