Saturday, July 13, 2013

iphoto, external harddrives & frustration for future blog posts ahead...

Oh technology, how we have a love-hate-hate-hate-love relationship. My entire life I have had the worst luck with all things with batteries, hard drives, speakers, screens, ports...ect...Well this weekend has been no exception to the technology disaster timeline that is my life! 

This is how today went...
Me: "Oh the kids are playing outside, the house looks acceptable, I can get some photos edited & a couple of blog posts done."
So I went ahead & connected the external hard drive that holds our iPhoto library & my camera to upload the photos I had taken over the week into the library. Well that worked just fine. Then the whole thing froze & said that the disc was ejected improperly (it was still connected) & ever since my iPhoto has been frozen & nothing is working. :( I'm pretty much afraid that we have lost 5 YEARS of photos, that other than a few facebook albums we do not have backups of. 
At this point I have no idea when I will be able to use our computer to blog or edit photos. All of the photos that I had planned to use for upcoming posts I deleted off of my camera SD card after uploading them into the now broken iPhoto library...

Today has been one of the most upsetting, frustrating, & tearful days in a while. I hate technology & the feeling is apparently mutual.

as always,